review toofaced matte chocolate chip eyeshadow
I always wanted to own an eye shadow palette from this brand, Too Faced since I've read too many good reviews both on blog and video, especially the chocolate bar series. I was juggling between the chocolate bar or chocolate bons-bons yet i gave up because that it contains shimmery colors  which is not so-me , a matte junkie.How good is that if all of them were matte..? i was thinking like that to myself and wow ,like suddenly, they really made my wish comes true! Here's the recent all matte palette and still, inspired by original chocolate bar palette ; Too Faced Chocolate Chip Bar Matte Eye Shadow
toofaced matte chocolate chip eyeshadow
 TOO FACED Chocolate Chip Bar Matte Eyeshadow
original price : around USD 26
Where to get : TooFaced US site 
It's kind of hard get this item in Indonesia.luckily, with help from a local online shop  , they can pre ordered this palette for me all the from US.The downside is only about price. It's more expensive due to shipping fees ,etc ( around IDR 500k ) But I'm happy to get this item handy like finally, so that I can kill my curiosity lol.
review toofaced matte chocolate chip eye shadow swatch
 cruelty free ingredients
 review toofaced eye shadow
really love the design
tho it's just so small, just like the size of my palm hand,it's absolutely travel friendly
review toofaced matte chocolate chip
Same with any chocolate bar series ,Too Faced Chocolate Chip Bar Matte contains real infused cocoa powder that's why the smell is just like a real chocolate.
swatch toofaced matte chocolate chip eye shadow
Inside, there's 11 matte colors in warm tones,And just by looking at it, I can mix match each other into different looks already. My fave shades is matte marzipan , which is mix of peach - dusty pink , along with matte cherry cordial ,simply because it's the most pigmented among all.
new too faced eye shadow review mini chocolate bar matte
too faced chocollate chip bar matte swatches/></div><div class=taken after using eye primer , sorry i can't capture white chocolate and matte champagne truffle because the color payoff are too low even after eye base / primer *__*
I actually wanna give 4.5 out of 5 ,considering the concept,packaging, and design ..Yet, after all it's back to the quality,right? I just drop the rating to 3.5 out of 5. The pigmentation is very sheer if you don't use primer,and  i hate the fact that it's quite dry and patchy..Shades like strawberry bon bon and matte champagne truffle are strangely too powdery than the others *sigh* .Fall Out level is just so - so while i was expecting it to be zero.I guess i'm putting too much hope on this palette just bc of the brand and appearance while forgetting all about user experience.Yet, I can't say it's not worth to buy. I guess it still work for you who want to play and explore with matte colors without looking too bold,moreover,i guess it's kind of hard to create total smokey eye look just by using this palette. However,for all matte lovers, how can you not get 11 in 1 in such price?in the end, that reason is what makes me less dissapointed. 

[What do you think about Too Faced Chocolate Chip Bar Matte Palette ? ]

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