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After procrastinating to be active on blog for some time.. Here's continuation of Tokyo's Hidden Gems, part #2 ( read part 1 here) ! This post also marks exact a year already since i've been into this amazing place, Jiyugaoka. You probably hardly hear about this place in tour &  travel itinerary, I know..Yet, keep continue to read so that you know it's never a waste  because this District, is where you can experience the different feels of Japan. A little Europe of Tokyo :) 
tokyo hidden gems jiyugaoka
Jiyugaoka Station
(use Hyperdia for an easy train direction from your area)
Located not far from Meguro ward, Jiyugaoka has been stealing local and tourist heart with its charm of being mix of trendy commercial and residential district with a touch of Europe. I strongly agree for the Europe part because ever since I arrived at the Jiyugaoka station,and walk towards the district, Feels like transported in different country already, Not Japan.(Well , I mean, it is still Japan ^_^ because Japanese passerby here and there plus all signages still written in Japanese ,lol, )But what i mean is the strong vibes. It's not the same with the usual Japanese vibes you feel in mainstream district like Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc. 
tokyo jiyugaoka travel review
An antique car , hippie vintage craft stores,open air cafe,is just some of the charms that Jiyougaoka has to offer to me as a first-timer visitor there.
where to visit in Tokyo street shopping
tokyo hidden gems
Bunch of beautiful flowers grows in the pedestrian sidewalk of Jiyugaoka. I cannot, not love this neighborhood 💕
la vita jiyugaoka tokyo
And probably why Jiyugaoka is worth to be called as little Europe is because of this area, La Vita . (Direction click here). La Vita is a 'piazza/ complex' of little VENICE area in Jiyugaoka. All one with building architecture, bridges, gondola rides, mini canal all with touch of Venetian Style. 

Honestly,it was kinda hard to reach this place and when i asked some Japanese local, store owners around , they didn't know where is La Vita located 0_0 ! After struggling for some time,asking for direction here and there..A kind and young Japanese shop staff showed me the way .Turns out , Japanese youngster are more familiar with this place, older people even hardly about the name of La Vita .I realized too ,that a having map is truly help. So people, I suggest you to open up your google map first and then maybe you can ask some youngster to assist you about the further direction
tokyo la vita jiyugaoka
This lovely Venice complex is filled with pretty spots that your camera surely wouldn't want to miss to take OOTD picture with and it's proven already..When the sun goes down, it filled with couples, group of ladies, teenagers bringing their phone , professional camera, posing here and there .So ready to fill their instagram with beautiful OOTD pictures along with the Venice touch of La Vita .
jiyugaoka how to get there
Aside for that aesthetically pleasing purpose, La Vita is also surrounded by chic shop, reflexology center, salon and even pet cafe (that one yellow building with clock tower)
tokyo travel explore hidden gems
At the end, i admit that even though the journey to find La Vita is kind of exhausting, I truly enjoy spent my day in lovely district of Jiyugaoka .Even to just chill and enjoy the breeze.. Peaceful .

That's all for today's post !
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