Here we go, the third day of My Summer 2015 Japan Trip !
As i long as I remember ,that day i didn't go anywhere that much.That's why this post is quite short and there's only few pictures I can show you guys.You want to know why?Yeah that's practically because that day,for the first time in my life, I experiencing Typhoon !
Yap...  i never thought it would happen in such Summer Time...
So yeah,our group tour plan that day to hike Mount Fuji is cancelled and the schedule that day gone total mess. We changed route and eliminated some stops in order to avoid typhoon.Our wish that day is only to reach our hotel safely lololol.But hey we have God,so we prayed in bus all day long and Oh, God is soo good and His guidance is perfect.Typhoon came just like 1 hour after we reach our hotel yet we're safe and sound already

So yeah we can only made visit to some stops,and the first stop is..SHINKANSEN railway!
Truthfully speaking,Riding a Shinkansen 新幹線 (Japanese high speed bullet train) almost feels like riding a usual JR monorail, you bought the ticket to your destined stop as usual but in more 'strict' way.The train claimed to be always on time and so are the passenger.You don't wanna be left behind don't you?So punctuality is the key.
Being so fast as flash and have the ability to ride at 300km/hour is truly fascinating.But truth is ,it doesn't make me feel any difference while being a passenger inside regular train except got one by one seating with table,just like plane seating.The only thing and the uttermost thing that i adore from Shinkansen is it design. Yeah nothing beats Shinkansen 's head shapes. How sophisticated!
Not able to hike mount Fuji,we can only be grateful,reached the nearest photo-stop location with Mt.Fuji as the background.In my opinion,there's better stop than this location:

Address: 2585 Oishi Fujikawaguchiko-machi 
Minamitsuru-gun , Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Phone : +81 555-72-1976
-Free entrance-
Located near Lake Kawaguchiko which is best known as one of the Fuji Five lakes,here is the place where you can snap selfies or wefie with a background of magnificent Mt. Fuji plus a picture perfect lavender farm

The lavender blooms at  from mid June to July,lucky that I can see it blooms at its best!
The highlight of the day...
sadly because of  bad weather , i can't see the summit
Continued remove all the bitterness of not being able hike Mount Fuji, we visit a place where we can relieve our stress. It's none other than ...
picture source here , edited by me
Address:  663-1 Funatsu, Minamitsuru-gun, Fujikawaguchiko-machi 
401-0301, Yamanashi Prefecture ,Japan
Phone : +81 555-72-0259
-Free entrance-
It's a place where you can gather all information about Mount Fuji. From the weather report of best climbing time to the history of Mount Fuji played on the big screen 10 minutes movie.Don't  worry, you can enjoy the movie in your preferred language such as Japanese,Chinese or English.Just ask the information staff of the time table.
Oh, there's also restaurant that provides light meal at the second floor and  shop where you can buy your desired local gifts
Heading next..well there's no next lol because we're heading to our hotel and end the day there.Thing is..it's not a usual modern hotel but a RYOKAN
picture source here , edited by me
Hayanagi No Sho Keizan
石和温泉 華やぎの章 慶山
Address:  822 Isawacho Ichibe, Fuefuki, 
Yamanashi Prefecture 406-0031,Japan
Price per night  : around USD 337
Facilities : Free Wi-fi, Onsen, Convenience Store and Gift Shop
This ryokan gives me such a traditional vibe and experience of being 'real' Japanese.The employees are dressed in yukata and geta,and greet us with with warm smile and great service.They also prepare every us one in one, a yukata and geta too at the lobby.Pink Color for Ladies and Blue for Men!We are so ready to spend our night sleeping in a tatami style just like in Edo period.
Meal are also served in Japanese traditional style, Kaiseki
Although I spend the rest of the day inside the ryokan  only ,I can still be happy because we're safe from the typhoon attack (*_*) So yeah i spend most of my time doing selfies while wearing the yukata that they gave to me lol
Here's i also made a simple video featuring my tiny alpacasso ^_^ inside the ryokan hotel room.hope you guys enjoy even though it's a bit blurry and shaky .Please pardon me i'm a new vlogs things lol.
Yeap that's how my third day in Japan ends. I definitely want to go back to Fuji again .I still dreaming of hike Mount.Fuji if the weather is OK and of course have a relaxing moment at Onsen and spend night in Ryokan once again!

 So guys,What do you like best about Fuji ?
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  [Japan Trip Day - 3 Finished ♥ To Be Continued on next upcoming post ♥ Stay Tune]

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