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<div class=Are you planning to travel around TOKYO all by yourself but stuck at the itinerary things ? Believe me, I know that feeling. I thought as soon as I secured by flight booking everything will become easy yet fact says, it's not. I only realized later that my days will be so precious, I want to spend it wisely in my budget. I used to ask this to myself before leaving.."Is it possible to explore all the gems' of Tokyo with limited budget ?" And apparently, I can answer without  a doubt : "Yeap,as you wish , IT IS!"

Budget Travel Guide Book
Author : Matthew Baxter
Print Length : 216 pages
available in paperback & e-book with kindle reader
Download Sample Chapter : here

Super Cheap Tokyo book is the reason why I can rest assured that it's so easy to travel around Tokyo - Kanto area without ripping off my pocket. This book is a mini ultimate guide for whoever want to explore TOKYO inside out, it provides details of the season,transportation, best recommended places to go for free, cheap and tax free shopping areas, and even the anti mainstream places.

I used to call google as one and only source when it comes to making itinerary by myself, but I often get confused about managing my own priorities. But since I got this book, I never have to google all over again. One of reason why : this book is so detailed ! It even provides what are the best - cheap suggested restaurants around each area ( example : Shinjuku, Harajuku,etc)  I find it as plus point because as a Foreigner who can't read Japanese, it kinda difficult finding places to eat at one time,lol.

Not just Tokyo, You can also gain more information about travelling outside of the city like Nikko, Kamakura, etc. All ,written in direct and easy to understand language. I guess it's because the writer himself has been a local in Japan for such period time, that's why It's safe to say that this book can be trusted, like your own best friend :)

Interested to know more about Super Cheap Tokyo? visit their site here

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