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This is probably my first review relating non beauty stuff and guess what,it's a watch ! I admit that I never be so obsessed with a watch until i find this new crush of mine, Yeap, it's one and only DANIEL WELLINGTON

What makes it so special ?
Well,Being someone who adores the sense of simplicity too much,I literally fell in love with this watch at the first sight.Maybe because of its classy and timeless design.Not to forget , there's meaningful friendship story behind.

The stories started by Filip Tysander as the founder met someone that later became his best friend who is a British Gentleman. His dressing style  totally inspired Filip because he can pull off prestigious look yet down to earth at the same time.The secret it's in his watch, A vintage and old watch in NATO strap. That's why Filip decided to make his own watch line using that man name, Daniel Wellington
As time goes by till now,Daniel Wellington not only capture heart the whole men in the world who want to impress a classy look but also women as Daniel Wellington is also has their own women watch line with the same timeless,refined design. Here goes my pick:
The box comes in soft leather material and two tone colors, cream and dark brown
//available in Rose Gold and Silver color//
For Men
 For Women
Basically the design between the two is precisely same.The only things distinguished each other is the diameter and strap width. With this,is also a nice idea for you who want to do couple look together with your loved ones.
- Manual Booklet -
- A pack of Silica Gel -
- Needle eject -
Inside Manual Booklet. Story behind the brand, Instructions and so on
The needle eject included,in case you want to change the watch strap
Picture says it all.The DW logo appear as the focal point in the upper side center following by the numberless dial and silver plating hour and  minute hands so the logo stand out the most.
The design aesthetic made impression its like time goes by slowly and there's nothing to worry about beside just enjoy and cherish the time we have
Detailed Logo gram  appear centered at the watch's buckles and folded loops. Superlative!

So in my opinion,there's many kind of watch that gives different impression.It depends on what is your needs and occasion. I might fall in love with a watch that gives sporty or sexy or cute impression but in the end classy with an elegant touch always win.and so that why i Favorited this watch.At the end,that what's makes me a loyal fan of Daniel Wellington.
What about You?

Daniel Wellington watch is now can be purchase online through ZALORA
go grab them HERE in best deals before it's too late !
 Happy Online Shopping

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6 komentar

  1. DW watches are amazing. they go well with any outfit and still look young and chic


  2. We love DW's minimalistic designs. They're so chic and timeless

    M + K

  3. Arnt they lovely? I get what you mean when you say you love the look of simplicity! Sometimes less is more right? x) Alot of my friends have DW watches as here in the UK its gaining more popularity! I have a very simple Olivia burton watch which is very similar to the DW style, just alittle more dainty ^^
    I'm deffo following for more!

    come visit my blog :3

  4. Wow. Such a trendy watch. Loved it.