Just a quick post  and it's still relate with my last post.Here I share with you guys,what are my beauty haul that I got from Japan last month.This is certainly not a bragging post but the purpose is to inspire ,and help you guys find the information about exact product that might be useful.Some of them are from brands that I always be loyal fan and some are just from brand that I recently discovered  and suggested from fellow bloggers and friend.Note that mostly they're drugstore brand that I got all around Japan ; Osaka,Tokyo ,Nagoya and even Fuji prefecture! Sum all of them,it doesn't cost me lot. So,Enjoy Reading,guys ^___^
I'm not a face mask addict but I do realize i need it for my skincare regime.Usually it only takes 1-2 face mask per month so I don't buy many.I bet you can tell from picture above that I'm not the type that stick with one brand when it comes to face mask because It's fun to try from one to another as the packaging of each mask is always cute!
PURE SMILE Rose Mary Aroma Mask -  ¥ 210 - Disney Resort Store / Drugstore
PURE SMILE Pearl Essence Mask -  ¥ 200 - Disney Resort Store / Drugstore
MY BEAUTY DIARY Black Pearl Mask - 2 sheets / box - ¥237 - Lawson 
I should say,I'm not recommend the KUM horse oil one,been trying about 2-3 times yet the foam made my face stiff! I'm not sure whether the ingredients of horse oil itself doesn't really suit my skin or else.In fact, I got this product bu accident,just because the horse oil thing made me go curious *_* Now I'm using Shiseido Aqua Label and pretty like it!Review will coming soon,promise !
KUM Horse Oil W Cleansing Foam -  ¥ 800 - Lawson
SHISEIDO Aqua Label White Clear Foam - ¥ 1026 - Lawson
Mostly primer in Japan are in mini travel size .Idk why but maybe it is conventional for Japanese women ,always carry primer in their bag.I pick these two from KATE and CEZANNE as seen in some of beauty guru vlog and I have tried the tester myself.These two outcome is not runny and blend in my skin tone pretty well!
CEZZANE BB Cream no. 03 ,spf 23 -  ¥ 626 - Kokumin Drugstore
KATE Tokyo Powderless Liquid ,BE-C - ¥ 1600 -Matsumoto Kiyoshi
SHISEIDO Integrate Mineral Powder Foundation ,color OO - ¥ 1836 - Shiseido the Ginza
Eyeliners dominate! I need to restock many of eyeliners rather than other because this is the only beauty product that usually run out in 3 months and so on.Haven't tried 3 of them but what I treasure the most is the Lunasol one.See it's my first non drugstore brand eyeliner,and I even buy the case ,kk! Just want to compare it with drugstore eyeliner which I usually use.
CANMAKE Cover and Stretch Concealer UV -  ¥ 780 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
CEZZANE Two Color Eyeshadow Lame Series Blue - ¥ 600 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
DHC Single Color Eyeshadow A05 Purple - ¥ 565 - DHC Store
ELIZABETH Black Liner - ¥ 680 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
MAJOLICA MAJORCA Cream Pencil Liner - ¥ 850 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
KANEBO Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner Case - ¥ 1590 - TIAT Duty Free
KANEBO Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner Black 1 R - ¥ 1020 - TIAT Duty Free
When it comes to mascara,there's none could caught my heart except mascara by Heroine Make. I Think HM is leading in this section lol.Have tried their range of mascara except this one.I'm expecting this one will be good on me like the others.About the Sailor Mercury Blue Liner, I was having no intention to buy it but just because I cant find any of Sailormoon Eyeliner which is so hype these days, I feel just have to try one and prove that is really worth it!
HEROINE MAKE Long and Curl Mascara Super Fill - ¥ 1200 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
TINKER WINK Tear Bag Color in Pink - ¥ 1200 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
SAILOR MERCURY Star Power Prism Lameliner Blue - ¥ 1250 - Don Quijote
Different types of Falshies and the normal and natural one is from RIPI which can be use daily.I think I will use them in different occasion and mood.
DISNEY Romantic Minnie No.1 Cute Eye Eyelashes - ¥ 1200 - Disney Resort Store
DUP Eyelashes Aiku Mirakawa - ¥ 1200 - Don Quijote
LOVE CHERIE Koda Kumi 04 Romantic Style - ¥ 1200 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
RIPI Try on Eyelashes - ¥ 880 - Don Quijote
Firs time buying shading powder and guess what I need to learn sculpting and make dimension to my face.Gonna work hard for this.Wish good luck to me!About CANMAKE Cream cheek,well actually I still have my CANMAKE powder cheek and other blushes left but this one is truly temptation just because many blogger and beauty gurus use this and it looks like gonna turn out well!
CANMAKE Shading Powder- ¥ 680 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
CANMAKE Cream Cheek - ¥ 500 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
VISEE Creamy Lipstick RD401 - ¥ 1500 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
It's really pity if you are going to Japan but not buying hair coloring.Buy this new brand from KAO,Blaune which is a sister' product of Liese.Haven't really heard much but I'm pretty curious of this new product.See,I will coloring my hair in next 2 months and I hope it will turn out well!
KAO BLAUNE Hair Bubble Coloring Red Wine 1 PK- ¥ 839 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi
KOJI Make Up Brush - ¥ 600 - Matsumoto Kiyoshi

Well,that's all about my beauty haul ! Mostly of them haven't opened yet as I am treasure them very well because it kind of hard getting Japanese Beauty product here in my country except getting from online.But again,the price here it's always overpriced rather than the usual price in Japan.Brand ranges also so very limited.Brands like Visee,DHC,Elizabeth and Tinker Wink are some of the brand that I'm not familiar with.But back again,since it's Japanese product, I am very intrigued to try and sure I believe they never fail on me! hehehe ~ Will review some of them in the future too,guys!

Nah,what's is your favorite Japanese beauty haul? 
Any of you familiar with this hauls ? Share with me !

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  1. Wow such a lovely haul! I've always wanted to try out those face masks... Let me know if they're good or not please! :3

  2. Loved reading through the haul! hahaha congrats on your non-drugstore eyeliner <3 cherish the case forever

    BCfactor Blog

    1. Yeayy haha thanks ;))
      Yeap the case pretty tho,hopefully will stick with Kanebo lol

  3. OMG, that looks great. I like it =)

  4. UGH I want everything in here! TBH, a lot of the times I actually like Japanese makeup/skincare more than Korean... I just find that it works better! And OMGASHKGL those eyelashes... I am an eyelash addict LOL. Thank you for sharing!
    Junniku blog! (Korean beauty blog)

    1. Me too :> idk but i feel more like 'japanese' and it does boost my confidence level evrytime i use jap make up lol

  5. Oh my gosh everything looks so cute and nice ;A; I'd love to see a review on that Heroine Make mascara and the Canmake Shading Powder *u* I've heard good things about them!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. Sankyeww !Sure i will be write review once i used them ♥