Hello Guyss!
My laptop is finally back after repaired for almost 2 weeks. That means,I'm going back to my normal blogging life 
Guess what,the first thing i did is go straight to blogger and write this post lol.Miss this blog too much! So yeah, today I'm gonna share a short review about my recent eyelash purchase,which is also my first time trying this brand, Decorative Eyelash type Play Girl no. 23
Decorative Eyelash is as one of the top Japanese eyelashes that suit for everyday use a.Best thing is,every lashes is made from 100% natural human hair which is lighter and has delicate lashes. It comes in different kind of eyelashes line such as Play Chic ,Play Pure, Play Rich,Play Cute,Play Sexy and the newest line that i got ; Play Girl.
Made in Japan 

 Website : Sho-Bi Decorative
Contents : 5 pairs of eyelashes only,
no glue included✿
✿Price :  IDR 192.900 / around ¥1200
 ---Where to Buy---

Online , Shipped Worldwide : SASA.com , Rakuten Global
In Store : Kay Collection ; SOGO
Despite the price and the brand name (DECORATIVE), the packaging comes in a super SIMPLE design and usual plastic box. 
Although it has many different kind of eyelashes,each packaging design is same.The only difference between each lines is the background color. Certain lines e.g as Play Sexy that has pink - black colored background .It remind me of Diamond Lash except the fancy DL fairy logo-gram.
Decorative Eyelash also have their own brand model ambassador(currently Nicole Ishida,previously Emi Suzuki) though,they choose not to enclose model photos on the packaging but instead only for commercial such as web banners and posters.I see this kinda waste imho.Why endorsed them but limit the promotion?The best promotion is handy promotion a.k.a the packaging itself,right? If only they use the model photos,printed on the packaging just like the other famous Japanese eyelash brand did (Dollywink,D.U.P eyelashes),I bet it surely lighten the packaging ,a bit.
At first I did not really aware that the eyelash is not 100% black yet has a slight brown color !
Close up View.Can you spot the brown lashes  ?
Actually, I always prefer black colored lashes then brown as it does not really visible.But i'm cool with that ,maybe the purpose of the brown color is to aim more natural looking.
I love how it looks voluminous but still lightweight at the same time.The size just fit my eyes that categorized as usual small Asian eyes,so no need to modify/cut the length.The lashes size getting longer from inner to the outer corner,purposed to enhance and create longer-rounder impression on eye.One package of eyelashes is enough for 2 months regular usage for me.
★Fit my eyes perfectly,no need to cut★
★Easy to bend & Flexible★
★Smooth texture,comfortable★
★Reuse able,can be use up to 5 times★
★Easy to take off and clean★
This Decorative Eyelash Play Girl no.23 is suitable for someone who want to have longer,fuller eyelash when mascara just can't work enough. The result might not too noticeable when you're wearing it yet, more like natural looking eyelashes. The impression is just like getting eyelash extension done...
You can wear  it confidently with a very light eye make up just like what i did without worrying it might too dramatic. Sure it's kind of pricey but back again to the fact that it's a Japanese brand plus the quailty..I think i made a right decision. So... Repurchase? 
Yess !
RATE  4.5 / 5
[ What do you think of Decorative Eyelash Play Girl no 23 ? Have you ever tried one?
Tell me by comment below ! ]

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22 komentar

  1. great post! nice lashes!


  2. I absolutely love Decorative Lash but recently I've been out of the false lashes loop, and didn't realise that they had such natural lashes for sale! Definitely going to add these babies into my everyday wear. Thanks for the review!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

    1. you're welcome! i'm starting to add this to my daily makeup too and still can fell in love with it each a day!

  3. Never heard of this brand before but gaaah, they are pretty!! *^* The small brown lashes underneath are interesting but I think they add to the natural-ness indeed. These spacious kind of lashes are my favorite <3 Sadly I'm too lazy for wearing falsies daily ;^;

    1. yess it's always be my first concern too , finding perfect spacious kind of lashes!indeed the brown lashes add uniqueness to this edition!

  4. What a cute pair of lashes, I am so obsessed with the cross detailing in them OvO

    x Mish

  5. the lashes look natural and soft...I'll try it^^


  6. bagus banget waktu dipake di mata :) cuma setuju sama harganya yang mahal..

    1. iya..tapi kalau dipikir ini isi 5 dan import pula..jadi yah cukup worth is sih sama harganya :D

  7. I think it's still natural looking on the eyes :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. yeah ! cause it's made from human hair.maybe that's why :)

  8. they look so natural and beautiful! i'm in love x


  9. Replies
    1. thanks Rhea ! dicoba deh kapan2 hehehe :))