a week in Tokyo travel experience
Hello ladies ! I almost forgot to post about this special travel experience . Why I call it special? So , maybe some of you already know, I have visited Japan back in 2015 with the help of tour company,and last year i came back to this amazing land of rising sun country BY MYSELF (with my sisters too) what I actually mean is, without joining tour and travel companion. We buy the ticket, book the hotel, plan the schedule and all by the help of internet and tips from some relatives.

Actually I can't believe that i can make it, I always wanted to explore the country especially Tokyo alone, as it on my 2016 wish list too and Thank God we made it happen last summer!
So the Tokyo bound start from May 26th till June 2nd.We arrived at Haneda from a long haul flight at 9 pm , and with the help of a friend, we made it to our hotel that located in Aomono Yokocho (the hotel has a room with 3 beds which is perfect for us). After checked in and unpacked  we call it a day because it is not possible stroll at  midnight.Jumping on the second day, where we wander around  Shibuya then  Shinjuku..
Always take  JR Hachiko exit, the only familiar exit that takes to Shibuya crossing and more
shibuya crossing japan shopping travel experience 
shops inside shibuya 109
Shibuya 109 always be my no.1 stop when it comes to Japanese fashion shopping.
 I love how they always catch up on current trends, and versatile
 ⋆ must check : Cecil Mcbee, Ingni, Emsexcite,Wego ⋆
samantha vega tokyo shibuya 109
Posing by my fave Japanese handbag brand , Samantha Vega 💓
ariana grande shibuya 109
Ariana Grande - Dangerous Women official store just open 😍
shibuya street shopping
After spending more than 3 hours inside 109, we moved to LOFT where all the cute stationery items available, PARCO ,H&M, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Donquijote and some local shops
shop around shibya in japan traveling

eating in shibuya restaurant
Then.. for lunch , I had a set of lunch ; Oyakodon and miso soup for only around 600 yen including free refill ocha tea for drink. I forgot the restaurant name tho ,but it's underground beside Superwan Petshop.
jr lumine 2 shinjuku
Continuing to Shinjuku area, We who already loaded with bunch of shopping bags felt tired already but yet we still continue so that our days wont be a waste lol. Took the Lumine 2 Exit and head to the street,
anz tulpe shinjuku
Ainz Tulpe,a cosmetic dept store , almost like bigger version of Matsumoto Kiyoshi
shinjuku shopping experience

going to shinjuku tokyo japan
It was my first time explore Shinjuku area,and unlike Shibuya, the area are much larger. where each shop is located kind of far to one and another, you might bit confused l (just ike me) . I suggest to just taking a casual stroll there , follow where are the crowd heading to . #TIP : always bring a MAP especially certain map area (Shinjuku Map), or at least download one before you know what certain shop you want to pay a visit in Shinjuku.At the end of the day, I just end my night at H&M  :D 

If you curious which area i would prefer, Still ,it's Shibuya for me to shopping and Shinjuku for eating and killing times.I will talk more about part 2 on the upcoming post. Stay tune!

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Ps: Don't hesitate to reach me privately or comment bellow if you wanna ask about traveling in Japan

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