(。♥‿♥。)Welcome February!
We finally enter the second month of 2015.Wow.Time flies! Do you feel the same?For me,maybe bc i started working as office person,i feel like time flies too fast compared to the times when i was still in college.
Thus,February always remind me by the color of red.You all know it alrd la, there are two important days happen in this month : Valentine and Chinese New Year!

By that,i want to start February happily by re-dyed my hair with the iconic color of this month.My decision goes with Liese Prettia Bubble hair color  in  Casis Berry!

Actually Liese has 3 different kind of red colors family which is Jewel pink- Casis Berry and Antique Roses.Although Jewel Pink is the brightest,I ended up with Casis Berry which more likely has the strongest red wine  hue among them

Read more about the color here
The color chart on the box,
I guess my hair considered at the second category,Hopefully will be turn out just like that
Liese Prettia Cassis Berry
Origin : Japan
Price :  around 12.50 SGD
Place : Sasa Singapore
Inside the Box :
-Instruction sheets
- 1 Bottle of solution 1
-1 Bottle of solution 2
-1 Pump
- 1 Sachet of Rinse off treatment
-    A Pair of gloves 
   Ready to Start !
Reminder :
-Make sure you have no tangled hair.So comb your hair first!
-Better shampooing your hair before and blow dry afterward!
wet hair cannot absorb the color well.
- After you pour the Solution 1 to the Solution bottle 2 and change the lid with the pump,Just turn the bottle upside down 5 times.Gently.Don't ever shake it hard
- Do not make the same mistake like me.I wasn’t read the instruction carefully till I find it hard to make the foam came out. Just press the CENTER of the bottle and it will work ;_;
I was confident enough back then that i applied the foam evenly,as i look the final look at the mirror ,the colors looks pretty even but when i grabbed my camera to capture it,i can see the uneven parts.MEH. Please make sure you gives extra foams especially on concerned part e.g your black roots,you can ask assistance from friend/family member/ to help you apply the foam carefully!

 RATE : 3.5/5
To sum up , I'm pretty satisfied with Liese bubble hair dye because..
doesn't make my hair dry.
no strong ammonia smell.
doesn't make my scalp itchy like the other bubble hair color
the color shows up and can cover my black roots even though its not really what i expect just like the color result on the box .Yet, the color slowly fades after 3 weeks....even I'm always use color protected-shampoo T_T.
 Will i buy again?mm..maybe.i still wanna try the others color like Sweet Apricot since it's has the hint of orange which last more than red color as usual.
Thus, I can't really blame the product.The hair condition and previous color of each person is different So this result is  based on my previous hair color.You may take this as guidelines if you have kind of-same hair color and condition like me :)

Read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

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12 komentar

  1. You're pretty with this hair color!
    A friend send me a liese hair color too, I have to try it *ç*

    1. thank you mimie ^^
      wahh i can't wait to read your review too XD

  2. aw your hair color look so pretty!


  3. The color suits you! :) Sadly, the color doesn't stay that long! What a pity!
    Love, Jenny

    1. yeah.. ;__; maybe i should try yelllowish -shade instead in the future.i hear that that shade stay longer than red shades.

  4. Your blog is super cute! Your hair looks beautiful as well c:

    Kiyomoi ♥

    1. thankyou ^3^ yours too!and i just followed your blog!

  5. The result your hair color become more pretty.
    I want try this ^_^

    You have interesting blog so I followed your blog, hope to see more post from you :)


  6. Hello I just wanted to pop in and say that I really loved your post! I have virgin (super black) hair and I'm planning on using this to dye my hair. I just have some questions to ask you because I'm super nervous!!! Okay I'm going to get started: 1) So was your hair color afterwards more close to red or more close to brown because I can't really tell from the lighting. 2) I was wondering how the color turned out after a few months, like did it lighten up, turn really red, etc. 3) Also, I am in love with Jenn Im's hair color from her "TMI tag" video on youtube and I was wondering if you think this dye is the best way to go considering I have never dyed my hair and I desperately love Jenn's hair color? I'm also scared it will turn out to be too red and I don't want that. 4) If not this color dye, if you have any suggestions for a dye that will get my hair color to look like Jenn's? (I've been trying to find a good hair dye color) 5) Also, I was wondering if this hair color turned out a lot like Song Ji Hyo's red hair color?
    Sorry about this long spiel but I've tried to do research on dying hair and stumbled across your blog and I can tell you actually care and you provided really in depth descriptions and such.
    Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you!!!:) Stay awesome.

    1. hello there,
      before i start, please understand that im nor a hair color expert,so i just help you the best as i can with my previous hair color experience.
      Dying a jet black hair without bleaching in any color, even brightest palette won’t turn it exact the same as the color chart. However, if you want to get like 99% same like your desired color, i suggest to do in salon and maybe do a bleaching too. However, if you wanna keep it on budget and too afraid of the risk of bleaching caused drying, you can try DIY color. For your desired color as mentioned, prolly it’s much close to etude house sweet orange ( I reviewed it alrd) it's an orange with touch of brown, slowly will be turn into more brownish after 1-2 months wash.Why i suggest etude is over liese ,apparently bcs the result is always much pigmented especially for you who are first timer. For red hair color, try etude wine red as it will be red at first then fades into some kind of yellowish brown faster rather than the sweet orange. Be sure to always give extra care aka moisturizing as etude house result might a bit drying than liese. I hope this answer clears your curiosity, wish you tons of luck and happy coloring 