You guys may know from my previous posts that I'm a Japanese fashion magazine sucker.Usually inside those fashion magazine,there is also some beauty and make over tips but it's just not enough for me.So that's why I bought this one of the famous J- beauty magazine,Biteki. However,considering the law,I can only show you some glimpse of this magazine ,k?Hope you enjoy,tho :3

Price : SGD 13.4 //  ¥630
Place : Kinokuniya Bookstore
Target Reader : Women around 20's - 30's
When I first saw the cover model and lay out, I thought this magazine more suit for working women around 20's -30's and I was right.At the moment I read few pages,I can see many high-end make up product advertised and used for models such as Sk  II Dior,Shiseido,Elixir,etc.Just don't expect any drugstore beauty brand here lol.
Looking over the cover model,I assume that this Fall 2015,November beauty trend focused on minimal ,light-refined look.But that doesn't mean it gonna be dull.Bright,Lips color plays the big part.Red Cherry and Soft Burgundy creates an elegant impression.
Since November is still on fall mood,Eye make looks is more light.Off for a while with tons of fake lashes and colorful eye shadows.In with soft smokey and earthy tones like khaki.
As for hairstyle,Up-dos can brighten the look.Minimize using hair accessories for a while.Let the hair itself plays the part of the accessories with braiding tricks!

Of course it's not Japanese magazine without freebies.
Here at this issue, I got 4 different types of freebies .Oh yay :))
1. Obagi Serum and Brightening Essence
2.Decorte Liposome (4) Treatment Liquid
3.Eyeliner Ruler
Love this the most,Although the brand is still underrated the quality is pretty nice !
The material is fake fur x leather.It is so flexible , can be worn reverse

Although I don't really understand reading Japanese,I still enjoy reading this magazine Fact is, mostly make up tricks and tips are showing clearly in the picture and it makes me feels it is not hard to achieve them.Honestly,I'm always this type of girl who love sweet&colorful kawaii make up looks you bet,this magazine is not really fit in my expectation because as you can see,it pull off more mature-otona looks.But it' is okay sometimes to toned down my make up style a bit,considering this Halloween I'll also turning 24(,hey-yeah*~*) and of course,knowing whole new brands skincare and make up with samples is really not a waste kkk!
What do you think of Biteki Magazine?
Do you have any favorite fashion magazine in mind? 
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15 komentar

  1. Wow! The magazine looks amazing :D I didnt know there was a law for showing the magazines online?? o:
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. There is,if showing the entire pages without permission lol .Bc what's the point then they're sellin the magazine if we can read it online for free?kk.That's why we can only find 'some' complete scans out there if we are lucky enough ;)

  2. that looks great ^^

  3. Following you via GFC#118.Your blog is very realxing and neat.Most of the kawaii blogs are in pink but
    yours is in blue and it looks good.I also love Japan,well,next to Korea.I admit Japanese girls are also pretty even with less make-up on.Have you seen the Japanese movie, "Cyborg She/My Cyborg Girlfriend"? The female lead in the movie is very pretty.I suddenly remembered her while reading this post of yours.hehehe :0

    1. Wahh thanks for the compliment! Glad you enjoy and love my blog design ♥
      I haven't lol but i will then! Seems like the storyline is almost same with korean movie 'my girlfriend is a cyborg',much? :D

  4. I like Japanese magazine as they always offer great and lovely stuff inside! Love the pic info of make up and hairstyle as well <3


    1. Yess sometimes i wonder to my self,if i really pick magazine based on its contents or the most promising freebies lol :p so tempting to own them all!

  5. I really love you :)

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)

  6. amazing post !!!
    Would you like us to support each other's blog ? Follow me and I'll follow yours too ! xx

  7. love japanese magazines!!!
    such a great bonus you got some awesome freebies with it ^^
    I've heard of the eyeliner card trick, but I had no idea there was an actually "eyeliner ruler!" :D
    Thank you for sharing~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || A little hot for sweater weather don’t you think?/LookBook

    1. Ikr,i knew it just now bc of this magazine ! Such an smart beauty tool ^^

  8. WOW! I'm Japanese but never read these kinds of magazines!
    I should buy sometime.

    1. You should :) you definetely will enjoy it cz you understand japanese more~

  9. Biteki is the one of gorgeous magazines in Jpan :))