review liese prettia jewel pink hair bubble color
Before I start, let me greet all of you : Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 😁
To celebrate this joyful season,  I just re-color my hair with another DIY hair bubble  : Liese Prettia in Jewel Pink. It's the 8th times and 4th year since first time colored my hair.

Read about my hair bubble experience with  different brand : 
 Made in Japan 
 Website : Liese Japan
Liese SG English Site
✿ Price :  ¥ 693
 ---Where to Buy---
Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Yesstyle
In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan / SASA ✿

review liese prettia jewel pink
Solution 1 & Solution 2
A pair of Gloves
Instruction Sheet
 A sachet of rinse off treatment
liese prettia jewel pink
liese jewel pink review
Color Chart & All The Description is written in Japanese. However, there's an English version that you can easily read, you just need to buy Liese Prettia product that distributed in SG or Malaysia.
how to color liese prettia jewel pink
I just love how Liese pay attention to details by giving  gloves. It would be even better if they also enclose a plastic cape to cover stains like what etude house did.
japanese hair color diy liese prettia jewel pink review 

How to Do:  - please watch video HERE for detailed step

review liese prettia jewel pink before after
Result on Full Hair :  Before (L) and After (R)

Result on Black Roots Cover : Before (L) and After (R)
Pretty Packaging
Easy to Apply and Even Result
Strong Ammonia Smell when applying
A bit drying
I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I didn't expect that the color turn out even (colored by myself without help of somebody) cover almost all my black roots , just like the color on box especially under direct sunlight 💕

If you are a first timer to DIY hair color or never bleached your hair like me,I definitely recommend this color rather than Cassis Berry that i tried before. Although on the website  they claimed that Jewel Pink is is brown with touch little hint of pink while Cassis Berry is the actual pink with touch of brown, the real,result on my hair turns opposite. Jewel Pink result is brighter and better. And,although this hair bubble dried my hair a bit, it's still manageable and can be fix with the usage of the rinse off treatment sachet given and adequate amount of hair conditioner.  

Sure I'll try another Liese Prettia hair color in the future.Maybe I'll try their newest color ; red velvet or sweet apricot. Kindly wait for the upcoming review :)

RATE  4 / 5

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  1. This color is so pretty! I love Liese and used to use this brand all the time before I bleached my hair. With original black hair, the color still came up pretty bright! Reading this makes me want to try it again!