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Hi Ladies ! Today's post is all about hair color with DIY method (again). It's Dariya Palty which I bought last month at Japan (see my full Japan 2016 Beauty Haul Post here) Actually, This is not the first time I dyed my hair with Palty. As much as i can remember, Palty is the first brand that introduced me to this bubble hair color thingy .It was  Palty Raspberry Brown and I liked the fact that it could transform my jet black hair into visible reddish brown without drying my hair.So, when my black roots starts showing again,I decided to give it second try! Sugar Brown is the newest 2015 color edition by Palty and currently is available inside Japan only.Yet, you still able get this via online :)
review dariya palty sugar brown hair color
SUGAR BROWN COLOR  //  シュガーブラウン
Made in Japan 
Dariya Cosme English Site
✿Price :  ¥ 693
 ---Where to Buy---
Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Rakuten Global
In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan
Dariya Palty is a usual type of bubble hair color that allow you to apply hair color formula in foam by hand onto each of your hair parts for easy coloring and instant result.The foam is creamy,thick and elastic so that it doesn't drip ! Dariya Palty Hair Color contains 6 kinds of main treatment essences for hair which are :
Camellia Oil , Fruits Extracts : Moisturize , Sunflower Oil ; Sheen , 
Silk Protein : Lasting Color , Seaweed Extract , Vegetable Protein : Protect the Hair
review palty japanese hair dye
Sugar Brown. I guess the color is inspired by the sweetness of Brown Sugar :)
dariya hari color pack palty review
Inside the Box  
✿Cream Tube - 75 Gram
✿Base Water Color - 75 mL
✿Mixing Cup
✿Mixing Spoon
✿Tsubaki Hair Treatment Sachet
✿Instruction Sheet and Gloves
japan hair color brown palty beauty blogger
To mixture well and prevent any stains , You can use the box as standee like this 
Get Ready !
Please watch the video below by Palty Official  HERE for detailed steps ^_^
palty before after
sorry, have to cover my bare face lol
Pretty Packaging
Easy to apply and doesn't stain even right after first wash
No strong ammonia smell instead,a nice fruity scent
A bit drying
Availability (Outside Japan)
I pretty love the result ! It covers almost all my black roots although the color is kinda similar with my previous hair color (I thought it would be one step lighter and more into yellowish side) I like the fact that it doesn't stain, at all and when I was about to wash my hair first time after coloring, it doesn't stiff and dry just like other hair color.It's like proving that the moisten effect is really works ! After few wash and treat regularly with hair treatment, serum , conditioner  ,my hair condition is back to normal and dryness effect slowly disappear.However, the color starts fading after 3 times washes , really #meh -__- Maybe it's because the brightness level of this Sugar Brown Color isn't that high ,that's why.
Repurchase? Yes,  but different color please, I'd like to try more their newest color pallets !
RATE  4 / 5
Read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

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  1. Mmm I still haven't tried Palty yet but heard it's not as damaging...just wondering is ur hair the thick or thin type?

    1. i reckon it's nor thick or thin but medium and 1 box is enough for my hair length. If you have long hair, you should use 2 boxes for better and even result as suggested on Palty's web :)

  2. Nice review!

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  3. Gosh that's such a lovely colour! I didn't expect it to turn out so well on your dark hair, but it looks perfect!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. thanks liz ! Actually it doesn't make a big difference with my previous color. ..the color only shows it bests on direct sun light , otherwise it's kind of hard to capture the color without good lighting QAQ