This post supposed to be published last December at the time I used the product. Well,because of this and that, I forgot to complete my writings and then it just happen left just there in my drafts post list,meh.So,thing is, i just changed my hair color with this new product called BLAUNE Bubble Hair Color.

Fyi, Blaune is a sister product of Liese - Prettia because they're under the same management of KAO JAPAN. Bought this on my last year trip to Japan and I decided to give it a try since I've been use Liese and pretty like the result so maybe with Blaune, i expect it will turn out nice too ...
花王 ブローネ ヘアカラー
Made in Japan 

 Website : Kao Blaune
✿Price : 
¥ 839
 ---Where to Buy---

Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Rakuten Global
In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan
Got mine in Pinkish Brown / 1 Pk which is the most bright red. Other colors is too dark for me
A pair of Gloves
Instruction Booklet ( in Japanese)
1 Bottle of Solution #1
1 Bottle of Solution #2
1 Sachet of Rinse off Treatment

How to Apply 
Basically the usage /step by step it's just same with common bubble hair color product. I bet you can do it easily if you're familiar with bubble hair coloring. If not,hopefully, this video from KAO is clear enough to make you understand how to do it,although it's not English subbed tho...Otherwise, you can just check my old post and follow the steps there :)


Less Amonia smell
Didn't make my scalp itchy
Cheap (price in Japan)
Instant Result (Coloring Process approx 1 hour)
Lots of foam (1 box is enough for medium length hair)
Limited Color Variants
Color starts fade after 1-2 months
Availability (hard to find outside Japan)

Truthfully , this product not really impress me ...
At first I thought it can work better then Liese because it's written on box that it even can cover gray hair ! In fact, the color result isn't that visible , my hair too, feels a bit drying. It made me think,later when i color my black roots in future maybe should i use 2 boxes ? 1 and half is more focused on the dark roots and half is for the rest of the hair so that the color will turn evenly.I wonder what is the purposed it is formulated for gray hair that it even cannot last after 1 month ? C'mon KAO you can do better than this!

Moreover, judging by 'effective for gray hair' tagline I'd say this product 's target market is (probably) middle aged woman.See the packaging model,coincidence or..not?That's why i found the color variants too, is more in darker colors, unlike Liese which is in more bright-tone colors.

Repurchase? I don't think so. If i have to choose , I'd buy Liese which is more long lasting and less drying.However, I don't really regret of trying this product cause at least ,I can overcome my curiosity. Not to mention, it's a such a cheapskate (only approx IDR 85.000) Price is usually higher and can be 2-3 times more expensive outside Japan @.@ The only thing that i truly regret is why I didn't buy KAO  new product which is Liese Maple Red at the first place while in Japan instead I end up with this Blaune Pink Brown. I just read a Singaporean blogger's review about Liese Maple Red and the red shades turn out really nice ,oh my...
*cries/Somebody please tell em where can i get that LIESE MAPLE RED in Indonesia pleasee/cries*

RATE  3.5 / 5
Read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

 [ What do you guys think of Blaune Hair Bubble in Pink Brown ? ]

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5 komentar

  1. Hi Ann,
    Apparently Liese Maple Red only available in HK, Singapore, and other Asian countries outside Japan. In Japan, they call it Elegance Peach. I will let you know when we have it in stock. Don't worry dear, you can always contact us on LINE if you need Japan's beauty product in Indonesia. We have some new products as well, check our Instagram for updates.

    1. Ikr hehe thats why im looking them online :)
      Oh they got different name too? Thanks for the update!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That's horrible that it dried out your hair! I've never dyed my hair before because I'm scared that it'll make my hair dry and brittle, but I have heard that foam dyes are better in that respect. Very glad I chanced upon your review!

    1. yeah -_- and after all,it's better to get my hair color done at salon ,it will never got hair even dry afterward but price wise what i know i cant expect too much from just a bottle of DIY bubble hair dye lol