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Hi All, continuing day 4 of my 2016 Tokyo Trip ; Ikebukuro district full day tour ! IMHO ,I was expecting there's much to see here but it's not except shopping mall and stores.Tho,Ikebukuro is more likely less popular shopping district rather than the big 3 ;Harajuku; Shibuya;Shinjuku in Yamanote Line and the farthest o ne.Why I decided to go here is probably because i've hear it many times from manga like GALS ! that this district worth to visit.Many says, Ikebukuro is most favorited place by female anime otaku /manga fans than Akihabara. 
ikebukuro shopping japan
It was drizzling when we arrived there and there was BGM playing classical instrumental song around the streets...very calming and enjoyable as we walking around here and there..
ikebukuro milkyway japan
Spotted a star- themed cafe ; Milky Way ,best known for its ice cream and dessert
ikebukuro sunshine city japan
Sunshine City サンシャインシティbiggest building in this area including shopping mall,observation deck , aquarium, planetarium ,hotel ,pokemon mega center and many more.It's only about 8 mins walking from Ikebukuro Station, and 3 minutes  away from Higashi Ikebukuro station. If you do mind about time ,  opt for latest station.
sunshine city tokyo
There was a Dragon Ball Z event held in J -World( indoor anime theme park) but since I am not that into anime and manga, I decided to skip and talk much about it lol
namco namjatown theme park indoor ikebukuro sunshine city
Another anime indoor theme park, yet this one is for kids ; Namco Namja Town.Just casually taking pics because the mascot is kind of cute lol
ikebukuro where to shop
There's also game area full of UFO Catcher machine ,you can try for some fun and luck here!
samantha vega ikebukuro
For Shopping, since there's pretty much wide range of choice.You can shop at Dept stores like ALTA or any other Japanese local branded fashion stores. As highlight of the day, I treat myself with a bag from my fave brand : samantha thavasa chouette brand limited edition 😁 It's the only nearest Samantha & Chouette Gallery that I can find, glad they were having special promo too that time!

That's all about my 4th day. To be continued day 5; last day
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