Hello guys! Back to my travel post about last Summer Japan Trip. As  i told on my previous post, I visited 2 cities on the second day of the trip.First is Osaka where I spent times the most on shopping spree (Read Here) and the other is here in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan.This city evokes the traditional sides of Japan with many heritage sites such as temples and shrines.It is definitely is should not be missed by tourist where you can feel what is like to be as the real ‘Japanese local’ !

*Fushimi  Inari Station*
My first stop in Kyoto was one of the most popular Shinto shrine in Japan.See,if you ever watch 'Spirited Away' or 'Memoirs of Geisha',then you'll know this place ; Fushimi Inari Taisha !
It was noon already when I reached the area but the weather was not friendly at all! Freaking windy and rainy at the same time because the weather forecast said that typhoon is coming by the evening ;___;  some people of our travel group prefer to stay in bus but I decided to go out no matter what lol.
Although the weather is no joke and the rain ruined my clothes and makeup but it was a pay off because there are many mini local shops along the road to the shrine with beautiful traditional exterior that really enchant me and successfully calmed my nerves ,forgot about the typhoon news.

Finally reached the side gate of shrine!
Vermillions color takes over the area!

 Address : 68 Fukakusa Yabunouchicho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto, 
Kyoto Prefecture 612-0882, Japan
Open for 24 Hours ; Free Entry
Website : http://inari.jp/

Fushimi Inari Taisha is a Shinto shrine deciated to Inari ,God of Rice.The shrine is popular for its thousand of vermilion torii gates which lead to forest of Mount Inari and been used for tourist to take shot such as pre wedding shots and so on(which sadly couldn't be pictured here because strong winds horrifically  attacked that time so we should hurry back to bus)
Although I'm not a Shinto followers,I'm amazed by the fact that the building architecture painted beautifully with vermilion color till it become one of the iconic sites of Japan.
At the outside of the building,you can find statues like this which at first i thought it was a dog? but later i found out it is a fox/kitsune
Move on,the next stop was another well known religious destination in Japan,Kiyomizu Dera.Note that it is actually a Buddhist temple not shrine although the place is painted on the same red hue as Fushimi Inari.What makes Kiyomizu Dera is worth to visit is it famous wooden stage(balcony) which allows you to overlook the city of Kyoto from 13 meters above the hillside ,it is also actually a part of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.People who came here to Kyoto for the first time might find it hard to differentiate between temple and shrine.Well the key is actually in front of the building.If the building has a torii gate then it is a shrine not a temple.

 Address : 6294 Kiyomizu 1-chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 
Kyoto Prefecture 605-0862, Japan
Opening daily at 6 am 
 Entry Fee : Only Photostop is Free ; Inside ¥300/adult person

Pretty Japanese Ladies in Kimono in front of the Deva Gate ,
was busy prepare themselves before went inside the temple
*Umatodome Horse Stable that was used by 
Japanese Samurai in EDO period*
Downhill the Kiyomizu Dera,there are many local shops and cute cafes called Kiyomizu Zaka/Kiyomizu Michi Street. Here you can find manyauthentic/handmade Kyoto Souvenirs! Please be cautious when you buy souvenirs,because the price here often set based on the quality although it is the same kind of product! lets say the One Piece Chopper key chain that i bought ,it's on sale ,cheaperjust because the the 'face' part  is not that perfectly cute than the others.I was thinking to myself..nah this 'cuteness' level  and perfection of every little souvenirs are that matter to them?? Japanese people are very detailed 0_0
Only happen in Kyoto.Hello Kitty Kimono Style ftw!
Colorful Japanese hand fan only ¥1000
Here in  Kiyomizu Zaka ,I strongly recommend you to to get as many Japanese local snacks and sweets here because it is simply heaven! Most of my Japanese snack hauls(Read Here)were bought here.Great Service from the shopkeepers too,they often allow you to try the snack tester first  
 Look at those sweets and munchiesAhh i wanna go back already
Rickshaw ride,Feels like transported into Edo Period!
TOTORO shop,shall we go?
hello little friend,im in your home rn!
Here you can find all the TOTORO and another studio Ghibli characters merchs
too cute to be true aren't they?

Next from Kiyomizu Dera,is the another souvenir shop but is is unlike the others it is more likely to be called as department store rather than shop because of its size.To be honest ,i total forgot where the name and where this place at but it's one of the tourist famous interesting place in central of Kyoto where you can see Kimono fashion shows and even can rent/buy them.This place has two level to which level one is for the kimono fashion show usually held and level two where they sell uniquely japanese  traditional souvenirs such as pics below :
This tiny friends is made from silk cocoon!No wonder the price lah @.@
Too cute aren't they? If only i could own them all XD

Yeap,that's a wrap about my short yet memorable experience in Kyoto.Honestly, I feel like I'm not travel enough here because of the time limit.Like how can per one stop destination is given only 1 hours to explore? but yeah i admit that is just one of the consequences of joining travel group which everything scheduled and all we can do is only bear with it.One of my wish that is not yet granted in Kyoto is surely to meet real geisha.Our tour leader only shown us the building where they usually perform T_T But yeah after all,i enjoy my time,relax and strolling around this heartwarming city,till I see you again Kyoto,I promise!

Nah guys,Which part of Kyoto in this post you like best?
Share with me by comment below !
 [Japan Trip Day -2 ;Part 2 Finished ♥ To Be Continued on next upcoming post ♥ Stay Tune]

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