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Shopping and Online browsing are my favorites things to do,same just like any other millennials.And when these two combined as one ; online shopping, we tend to compare each online store to get best-est deals. It's so normal..who doesn't love to get great item with low prices, right? There's this one amazing site that I particularly like lately when it comes about cheap online shopping that i'd like you to know .. It's TOSAVE.COM
tosavecom review
Tosave.Com is basically all in one stop to get wide range of products from fashion, jewelry,shoes,bags,phone accessories, electronics till pet supplies in such best price. I'm glad to know that the site already has currency,language and shipping country converter so that it makes the shopping procedure easier. I choosed 5 items in total and used China Post as the carrier service. It took around a month till I received the package in front of my doorstep and honestly I really like the fact that my items are precisely the same as like the website from quality , details ,colors and so on.Here's more about my ToSave haul :
tosave shopping review
First item, Leaf Teardrop Necklace , only USD $ 0,56. Incrediblyy cheapp 😍
tosave shopping experience
Second item,Gothic Black 3 Layer Clover ,only USD $ 0,56
tosave haul
Third item,Summer Lace Dress , USD $ 4,97 perfect for lazy summer kind of day and effortless look
tosave haul
Fourth item,10 pairs of  Super Nature Taiwan Lashes , USD $1,33 . I ever tried this type of taiwan brand lashes lashes and pretty like it. The result is natural and the quality is as good as any Japanese drugstore lashes!
tosave haul review
And last,a cute Warm Coat with Hoodie , USD $ 7,82. It's so fit for my smooth coat chihuahua to keep itself warm especially at night . The coat can pull 2 different -style looks.Which is inner and outer can be wear reversely.My chi look stylish with its new jacket,lol.

[ What's your favorite pick when it comes about cheap online shopping? ]

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