kanebo lunasol intellectual liquid eyeliner review
I've always want to own a good Japanese high end cosmetic brand especially from Kanebo.This year when I went to Tokyo, I finally managed to treat myself with a Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner series.The reason why I choose pen type liner rather than the other type of eyeliner is pure because of efficiency factor .
review lunasol intellectual liquid eyeliner 01 black
no 01 Brownish Black
 made in Japan
Price :  ¥ 3000 
( holder only ¥ 1800 )
( cartridge only ¥ 1200 )
Website : Lunasol Jp
Where to buy :
 Kanebo Official Store
Little did I know,this eyeliner comes with two items that you can buy separately ; holder and cartridge ,a set to make it works.This 'refill' concept is somewhat new to me and I found it's just a smart way of improving selling points and also fresh idea for us as user.
kanebo lunasol eyeliner japan
japanese eyeliner kanebo

kanebo japan eyeliner
Kanebo Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner works merely like a pen. All you need to do is put the cartridge in, and slowly push the bottom tip .The brush that is originally white will turn to black, that's when you know it's ready to use.
use kanebo lunasol intellectual eyeliner in black
When applied, I love how the brush that is really pointy yet can smoothly glides on my eye crease, it makes delicate fine line too.The color is not as brown as expected, just a fine black with matte result.It's definitely easy to use but to make the color really pop out, you need to cover about 3 or more layers.That's the fun, you can adjust your own preferred pigmentation. About staying power, it can stay for half day without touch up On top of that, it is also easy to removes with warm water or remover in one swipe.
For me, I personally will repurchase just because I love the elegant and sleek design. And when it run out already, i just need to buy the cartridge refill, simply cheaper and thrifty for long time use. Overall, for such high end brand this product quality is worth the price. If you are into natural looking make up ,you may give it a try. Just remember to buy via real store instead of online. Some shops might sell it too high or even doubled rather than the actual price in Japanese yen.

RATE  4 / 5

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