harajuku takeshita dori and omotesando tokyo travel experience
Hi Guys, continuing my blog post series about last year Japan Trip. Here's the 3rd day ! Spent my days at two of the most touristy , fashionable districts in whole Japan, Harajuku  原宿 竹下通り and Omotesando  表参道 Please bear with tons of pictures bc i can't keep myself stop from snapping photos. too much quirkiness and unique things blend into one culture here. Let's start ! 

takeshita street harajuku shopping experience
Takeshita Dori Street // 竹下通り
Shop for the most Stylist Street Fashion
must check : Wonder Rocket , Alta, Wego,Liz Lisa,Daiso, Purikura, Crepes
So this narrow yet always crowded street is one of the must visit checklist while you are in Tokyo. Located not far from Harajuku Station,you can always ask everyone there where is the exit to takeshita street and oh of course ,you can always look up for the symbolic kawaii entrance. The street is always full of youngster  ; particularly teenagers.Brace for crowd especially during weekend.
harajuku tokyo travel experience
harajuku takeshita dori store
Trend Alert : Casual street style meet pastel color
harajuku takeshita dori cute kawaii culture
kawaii harajuku
ALTA : departement store provide all the cutesy ,
girly things from snacks, stationery till fashion
harajuku purikura culture kawaii in japan
these bunch of japanese shcool girl using their time right to fix makeup and hair , rly appreciate their effort even just for the sake of purikura photo !
Purikura Photo
Finally found a place for proper purikura here lol. Some machines and purikura shops in Shibuya were closed down and I can't find any so lucky me this one is located  right after the takeshita dori entrance , second shops on the left side . It is called EGGNAM and you can take purikura on level B1 How to Play ?
1. Pick whatever machines that you want to take photo at . All is in different style and templates ,yet you can each examples of on the machines itself 
2. Buy some coins ! 1 play costs 400 yen aka 4 coins. Coins can be purchased on the cashier inside.
3.Take some props like eccentric hat,mask, wand, plushies and even outfits for FREE with you to get inside the machine box. But before you insert the coins, make sure to plan about the pose because once you get photographed, you can't re-do it, Otherwise, just take another new purikura lol 😃
japanese purikura
my first purikura !! YAY

Continuing my days by eat the most 
common dessert to eat while in Harajuku...

harajuku crepes
Santa Monica Crepes
 such a yummy , soft crepes 😍 From just 430 to 520 yen, 
choose or mix match any toppings by yourself
harajuku yume tokyo
Take picture (of /with) Cosplayer of Harajuku
harajuku cosplay style unique
When i look at them all I can think is here is the place where you can express the most craziest part of yourself in fashion.It is where normal called boring and being different is most welcomed. Welcome to the real Harajuku fashion 😍
harajuku travel blogger
This girl is happily dancing for a music video shot. literally on the street and apparently, no one find that's weird. Things  is definitely something that i can't find everyday in my city , express yourself to the fullest ! This sums up why I do fall deep in love with Harajuku already!
harajuku concert japanese boyband
Expect a  Live Pop -Up concert somewhere / meet your idol
Well, this cute boyband just performing and although i didn't know their name, I like the fact that Japanese fans are so well behaved when they meet their idol.Not making any impolite action and noise,  just showing their pure appreciation and full support by clapping hands and dancing around together 

Ps/ I like that guy in silver hair bests 😍. Do any of you know this boyband, perhaps? 

harajuku moshi moshi box
Photo Stop : Harajuku Moshi Moshi Box
Out from takeshita dori ,with only 3 minutes walk you can find this landmark of harajuku that happen to be seen everywhere in TV report. Any of you who are loyal viewer of Kawaii Asia // japanese culture tv must know how much important is to snap picture here !
harajuku laforet shopping center
Shopping : LAFORET Dept Store
Laforet is like 109 of Harajuku. Huge fashion department store have a different range of fashion styles ,from otona kawaii - boyish - street - mode ,you name it. 
harajukuline store japan cute
LINE Friends Store
My first visit to LINE friend store ! Taking pic with my most fave character, Leonard the green boy !

tokyu plaza omotesando shopping
Tokyu Plaza Harajuku - Omotesando
Omotesando area is just across from the end of Harajuku takeshita street , maybe around 10 minutes walk .When you're on Omotesando area, you can see this huge crystal building called Tokyu Plaza. 
Really adore the entrance ! This Plaza kind of have ION Orchad SG feelings for me.
jill stuart omotesando japan store
Such a gorgeous display of Jill stuart beauty store in tokyu plaza
omotesando travel blog
Omotesando Hills // 表参道ヒルズ,
Omotesando Hills is a prestigous,well known shopping complex in Omotesando area. If you are searching for luxurious brands like Jimmy Choo , Bottega Veneta, Balmain and some others Japanese High End fashion label,this place is the right answer. However, the lighting inside is too dim in my opinion, yet maybe they aim for more convenient shopping experience, However, it's a bit uncomfortable for me.

In the end, comparing these two district ; Harajuku and Omotesando,I'm feeling like drawn into Harajuku more because of its one and only kawaii culture.While Omotesando ,being as the more-grown up , high class area is just like any regular shopping street..Even more, it has a feeling of Singapore's Orchard Road, well at least for me 😆
what to wear in harajuku tokyo japan travel ootd
That's all about my 3rd day. To be continued day 3
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Ps: Don't hesitate to reach me privately or comment bellow if you wanna ask about traveling in Japan

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  1. whoa you went to harajuku? that must have been amazing! I always dream of going there, but when i think about it, there are so many cute things there that i would probably collapse haha!

    that boy group looks like Da-iCE, since one of the members has red hair, but there are only 4 members in the photo, and Da-iCE have 5 members lol. They look pretty cool though~

    Great post! x

    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. i was literally dizzy after 1 and half hour wandering around Harajuku lol
      too much people and cant even decide what to shop because i wanna take everything home hahaha
      I wasn't into J-music so that's probably why I am so outdated about J-boyband. But thanks for telling me anyway, i'm gonna dig more about them now :)

  2. Reading your post makes me really miss Tokyo! Great pictures, by the way :)