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Hello Guys !
It's time to continue my 2015 Japan travel experience post. Gosh , I haven't finished the series yet, even haven't started any about my recent summer Tokyo trip.I'm so overwhelmed @.@ but however,I always enjoy writing a travel post so It's not a burden for me at all as it made me remember some good memories and enjoyment that time <3.
Okay,let's go back to the main topic.At the fifth day, Our group tour schedule was to visit Tokyo Disneyland but instead of going with the schedule, I decided to walk by myself to stroll over Shibuya! It was such a waste to not join the rest of the group yet fact is I've had enough at HK Disneyland for two times and shopping is much fun for me better than going into theme park attractions for me :P Besides, the next day schedule was to visit Tokyo Disneysea which is everyone told me it's wayy better than Disneyland.Time wise.. I gain up courage and decided to explore Shibuya by myself!

Actually because of the time limit (approx 5 hours) I only can get into 3 spots of Shibuya which are Hachiko Statue, SHIBUYA 109 Shopping Departement Store and Don Quijote.These 3 spots that I visited is the most popular among tourist so it's a must!
JR shibuya 渋谷駅
First thing first, Getting to Shibuya!
I choose to go there by train just because it's lot easier and cheaper from my hotel position which is in Maihama -Disneyland area( about ¥400) rather than cab or bus ( lol i didn't even eye-ing on Japan bus that time so i have no idea at all) plus it's more convenient to reach other area around Shibuya without worry.
Tokyo Subway Route Map pdf version here
So the most important things to not be missed is of course, Japan Rail /JR Map ! you can get for this handy map and directions at the station office or you can use HYPERDIA for online map and timetable. Most subway officer are also very helpful ,so do not hesitate to ask them every time you feel like uncertain even though not all of them is that fluent in English .That time I also was lucky enough to find another Indonesian tourist who just got back from Shibuya,explain to me directly how to get into the train etc.Thank you,Mr. Helper :D 
shibuya traveling
Once you reached JR Shibuya Station, Choose Hachiko Exit practically because it's the best exit that leads you to the main road.Just walk straight-right, you'll see this cutie statue of the most loyal dog,Hachiko ! Best time visit and get picture perfect is around noon,weekdays ,avoid weekend and evening because it will be super crowded with youngsters and people hanging around Hachiko.
shibuya markcity
Shibuya Mark City
crossing shibuya
Shibuya Crossing during weekends
shibuya tokyo
Continue walk straight across Shibuya crossing, you will see this landmark and the center of Shibuya Gals shopping heaven, Shibuya 109!
matsumoto kiyoshi shibuya
Turn your head on the right side, one of the biggest Matsumoto Kiyoshi is also here! This year they just expanding their building ..So now there's two Matsumoto Kiyoshi at Shibuya
trip shibuya 2015
♥ SHIBUYA 109 Department Store 
Opening Hours : 10am - 9pm daily
Website : Shibuya 109
Instagram : Shibuya109Official
You don't know how excited and happy I am being there at the first time! I firstly know this shopping heaven place from popular 1999 manga series Gals!  by Mihona Fujii  and been dreamed of shopping inside since 12.Now after waited for about 11++years, I can't believe that I finally there!
shibuya 109
109 shibuya
This 8-floor building is literally every girls shopping heaven.Whatever your fashion style is ; sexy,edgy,boyish,feminine,modest,cute..you-name-it can fit and available here! You will never lost your way because the floor guide and information center is located at the first floor,just at the right side after the entrance.
shop shibuya109
My most favourite stores here are  Liz Lisa, Min Plume, Ingni, Cecil Mcbee ,Emsexcite ( basement floor 1,they offer cute feminine clothes with affordable price) and Samantha Vega.Better check them out ,ya!
lizlisa 109
Liz Lisa store is just too cute. Sadly there was not much discounts :P
lagrace mart shoes
LaGrace Shoes Mart at level 7.Size here is measured from S to XXL naming
Wedges and Sneakers was very hit!
shoes shibuya
Bags area..There's this one shop ,I don't remember the exact name but they only sell high quality kinds of pretty handbags.
shibuya bag
japan bag
But my favorite bag section at Shibuya 109 is the one and only
SAMANTHA VEGA at the first floor !
samantha vega shibuya 109
Am I the only one who think that Samantha Vega -Samantha Thavasa design is kind look alike with Kate Spade but more Kawaii ?

ah ..writing this halfway making me miss 109 all over again!

Stepping out from 109, just pick the right side at the building intersection.walk straightttt till you find this store,
Website : www.donki.com/en
Don Quijote sell almost daily needs! From Snacks,Make Up ,Skincare ,Shoes,Electronic Goodies, till things such as Kigurumi,Wig and Japanese Cosplay Costume. Apparently this was my second best favorite make up shopping destination beside Matsumoto Kiyoshi because there's always bundle promo and some unique brand like Sailormoon that can't be found in any other drugstore.
don quijote shibuya
 Kawaii pastel color-hair iron and hair dryer
inside don quijote
All the Japanese cartoon characters / mascot can be found in the socks section
Was trying unique japanese head pieces ..
kigurumi japan
 Hello from Miss Tako and Miss Kani
face blurred bc it's too silly lol XD

So guys,That was all about my half day bound in Shibuya ! Although there's still many shopping spots to explore  like Parco,Seibu ,Loft I'm glad that I can finally at least make it to Shibuya. However,I will contiune to blog about Shibuya on my recent Tokyo 2016 trip edition, kindly wait for it ~ ^^

 Simple Map Of Shibuya - credit : www.fudtherast.com

Just in case you're confused about directions in Shibuya, Just take Shibuya 109 building as the main point, JR Station is just few minutes walks away tho.
At last,please enjoy Shibuya a lot whenever you visit this place. It's a tourist friendly and loving shopping district ,and I'm sure you will love it.Thanks for reading this long post,hopefully my experience will help you get the picture of shopping in Shibuya looks like :)

  [ Japan Trip Day 5 -Finished ♥ To Be Continued on next upcoming post ♥ Stay Tune ]
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  1. Haiii Ann...
    reading your post made me miss Japan even more <3
    btw donki hote is one of my favorite shopping spots in Japan :p haha..
    I wonder why i didn't see the head piece at that moment o_o


    1. High five ! Hahaha if only they're available in Indonesia yaa :p
      The head pieces are available at level 3 on the cosplay and wigs section!

  2. Oh my gosh these photos makes me so happy! I love Shibuya, and can't wait until I go there. It's gyaru central tehehe! ^^ I'd also love to visit Hachiko & the Liz Lisa store <3

    1. Yess liz, too bad i was forgot to take picture of pretty gyaru shop staffs there so i cant manage to show them in this post . I believe you will someday :D♥

  3. ohh wow this is so great =D


  4. T-T I miss Japan so much after reading your travel posts haha my fav brand from 109 is Liz Lisa ^^ love shopping in Donki too, they literally have everything!!!!

    1. i feel you! i can't believe i miss Japan just by writing and re -ready my post ..lol too much feels !