Although people says that Japan are considered safe ,nevertheless is just a normal country where you still need to watch over yourself.Here I share some useful tips about safety and shopping manner in Japan that I experienced myself ! 

1.Always Keep in Line
Whether you're shopping in a large store or even small convenience store,it is better to queue,patiently wait for your turn .Even if you're in hurry you just can't make request to cut the line.People who are keep in line normally also waiting calmly.So,If you're talking on phone with somebody.do not talk loudly as people are usually talk in low voice and calmly waiting for the turn.

2.Entering Fitting Room
Just like common Japan tradition,you need to involve shoes too before entering fitting room .At first .I thought this will only happen at Japan local clothing shops but it so does with international shops like Zara,H&nM and Uniqlo.Each fitting room in boutique usually assisted at least with a shop keeper who assist you one by one .It is polite to greet them and put back the clothes that you tried tidily.

3.Bargaining and Tipping
Mostly boutique in Japan have already set price that displayed on each rack.This means they do not open for bargaining and it's already fixed price(but not that this price might before the taxes charge).But if you're into a flea market that do not display the price,you may try to bargain.You can say ' Maketei Kudasai' for discount.
When it comes to service,Japanese shop assistant are usually very hospitable and friendly. However,it is considered rude to give them tips personally.Give your gratitude by saying 'Arigatou' and slight smile is enough.

4.Lost and Found
When you realize that you lost your property or carrier.Straightly remember where the last place you ever seen it.If it happen at the JR /Subway you can ask for help to the officer there .Mostly japanese people are very honest,so that the lost property can be re-collected .
But if it's you that get lost of direction,normally you still can ask the passerby as they are very helpful but considering that mostly Japanese are not English speaker,better if you ask  trustworthy peoplh who work in store /officer at JR subway / Police as they may more experienced helping tourist rather than strangers.

5.Stalker and Groping
I've been hearing about the stalkers thing at Japan that wary us especially women tourist.Thankfully,i haven't encounter them but I still encourage you to not walk alone at night.If you really need to go at night,it is better to have a companion (preferably male)with you to avoid any unwanted circumstances.
As for groping,It is such a concern for me.There are many sign 'beware of groping' to warn us,women especially on JR trains.At first I thought that this disgusting groping things would only happen in public transport and so on but unfortunately ,it happened to one of my travel friend in Japan!
Two of us were strolling over Ginza district.We just casually walk and without I realized,my friend were suddenly screamed! It happen that she being groped intentionally.Well as what she said,this one old perv were just like normal pedestrian but walked kind of close to her way. In fact the road is very wide and this old Chikan(pervert) act like intentionally swap his hand over her skirt !
I was like
The perv already walk very fast,left us dumbfounded and we can't do nothing instead cursing him.(if only we can see him again,i would like to reward him with high kick punch over his pervy face!!!)Well thinking back,my friend was wearing appropriate clothes tho but she wear mini skirt.But that doesn't mean that he can harassed her like that right?! After this incident,we find out that apparently perverts here a mostly attracted to women legs so girls,If you wear skirt,please wear extra pants inside or stocking.Also,it's better to keep in distance with people especially when you walk over the street.

That's all some tips from me.
Hope this experience from mine can help you guys to be a smart traveler
and have happy time in shopping spree in Japan!

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5 komentar

  1. cool!


  2. Oh thanks for all your tips I can´t expect nothing better froma great blogger like you. I hope be careful when I travel to Japan.


    1. You're welcome dear. I Hope you remember these small tips from me when you travel there :3

  3. Those are very useful tips to anyone travelling to Japan!
    I actually had a guy grope me in the train and I turned right around, called him a 'pervert' and slapped him lol I was a little afraid of him hitting me back actually but he just looked shocked and all the people stared at him haha I don't think that guy will ever harass any girl on a train again – at least I hope for him he won't! ^^;


    1. Reallly ??? *_*
      Woww that was such a brave action of you.salute!yeah jerks out there deserves it,they should learn how to behaves properly .Hope it will be less groping accident in Japan!