dejavu lasting fine eyeliner fiberwig mascara japan review
It's been a while for me talking about eye make up, but here I present to you my newest - Japanese eye-make kit that I got from Dejavu デジャヴ x Kawaii Beauty Japan. It is a set of  mascara and eyeliner,exclusively  packed in a box ,very represent the brand itself , Kawaii and Attractive.
Not really familiar with this brand before ? Well, good news is, you better get to know more right by NOW because, Dejavu just got fame and win in last year 2016 Japan cosme rank as best-est eyeliner and mascara brand !
dejavu japanese cosmetic review
Dejavu Fine Pencil Eyeliner & Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara 
Both of them looking pretty with sleek design,very Dejavu-ish
dejavu japan fine eyeliner fiberwig mascara japan review

made in Japan
original price : around ¥ 1200
Where to get : SOGO Dept Store Indonesia
dejavu lasting fine eyeliner japan review
Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner is a pencil type eyeliner that glides smoothly and help you create a natural,stable fine line just like what they promised. I usually like to use any type of pencil liner to draw my lower lash line so that I can control on the tint intensity , depends on my preferred eye-make style during the day,  be it simple or bold. This eyeliner is a smudge & waterproof type that can last-s up to 24hrs ,haven't try it yet that long but I like the fact that it is fast to dry and also easy to removes with warm water.
dejavu fiberwig mascara japan review
made in Japan
original price : around ¥ 1500
Where to get : SOGO Dept Store Indonesia
dejavu lmascara japan review
Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara is a smudge and waterproof mascara that lengthen your lash just like using falsies. If i should say, a very natural type of falsies. I also love to use it to enhance my lower lashes as it is clump free even I keep adding more layers.For upper lash line, well it is not that visible ,unless you use a lash curler before.Just like the eyeliner, it is also easy to remove with warm water.dejavu fiberwig mascara
Last, I do think these two worth the price and suitable for daily-look.Also, if you're new into eye make up , wanna learn how to create soft eye make up without looking too much, you can depend on this two as your basic tools.

Just few things to remember:
1. Do not store under direct sunlight
2. Concern on hygiene ,remember to always close the lid after usage
3. When using, do not twist the  eyeliner more than 1mm

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