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Happy last day of 2016 💖  I'd say this year has been a great year for me, for whatever happens, I'm happy that at least I did my very best in all aspect and learn how to forgive past mistakes ,so does regrets. However, 2016 will end like a night to remember, as 2017 will come just like a dawn ,brings many hopes and future. Yep,this post of K- Palette Fukubukuro will be the last, Let's close this year with much joy and gratitude , Shall we ?
k palette make up japan review
 Made in Japan 
 Website : K - Palette
✿ Price :  ¥ 1800
 ---Where to Buy---
In Store : Don Quijote
 Consist of :
1 day magic 3D Palette
1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliner
1 day Tattoo Real Lasting Mascara + Easy Cleansing Oil Set
k palette 1 day magic 3d palette
✿ K - Palette 1 Day Magic 3D Palette
Packed in simple ,mirrored compact design.It comes with 2 shades of blushes ; peach and pink, a highlighter and a shading powder for contour. Plus, a dual mini brushes.
The brush how yet eventually, it's a little too small to apply the shading powder.Yet, the size is perfect to apply both blushes and highlighter. For pigmentation, it's quite shimmery and powdery so that you need to apply more layers or primer before to capture the actual color.
✿ K - Palette 1 Day Tattoo 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner
k palette 24 h real lasting eyeliner
A waterproof based pen eyeliner, it claims to be last up to 24 hrs and in my case for daily usage, it works! To be able fully remove it need double cleanse.
  I almost think about repurchase this eyeliner since it works pretty okay for me day yet weeks after, the applicator bristles is frayed.I have no idea how to repair since I'm afraid it will be contaminated. Any idea how to fix 😐 ?
✿ K - Palette 1 Day 24H Super Black Real Lasting Mascara
✿ K - Palette Easy Cleansing Oil
A film type mascara that is resistant to any water ,sebum and also sweat
In a glance it bit look alike with Heroine Make Super WP, except it's has a straight wand
The mascara works like what it claimed, lengthen my lashes, hold the curl and easy to removes.The only thing that bother me is it has a strong chemical scent.The Easy Cleansing oil works just fine.It gently removes the mascara easily and doesn't sting on my eyes.With such small size, I bet it will be run out already in less than 10 times usage.

Conclusion: For such price, this fukubukuro is total money saving.With just less than 2000 yen, I can treat myself with 4 different make - over items.The only downside is, I don't think I can find this bag elsewhere at certain times except Don Quijote , so it's kinda hard for you to buy via online.Maybe next year, K-Pallete will release another fukubukuro bag and let's see what they'll be offerring :)
k palette unboxing

See you on 2017 , Happy New Year 💫

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