How do you guys spend your time this Summer? I just got back from 8 days -long Japan trip,celebrating my summer holiday,still can't move on! Such a dream comes true travel experience because Japan is my favorite country and yeah , I fall in love all over again with Japan.I can't wait to share with you guys complete story of my Japan trip on another upcoming post.Please kindly wait for it !
A day before my japan trip,I realized that my black roots hair showed already ,it's been six month since i dyed my hair (check HERE ) I just can't tolerate anymore and don't wanna it screw my holiday photos ,so I bought a pack of bubble hair coloring and recolor my hair.This time I tried Etude House Bubble ,which is my first time using it and my second time with Korean bubble hair coloring.
Price :  around IDR 132.000,-
Place : Etude House official store
Buy Online here 
/side of the box/
See a Tip at the upper corner? it explain that you can modify the box to place the bottle
 The description details are actually written in Korean, but since I bought this at my local Etude House Indonesia store,Thank God , they stick an Indonesian translated description at the box to make it understandable
/back of the box/
 a simple how-to-use instruction with illustration given.I'm pretty sure if you're a bubble hair coloring fan you will directly understand by only look only at the illustration. but if your'e new with this bubble hair coloring thing,don't worry I'll explain below !
 /the aimed result color/
I never try orange color before because it's always been red color family.So it's kind of new to me.I think brighter color like orange will last longer rather than red and refresh my look !
 Inside the Box
-1 Bottle of Solution 1
-1 Pump Bottle of Solution 2
- 1 Sachet of Silky Perfumed Treatment
- A Pair of gloves
- A Plastic to cover your clothes from stain 
(Note : The stain cover plastic is easily detached.Better put a clip in between when you wear it)
 How to Dye

1.Pour all the solution 1 into solution 2 bottle
2. Make sure you close rightly the lid of solution 2,then tilt the bottle gently 
right and left, right and left.it's about 8 times and it's enough DO NOT VIGOROUSLY SHAKE!
3. Start to pump the bottle ,you will see a soft foam appears,put it in your hand first ,
Then,just like shampooing,start from the roots of your hair first along to the end of hair
4.Make sure you don't miss massage any single part of your hair with the foam,It's better if you're doing this in front of a mirror or you have somebody help you parting your hair before
5.After finish,leave it about 20-40 minutes ,just a tip from me,the longer time,the better result,
at this point,i don't feel any itchiness or strong ammonia smell. Rather ,it's a nice fruity smell 
6. Go wash your hair with lukewarm water.Do not be surprise that your hair will feel veryyy
stiff just like using hair spray.Time to use the Silky Perfumed Treatment for 2-5 minutes  to heal and moisturize your hair.Be sure to use it right,reach all your hair from because it's the crucial part whether the result will prevent dryness after coloring.
7. Done,blow dry your hair and say hello to new orange hair !

/They don't mention what it takes you should wait before first time shampooing after color. so i just waith 72 hours,just like the ordinary bubble hair coloring suggested/

 ✿My Result in natural light✿
I'm surprised that the orange color came out nicely and cover up my black roots, really well!Based on what i experienced with bubble hair coloring ,it never gives me this bright.Although as you can see,it's not really that even at my upper hair part,maybe it's just because it is my origin black hair.Of course the brightness is different with the bottom as previous colored hair.

After few times tried Japanese(Palty&Liese Prettia) and Korean(Tony Moly&Etude House) Bubble hair coloring ,I conclude that  Etude House is the best so far.Japanese bubble hair coloring doesn't give me this bright result, but Korean always does.Korean bubble hair is more persistent in color result but always dry.While Japanese bubble hair is less dry.

In my opinion, if you're aiming to color your hair with bright color like orange,yellowish,blonde..go for Korean bubble hair coloring, but if you prefer darker color like brown or black go for Japanese  bubble hair dye as it also less dry Korean bubble hair color.
So this is my final verdicts ...
2.Easy to find in all Etude House Store and online
3.Vibrant color result,almost same like the color in box
(more vibrant in real life than photo actually)
1.A little bit dry
2.Color fades bit by bit after wash
3.Color not really showing at indoor, unlike under the sunlight
4.Doesn't have english instruction sheet included.New User may hard to understand 
5.Doesn't have color charts result to compare , unlike the other bubble hair color product

RATE  4.5/5

 [ What do you guys think of Etude House Bubble Hair coloring?
Do you have any good bubble hair color in mind?
Tell me on the comment box below! ]

Read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

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