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On the second day of my 2016 Tokyo Trip, I got chance to visit 2 touristy destination, which is Odaiba and then Ueno 😆 Because it was Saturday plus I was in the mood of leisurely sightseeing, chilling at Odaiba  お台場  in the morning till noon would be perfect.
odaiba one day travel tokyo
To get there, I just follow my personal subway assistant a.k.a Hyperdia as usual. It takes about 25 mins by train From Shinagawa to Daiba Station via Yurikamome line ( not Odaiba station which is located farther from some attractions) and it was my most memorable on -train experience ever! Why? because I can see the famous rainbow bridge already from window! Arriving there, I was greeted by this famous building ...
fuji tv odaiba travel
Fuji TV Headquarters
Many famous J-dramas like Rich Man Poor Woman, 1 Litre of Tears , Hana Kimi, From 5 to 9 are produced by this TV station .It's one of the landmark at Odaiba because of its giant floating ball.
odaiba Japan stroll
Pedestrian zone is so spacious, It feels good to take a leisure walk with your loved ones and just enjoy the breeze, We can see Daikanransha Palette Town Ferris Wheel 大観覧車,Aqua City, and obviously it makes a beautiful ,dreamy instagrammable landscape pics too.
divercity odaiba tokyo japan axes femme store shopping
mirror selfie inside Axes Femme Diver City

For Shopping , I personally recommend the biggest mall among this area ,
 DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
gundam statue diver city japan
because it is where The one and only Giant Gundam Statue all across the world located
tokyo must visit
Ultra Magnificent. Somehow I feel like this robot is about to walk over us lol
concert tokyo girls odaiba
Beside the statue, There's a open concert area, and around 4pm there was a girls group  performing. Idk what is the band name but suddenly the crowd went crazy so I just butt in to see what's happen and we were prohibited to take any picture, so this is the only picture I took secretly back then
rainbow bridge odaiba japan
From Diver City, Traced back to the Fuji TV Headquarter area ,there's where Rainbow Bridge and Liberty Statue located. The Scenery is such SuperB !!
rainbow bridge in odaiba travel japan
rainbow bridge liberty tokyo japan travel
  For a while It's feels like NYC ,not Japan 😁

Ps : If you watch Itakiss Love In Tokyo ,You'll know there are some scenes taken here lol
shopping in ueno ameyoko
Saying bye-bye to Odaiba and moving on to Ueno, There's this hidden cheap shopping street gems area that not so much people know called Ameyoko / ameya yokocho アメ横
ameyayokocho shopping cheap
You can find tasty dried fruits,local street food, and anything cheap here .On top of that, some stores allow you to bargain which is kind of rare in Tokyo.See,cute sneakers as low as 990 yen 👍 Feel free to shop till you drop.
cheap stret shopping in ueno tokyo
That's all about my 2nd day. To be continued day 3
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