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Hello Guys ! Let's take a break from beauty - make up related topic and let me talk about everyone favorite topics ever ; FOOD ! Well, this topic actually it's not that contradicted with my blog niche since it's still related with Japan.Therefore ,still makes senses to put it here ,hehe :3 Without further do, let's check this one omiyage sweets that is nothing less than delicious, Little Chicken Hiyoko Cake.
also kwnown as Meika Hiyoko Sweets ひよこ饅頭
 ✿ Website :  Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo  
✿ Price :  ¥ 1000 per 9 pieces 
 ---Where to Buy---
✿ Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Nihon Yoruzuya  
✿ In Store : Tokyo TIAT Haneda Airport or

any local confectionery stores among Japan
Hiyoko little chicken cake is one of the well known Japanese traditional confectionery from Chikuho Iizuka city, Fukuoka prefecture. It's originally produced by a company named after its popularity, Hiyoko Honpo Yoshinodo whom the founder, Shigeru Ishizaka put so much love in creating unique sweets for people around the city.The idea comes from the demand from the city miner workers who demand more 'sweets' in order to fulfill their energy back. Shigeru then introduced this cute sweets that is appealing not just from its outer appearance but inside as well. More than 100 years since it's invented , Meika Hiyoko Cake gains love not just from Japanese people but foreigners too.
Meika Hiyoko Honpo Little Chicken Cake comes in two variant boxes. Regular box consist of 9 cakes and the bigger box contains 18 pieces.The price? ¥ 2000 for bigger box.Very consistent, lol. Every pieces worth the same XD
So Cuteeeee right? 
This Baby chicken has small eyes and tiny beak that makes it photogenic enough with hashtags #foodstagram #foodphotography :)
The outer skin texture is delicate yet study at the same time.Originally made from 'hiyoko flour' and honey that only hiyoko cakes has. The fillings inside has light yellowish color like an egg yolk and it actually it is, combined with bean paste that every egg lover will love.Once you eat the yellow filling , it's like you actually chew a perfect boiled egg yolks but more concentrated. Slightly sweet ! This little chicken cake will makes you fell full enough after eat one in a break time. 
Personally for me, it would made a perfect travel gift souvenir / omiyage from Japan and also ideal company for tea. Forget about Tokyo Banana in a while since it's already too mainstream. Instead, you can pick this baby chick cuties in box and have yourself an unforgettable unique tasting of  Japanese confectionery experience, ever :)

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