Last time I share about my Summer Japan trip Day - 1 and here it is, the following post is finally up!
I divided this post into 2 part because  I visit 2 cities ,Osaka and Kyoto in one day! I don't want you sweet reader to get overwhelmed and aside of that, I want you to look deeply into each city's charms.So this part 1 is all about Osaka.Although I had very limited time because of group tour schedule,I enjoyed most of my time here visiting interesting historical landmark of Osaka ; Osaka Castle plus shopping at two famous district ; Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi !
Built over 435 years,Osaka castle a.k.a Ōsaka-jō / 大阪城  never once lose its beauty and rank as most famous castle in Japan even after reconstruction.When you first enter the area,you won't directly see the castle but large park instead with some structures including shrine and temple.Need about 5 minutes walk to get into the main castle.
directory sign inside the park,see further here
The great high stone walls and moats is actually interlocking stones without cement and mortar,really stunning height and precision profiles symbolize solid defense.
Main Entrance Gate of Osaka Castle, Sakuramon Gate
Osaka Castle is now a museum inside devoted to Hideyoshi Toyotomi ,its creator as Japan influential and remarkable warlord.The outer appearance depicts impressive old detailed architecture which brings such historical feels.Many says it's best to visit during Spring or Autumn when the sakura blooms and falling leaves surrounding the castle.
There's is no charge entering the park but you gotta pay around ¥ 600 to go inside the museum.It's such a pity I don't have time to observe inside the museum ,only photo-stop at outside.I'd like to spend more time to observe the museum if I have chance in the future!
Dotonbori Canal
Next,Dotonbori,is such heaven foodies destination.You can eat till drop here because there's so many good restaurant and local street foods store!
Came here during lunch time hour,no wonder so crowded *0*
Stores front signboard seems competing each others.Displays the most iconic with prominent colors.
Even though I can't read the signboard,I can tell what store is that  just by looking at the icon!
Kani Doraku restaurant with its famous giant crab icon
 Kinryu Ramen.This restaurant open for 24 hours
Interesting Confectionery Stores in Dotonbori
Finally the famous Running Glico Man Sign board
If you know Pocky (snacks),you must familiar with this brand ; Glico.It got famous after revised to celebrate important events like World Cup.Make sure you get a photograph of this sign and imitate pose of  Glico Man
Me attempting Glico Man Pose LOL. dont mind my messy hair.. because it was super windy that day.After all,I'm happy to be finally take a photograph at this spot !
If Dotonbori is famous for its food stops,Then Shinsaibashi is the shopping heaven.The center is Shinsaibashi Suji,located right in front the Glico Man sign.It's actually an indoor shopping street.So there's no worries if raining you still can shop here !
Not only just a local boutiques ,there are also well known worldwide branded flag stores here from moderate till high end like H&M,Uniqlo,GAP,Gucci,Armani,Fendi,etc
One of my favourite gyaru brand fashion store,Cecil Mcbee ♥️♥️♥️♥️
a cosplay fashion store with reason able price inside Shinsaibashi Suji
Fyi,not every local fashion boutique here sell Made-in Japan product.You gotta notice that if its has no label,especially it's alos cheap then no wonder that it might be not an origin Japan(ex:china) product.For me,as while I'm in Japan  then japanese brands would feels more worth to buy for rather than other country manufactured product.You know what i mean ,right?Also,notice that some shops are not tax free.But please do always bring along your passport because you might get a tax free exceptional for tourist at some shops.Shop Wise ,girls ;)
Drugstore all the way for beauty shopping ! Here available Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Os Drugstore with their complete collection range of beauty brands on reasonable price. I can be here and dig them all day long lol.
Contact Circle Lenses are just  ¥1800 per pair! 
Heroine Make rack is definitely grab attention.Look at those empty section.Best seller,much?
Tons of Japanese Fashion Magazine ! The price is much cheaper here in japan
 Selfie that day.Happy times at Osaka :)
Well,that's all about my experience strolling Osaka.I reckon these 3 destinations are surely must visit when you're here.Still,I miss Osaka,I wish I have longer time get inside the Osaka Castle,Strolling at Dotonbori at night when the neon board signs at its finest,and once again shopping sprees at Shinsaibashi.Definitely this is what i promised to myself when I get chance to revisit osaka in the future!
what do you like the most about Osaka and what do you wanna do here?
 Share with me !
 [Japan Trip Day -2 ;Part 1 Finished ♥ To Be Continued on next upcoming post ♥ Stay Tune]

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  1. these are great pictures
    thanks for the post ^^


  2. your photos are very pretty!
    Osaka is a place is really want to visit in the future!! :D
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    1. thanks dear ^0^ love to hear that!
      yes,you should it's a second best city of JAPAN beside Tokyo!

  3. Omfg. Those magazines and the makeupppp *diessss* I am obsessed with JMagazines *O*
    Korean Skincare Haul @ bijou-heart

    1. when i was there(drugstore and magazine bookstore) i was like ,blank for few minutes bc cannot decide what to buy,everything was like...HEAVEN ! i can dig them for days lol

  4. great photos! seemed like you enjoyed your stay in Osaka! I'd love to visit again