Hi Pretty Ladies!
So as what i promised before,I will review about Laneige Foundation which is actually one of  my June  Mini Beauty haul.Tbh,This is the first time for me using Laneige product as I'm not familiar and aware with this brand until I saw their ads which endorsed by Song Hye Kyo.

Well,I think they're pick the right beauty ambassador.
Who doesn't want have flawless complexion like her ,anyway?
LANEIGE Forever Definite Compact Foundation
(dual side puff included)
Series : #2 Natural Beige
Price : IDR 370.000,-
Place : Laneige  Store
Buy Online : KPopTown , KoreaDepart
I was hesitating about choosing the right shade ,it was between the #1 True Beige and #2 natural Beige since my skin is fair and there's just little difference between these two.But then i go with #2 Natural Beige because is my skin is more on the yellowish side yet the #1  gives little hint of pinkish so it doesn't suit me much.
 I feel relieved to know that this Laneige Forever Definite Foundation is considered as Paraben -Free!i try to avoid everything Paraben! Whenever I'm about to buy any make up product,I always ask the shop assistant to bring me the box so i can look after the ingredients.I notice that my skin gets cranky whenever i use beauty products that is not Paraben free.Well fyi,Paraben commonly known as kind of preservatives mostly used in beauty products,use to prevent the growth of bacteria.Some may not feels the real effect but most study says that it could damage health for such period of time !
Laneige Forever Definite Foundation comes in very simple yet mature looking design compact.It is obviously travel friendly.It has mirrored front side lid which i think very nice,checking make up just got easier!When you open the lid,there's mirror and the foundation powder placed in rectangular shape.
There's also separator below the foundation,it's a place where you can put the puff.I think it's really nice to put the puff separately with the foundation like this.Less contaminated.The puff itself comes in dual side and white colored so it can helps you check how much amount of powders that you take at times.
My skin condition is considered normal and i barely have pimples and large pores but i still notice that my eye bags is still visible even after use concealer.It's get more obvious when captured.So I look for compact foundation that can give perfect coverage finish 
Second, I look for a compact that can last.I am the type that too lazy mostly don't have time touch up /reapplying whenever i go out.A long lasting foundation would be perfect for me.
1.The soft texture gives natural matte finish.It's absorb 
well through my skin without clumping and cakey
2.Last longer than i expected.One day i got very busy shcedule from
 day till night and it was raining too.i was too busy to reapplying 
 but when i check,Glad to find that it still nice and stays!
3.No specific fragrance
1.Cause my skin a little bit dry and flaky
2.Skin kinda itchy and irritated after some first usage
well it's weird i don't know why but after sometimes i don't feel really itchy anymore
3.Medium coverage.It can't really cover redness,blemishes or pimples
Laneige Forever Definite Foundation may suit for you who loves practical and natural bare make up look.It's more likely a casual-day foundation powder since it's not highly pigmented.Although it's named 'foundation' ,do notice that you still need primer/liquid foundation before apply for more good coverage.But yeah even after that,I'm still not satisfied enough with the coverage level.It cannot really cover my dark circle and tired face :(
RATE  4/5
Repurchase?..Maybe not.
It's nice tho but I still wanted to try another foundation powder with high 
coverage.Even better one that can give glowing result.
Any suggestion in mind,guys? Kindly comment below !

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14 komentar

  1. which look great and very interesting =)


  2. I don't use any face makeup such as foundation and powders, but this product sounds promising :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. actually this is a foundation in form of powder.See,you can try this if you love practical make up to save time :)

  3. looks like a great foundation! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. I've never tried Laneige! I am convinced they are very great since my mum loved using these kinda compact kinds ^_^
    This would be very natural on the face though! very nice review <3 <3
    thank you for dropping by my blog, Ann!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu . beauty . fashion . life . blog

    1. I think despite considered as high end brand ,laneige is considered inexpensive and the quality too, is pretty nice as for korean make up brand. tho,i'm just not really into it .

  5. Not a good sign if your skin itches :( might be an allergic reaction to some ingredients in there!
    Check out their BB cushions - I heard great things about them for dewy finishes!

    1. ikr.. :( now idk what to do with the amount left since i only use these past month..
      will definitely check,maybe it will turn nice on me :)

  6. aw great review. too bad it cant cover the blemishes, I really need it covered. Anyways, wanna follow each other in bloglovin? lemme know dear :)

    Dice, Wildest Heart

    1. yah..if only it could do better and not itchy..i will stick with this brand for sure !

  7. Oh my goodness, I need this in my life!

    Have you tried Laneige's BB Cushion yet? It's one of my current faves. =))

  8. OMG looks amazing gotta try it xx