EXPLORING YOKOHAMA IN A DAY : Minato Mirai & Red Brick Warehouse // 横浜 みなとみらい21

travel to YOKOHAMA in a day
What's so special about Yokohama? I asked this few time to myself before my last spring trip to Japan. Honestly i was kind of hesitated of visiting this neighbor city of Tokyo, as one of my Japanese friend who's living there said there'll be not much to see. Yet, in matter of fact ,I have a day left to explore around beside Tokyo itself before going back to my hometown. I was wondering whether it is really worth to spend a day in this capital of Kanagawa prefecture or should I opt for another city.

Until..I realized ..hey,it's only costs around 300 yen for a one way by train from my current hotel at Omori,Tokyo to Yokohama ( just 1 station away) . There's nothing wrong to take a peek this port city, anyway. One thing for sure, here's where you can get some of western vibes in Japan and get some fresh air aside of hustle and bustle Tokyo and I'm glad for not miss the chance.
YOKOHAMA in a day
First things to do step out the train, I headed straight to MINATO MIRAI みなとみらい21 minato mirai nijuichii area. It's an urban ,central business district in heart of Yokohama.If you're a fans of Japanese dorama, you'll be familiar seeing some of the iconic buildings here.Let's get to know one by one :
travel to YOKOHAMA
This is the no.1 iconic tower in Yokohama with 296 m high . It is truly magnificent as the structure of the building shows. It is also known as tallest habitable building in Japan and also a place where you can enjoy  one stop shopping, fine dining,  attending events or even take beautiful pictures of city view on observatory deck.
intercontinental YOKOHAMA
Luxurious hotel with most unique shape like no other hotel here.. inspired by the white yatch under the sail,  representing Yokohama as the port city,that's why.
yokohama cup noodle museum
An educational museum for children to learn more about cup noodle in the making, history and even made your own cup noodle -diy. I'm not that into cup noodle that much so I decided to not going inside  therefore I can't say much about what's inside.
cosmoworld yokohama
ootd explore yokohama
Cosmoworld is an amusement park in the center of Yokohama and famous for its giant Ferris wheel with digital clock. I was planning to go inside and even ride the Ferris wheel yet because of the weather that day was kind of windy and rainy,I decided not to and just casually take a picture of it.I doubt i'll enjoy the ride if the rain suddenly strikes back lol.
travel to yokohama and shopping
world porters yokohama
This is the a place where I spend my times the most all day lol, a large shopping mall, haha ! World Porters is a well known place to get all the trendiest fashion in Yokohama and shop for some good stuff.  I had my lunch here at the food court where serves many delicious Japanese, Italian and even Korean cuisine with such reasonable price.
yokohama trip
Outside the shopping mall, there's a park and promenade connecting to cosmoworld and yokohama landmark tower. Here's also a best spot to take a minatomirai as background as i didn't have too walk to far too much to get the whole picture. It is also refreshing to take some rest at this park and just enjoy the beautiful view.

Moving on from World Porters,with the help from some locals, I made a visit to another famous building in Yokohama that is just few minutes away walking. It is called Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. My tips, if you ask for some local help :  always bring a map or at least show a google map in japanese , never ask in english because they are never know where it is although it's very near lol. They don't understand what is red brick warehouse but they know it when i said aka-renga soko 😁
explore yokohama city minato mirai
Once was a government bonded warehouse during Meiji and Taisho era, Now is a place where you can shop for some Yokohama artisan goods ,distinctive local souvenirs, and even enjoy dining at cafe / restaurant.
inside red brick warehouse yokohama
the floor map design is 💗
yokohama redbrick warehouse
red brick warehouse
I'm beyond amazed too see such unique items here. These cushion  is almost look like a real wood lol and i don't think i could find it elsewhere but here.
横浜赤レンガ倉庫 japan
Literally lost in translation... You gotta taste the anti-mainstream,feels of usual Japan here 👍👍👍
traveling to yokohama japan
Till next time, Red Brick Ware House

In the end of the day, I was grateful enough to finally step out of Tokyo and made a visit of Yokohama . Both city have its own charms but If I have to pick , Yokohama is a place for where you can take a leisurely stroll.Having quiet neighborhood, it's a more preferable city to live in rather than busy and complex Tokyo. In a short, I choose Yokohama for weekdays and Tokyo for weekend 😊

I will blog more and maybe make a video of my recent Japan 2017 Trip soon <3

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