review too faced forbidden fruitcake eyeshadow palette
Last Christmas, Too Faced released 2 bite-sized eyeshadow palette that looks on par with each other  :
Christmas Coffee & Forbidden Fruitcake. I was actually looking for a simple eyeshadow palette before came across with these two. Ended up with the latter one instead. Packaging wise, Christmas Coffee is definitely way much cuter therefore outshined  Forbidden Fruitcake.  It's somehow cruel to read many reviews said the packaging look kind of gross despite the name and I have to agree somehow that it's not visually attractive especially at first sight. But just like book, you don't judge by it's cover ,right? Moreover, the design team themselves likely aware of this issue in the first place. No wonder they specifically put stamp "nobody loafs me" on the front box. Perhaps it's a part of empathy marketing strategy, no?  For now, let's take a look more of it.
then $27.00 now $14.00
Paraben Free 
 Bulk made in USA assembled in Dominican Republic
swatches too faced forbidden fruitcake eyeshadow
It consists of 8 shades - 4 mattes, 4 shimmers. I just love the combination between rum for the hills, nobody loafs me, hatters gonna cake  are super wearable for everyday use . It creates a casual eye look yet still bold. While Frosty Buns, Candied Pineapple ,Cherry, and Forbidden Fruitcake  are actually softer than it looks when applied  ,visible enough without being too flashy.
left to right as order .Forbidden Fruitcake ---- Wanna Piece of Me
On texture side, it's pretty decent with  minimal fall out. Pigmentation level is 8/10 It's blends well both using fingertips or a brush. and Not chalky which impressed me , unlike the old Chocolate Chips palette that I reviewed before .I gotta admit for such price and compact size ,it makes a good deal and can be perfect present for someone who seek an all -in starter palette that has value for money.
too faced forbidden fruitcake eyeshadow
So yeah, that's sum up my quick impression on this palette. Love it or leave it? All depends on what you seek in eyeshadow palette , a mere packaging visual or versatility. But as for me, the latter one wins :)

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