Review : Liese Prettia Hair Color Provence Rose プロヴァンスロゼ

review liese provence rose
It's been a while for me , writing review about hair color. The latest one is Liese Jewel Pink (read here) in December 2016 and so far, I been using it for more than 3 times and couldn't find any better color .Earlier this year, Liese Japan just dropped some new color and i could't be more than happy to try. Because i'm in mood of into brown color and reddish shades, my choice goes with Provence Rose.
review hair colour Liese prettia provence rose
 Made in Japan 
 ✿ Website : Liese Japan
✿ Price :  around ¥ 693 
 ---Where to Buy---
 Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Yesstyle 
✿ In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan / SASA ✿
Provence Rose is considered as the lightest color in warm brown category. Even though it still has a hint of red tint, it's more into brown color. Unlike my previous goal,this time, I didn't expect to go with vibrant color like orange or red because I want to naturally darken it and perhaps,it's my last hair color too before actually back to my natural black hair (It's already 5 years for me, coloring my hair non-stop,lol), besides,as much as I know, darker color will make you look slight classy,
liese provence rose review
Solution 1 & Solution 2
A pair of Gloves
Instruction Sheet
 A sachet of rinse off treatment
review provence rose liese
Hair Color Chart - Provence Rose Is slight brighter than cassis berry and irish brown.

HOW TO USE ? -- Watch THIS VIDEO below

Some FAQ about Bubble Hair Color 

* Coloring your hair for the first time ? Dont worry about it will turn too bright
because as long as you don't do bleaching, it wont actually appear 100% exact like on
the box . 
* Color Result ? It might be different on each person, considering each hair's condition whether virgin/ colored hair , thick/thin, hair lenght ,etc.
* Confuse about What Hair Color suits you best ? Try Liese Color Advice  here

liese provence rose result
Rate :  4/ 5
Yay ,My hair turns into warm brown as I expected, the yellowish shades have gone and Im happy it changes into a bit of red shades instead. The other good side is hair is getting smoother , plus it smells soo good too, maybe because of the rinse off treatment. The only down side is,it causes hair loss...( i can see it alrd after shampooing) :( perhaps it's a signal that I should end my hair color journey. If you experience the same thing with hair color, try using hair loss treatment and not shampooing your hair too often in order the color to stay longer too.

Read about my hair bubble experience with  different brand : 

- ps : this is a non sponsored post, review is based on honest thoughts and experience of mine -

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  1. This is such a pretty colour! Definitely just gives your hair that extra warmth!
    I love using foam dyes as I feel they tend to give a nice natural finish in the end, but I've only used a palty one and some Western ones, but Liese