koji dollywink eyelash fix hard type review
Hi Everyone !
Just a very quick beauty review just because i still need to work on many blogpost drafts before we end 2016. Before I start, kindly remind you that I have made a similar review about today's product which can be read HERE - dollywink eyelash fix in black version 
Yup, as the title said, it's all about Koji Dollywink Eyelash Fix in Hard Type. As a Dollywink eyelashes glue loyal user for more about 3 years, i can't say much even though they already re-invented the old version of their white eyelash glue.
dollywink eyelash glue review japan
アイラッシュフィックス ハードタイプ
 made in Japan
Price :  ¥ 900
Website : Koji-Honpo
Where to buy :
On retail store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Tokyo
Online Shipped Worldwide : AlphaBeauty , Pinky Paradise , SASA
So basically what's the difference with the old version ? First, the packaging design and obviously,the added HARD TYPE formula. The formula has stronger power to keep the falshies stay in place for more hours, definitely no more fear of any 'fall-apart' accident .Tho, it's still easy to remove even without eye remover.The color appear to be milky white when applied and slowly became transparent once it dried.
japanese eyelash glue dollywink white review
Personally after using this for about 5 months, I don't really feel the difference compared with the old version. It's just as amazing, as always.Yet,this one (white) wins over the black version. Idk why but there must be something ; ingredients inside makes them work differently.
I guess I will continue to repurchase Dollywink Eyelash Fix. If you're wonder why, it's simply because I found no disappointment on it's quality aspect.This eyelash glue might bit expensive and sure the price is doubled outside Japan but the performance of this waterproof eyelash glue surely worth the price😉

[Have you tried Dollywink Eyelash Fix ?]

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  1. wah, makasih rekomendasinya ^^
    berarti kalau pakai ini bulmat jadi lebih lama stay nya. agak sebel kmren pas wisuda bulmatku copot sebelah :') so embarrasing


    1. hi fuji :D iya sama2
      emang kalo lem nya ngga tepat sayang banget ya, terutama kalo ngga bawa lem juga waktu pergi jadinya susah kalau mau touch up..semoga yg dollywink ini cocok di kamu ya !