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review H&M make up line
Just came back from SG and I couldn't help but bought myself these beauties. I never knew H&M had their own makeup line until I went to H&M ion orchard  (well, practically because it hasn't distributed yet in H&M Surabaya) 

Packaging - wise, it's wrapped with simple minimalist design . using monochrome as main color, it speaks about being basic yet elegant at the same time. Got myself 4 items in total, which is a primer, blush , eyeshadow and lipstick, all nothing more expensive than SGD20 only !
review H&M make up radiant face primer
H&M Radiant Face Primer
Luminous Glow
 made in Italy
Price : SGD 19.95
review H&Mcream lip colour
H&M Cream Lipstick
 made in Italy
Price : SGD 17.95

review H&M impact eye colour
H&M Infinite Impact Eye Color
Peach Life
 made in Italy
Price : SGD 9.95
review H&M powder blusher
H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blusher
Pink Peach
 made in Italy
Price : SGD 14.90

h&m beauty tried before after
H&M Make up tried , Before - After
What I like the most between these 4 items is the H&M Infinite Impact Eye Shadow , The colour payoff is so so super good, it almost like a high end brand ,not merely a drugstore product.Peach Life, is the color of glittery pink with minimal fall out, so glamorous, pigmented with just one finger swipe.

As for the Radiant Face Primer, I like the smell and how it kinda hydrating my skin, making it much glowing. On lazy days, I like to only wear it only along with concealer, without putting any BB//Foundation and I'm ready to go.

Elan is a bare nude H&M Cream Lip Colour. As much like at its name, it has creamy-satin finish, yet somehow even after some minutes, still creamy ...which , I don't really prefer because it,tends to stains on teeth..

At last,Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Pink Peach. such a nice color but unfortunately it doesn't really show unless you put multiple layers. But this one is still ok for those who want to achieve that makeup -no makeup look.

In the end, I'm quite satisfied with H& Make Up. 7.8/10 ! it's a definite good deals ,especially for beginner.Ever watch about those  'Under ..$ Makeup Look' / ' On budget Makeup Tutorials' on Youtube? Well, you can  always recreate that with H&M make up  :)

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2 komentar

  1. Suka sama packaging blush on-nya deh walau warnanya tidak begitu keluar ya.

    1. Sama...harus berlayer2 tapi hasilnya cantik kok :)