Finally  I have time to post about my Summer Japan Trip,woah such an effort.It's really drain my energy to edit and categorized this overload holiday pics but I'm happy just by look over it again and can share with you guys :)

So, I traveled to Japan for the first time of my life last July for 8 days.I don't travel alone yet along with my family as we joined a tour.Yes,I'm not that brave to travel all by myself especially foreign country which is not a native English- speaking country like Japan,kk.I just love Japan too much since childhood that's why the purpose of this trip is to prove to myself ,what if I'm really live in my dream country.Anyway,this gonna be a long post.Scroll down if you bear to read more X)

Our first stop in Japan is Osaka and it was a full day inside Universal Studio!I was too tired because of long haul night flight ,I don't even get chance to showering only washed my face and brushed my teeth  on plane.But however,a cheerful heart is good medicine,right? I got fully wide awake and  100% energized once landed at Kansai International airport.I: I was like "Huh,tired?me?NOPEE!" 
I cant stop woow-ing over Osaka.It's like a dream that I really standing there.Our tour guide said that Osaka is one of the large city in Japan yet less crowded and more toned down than Tokyo.
Look at those cloudss.fluffy!Is it just me or every clouds in Japan are like that everyday ??
Back to topic,We went straight to Universal Studio but first we need to check in our luggage at hotel.Thank God our hotel,Keihan Universal City located very near with the theme park,only taking 2 minutes by walk.Then...finally arriving at Universal Studio :)
 pic credit to JapanGo ,edited by me
Location :  2-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi
Open Daily
 /ticket price/
I was surely excited but my excite level is not that high as like the first time I went to a theme park.Maybe because I've been to Universal Studio at Singapore.Pretty sure the theme park is precisely same.The only attraction that made me curious is of course,The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Spiderman Ride!
Follwong the entrance ,you will be at Hollywood Area first.You can see there's Hollywood Dream roller coaster ride and a group was on the peak,screaming.You can feel the heaps of  fun already just by looking this attraction.
Honestly I want to try too,but the sun and heat was no joke.It felt like 30°C or higher.Obviously, I won't let my skin being sun-dried instantly on the peak of that ride .Lolol
It was only 10.30 am ,and some attractions were really full already.Too lazy to go straight to Harry Potter / Spiderman area So i just decided to take meal first here at Mel's Drive.They serve  fast food meal set like hamburger with fries,ice cream,ice pop,etc and one proper meal set cost approx 1800 Yen.
After meal,continued wander around took many pictures of buildings.Too pretty to not get captured!
Lucky enough to meet my pinky friend, Pink Panther FTW !
Can you not be so cute dear, Snoopy buns?
Felt enough taking some photos here and there,I decided to have fun on some attractions.Because people keep recommend me to try Spiderman and Harry Potter,I only have these two in mind and directly went to The Amazing Spiderman attraction first
/pic credit to TripAdvisor, edited by me/
The queue was really long at that time but gladly it wasn't take me too long to get in.Only approx 15 minutes of waiting.At first I wasn't really sure what's with this attraction , the description on brochure says it is a ride so I was thinking it is a roller coaster or smth similar.Convincing myself,I asked a local staff but he does not really understand what I mean.I asked him " Is this roller coaster?" He wasn't really understand,instead he showed me a funny gestures until I get it, that it's a 3D ride.
I'm really appreciate the local staffs and mostly Japanese people there.Although they don't really understand and speak English fluently,They are so friendly to give answer in most possible way.
 /picture credit to InsideTheMagic/
This is a ride with twelve seats.Once your'e in,you will be given a 3D spectacles.The ride will move forward a bit when lights goes off and you're into a new world with Spiderman ! I don't really understand the story because the show is in Japanese lol but as what I interpreted ,we are going to save the world and beat villains with Spiderman. What's makes it attractive is the special effects and the sounds that feels so real. Even after it ended,I'm still not sure whether the ride is really going on forward or just stay in place ,moving all the way up and down lol.I can't spoil the story tho but sure this attraction should not be missed.
My rating is ..Absolutely 9/10 ! They should make it longer !
Move on,Let's go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter area!
As you get in the area,Harry Potter theme being replay- ing over and over ..Applaud to the amazing ambiance that supported by amazing architecture and props. Feels like being transported to Hogwarts already!
I want to get in!! Sadly, it's only for photo prop. lol
 Hogwartsssss Castle !
There are  only 2 attraction which are Flight of the Hippogriff and Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey.But guess what, I don't even try one of them,not even once just because I was mistaken taking the wrong room !I was going to Ollivander which in fact it is not an attraction but a shop with mini show as intro.I was seeing people queue-ing outside the room and without hesitate a bit,went in.Too bad when I was going to catch the main attraction.The queue was too overloaded already.They say they will be open again at 5 'O clock whereas at that time I should be out and meet my group :(
Even though i didn't have much time left, I was enjoying being at this area the most.the view are so breathtaking! So yeah,I continued some walk and decided to see another attraction.I was thinking to go Jurrasic Park area but when Iget there,the staff said it was under construction. Not my fate,eh?

It was only 30 minutes before I need to leave the park,find this nice spot to chill for a while
I don't know,Is it me who didn't have energy left or just cannot managed my time to catch all the attractions After all, I enjoy my time being there.Such a clean,and heart-warming theme park!If I have chance to visit Osaka again, I want to go back here again.(That Harry Potter,still.Duh,what a pity ! )
And..based on what I experienced ,I encourage you all should noted this before visit this theme park :
Nah guys,I hope this post will be useful to you especially you guys who will visit Japan soon.
Any interesting theme park memories ? Don't be shy to share with me !
[ Japan Trip Day -1 Finished ♥ To Be Continued on next upcoming post ♥ Stay Tune ]

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  1. Hello from Tokyo!
    Hope you enjoy the tour in Japan!

  2. It looks like you've had so much fun & I love your outfit in the pictures! <3
    I only got to visit Disneyland and the Tokyo Disneysea in Japan so far but thanks to your cute post this is now definitely also on my list the next time I go to Japan :)

    P.S.: Make sure you try the Osaka style ramen, sooo delicious!


    1. yes it was very memorable !
      thank you dear and i hope you can stop by USJ soon ;)

  3. Hello, Ann!
    Your Osaka trip post is so cute♡
    I haven't been to Universal Studio, but I would like to go there someday!
    My son who is 17 years old likes Osaka very much!
    I follow you now♡

    1. Thanks Akiko !
      I'm pretty sure your son likes it bc OSaka has all the fun places like USJ for youngster
      Go Visit USJ with your son and make sure try Spiderman 3d Ride together,it will be so much fun!