february beauty make up skincare favorites
Hello ! Time for another monthly faves, like what I said on last month post, I try to be content on posting favorites once a month. As for myself,It's a part of learning to be more organized and grateful more.For you as reader, maybe you can get some insight about what made me decided to buy certain items plus telling you quick review about my newest- recommended picks. Let's start, February 2017 Favorites πŸ’–
the faceshop real nature face mask haul
πŸ’™ The FaceShop Real Nature Facial Mask  πŸ’™
For more than 2 years, I've been using facial mask regularly from different brands (both Japanese and Korean) and so far, my favorites is from The FaceShop. Any kind of their mask successfully  revitalize my skin.These two are absolutely budget friendly too.On top of that, these two is formulated without added parabens.
toofaced matte eyeshadow haul
πŸ’™ Too Faced Chocolate Chip Bar Matte Edition  πŸ’™
My heart was literally scream when Too Faced released this limited mini edition of Chocolate Bar Eye shadow Palette. I planned to buy Too Faced Bons Bons but I kinda hesitated to throw lot's of bucks over a product that I'm not really familiar with.At least, with this Mini Version ,I can test whether I'll invest on their normal size eye shadow bar or not.And now,my answer is... Yes! I'll write about full review and swatches soon,maybe next month πŸ˜‰
teh faceshop haul cc cushion ultra moist review
πŸ’™ The FaceShop CC ULtra Moist Cushion V201  πŸ’™
My first CC Cushion, I bought the refill tho because I still can use my old OCWC case and it comes with a cushion puff too..I liked it better than the OCWC because it literally has a smooth natural glowing finish that can last for day with medium coverage!
fkate tokyo japan foundation concealer best haul
πŸ’™ Kate Tokyo Powderless Liquid Foundation & Stick Concealer  πŸ’™
My fave Japanese liquid foundation all time, that's why I bought the stick concealer too and it works awesome ! I like how the concealer is a stick type just like a lipstick and not runny at all but creamy, if you feel like it's way too creamy just add some water on your brush and apply lightly in patting motion. Both are so light and economical too so it's perfect for travel ,make them easy to toss inside make up pouch.
flormor nail polish enamel in pink
πŸ’™ Flormar Nail Polish EnamelπŸ’™
Flormar just opened their first store in my city and I just grab one because why not, the price is reasonable and super pigmented and dry quickly too.I'm in the mood of pink especially a soft of barbie pink so this nail polish kinda boost my mood throughout this month of love !

last but not least,
 It's not beauty related tho, but it's one of the highlight of the month..
I just got a Chihuahua !
After debating myself for years to pet or not, I finally get this cutie apple head chihuahua πŸ˜πŸ’• say hello, her name is チワ // short term of 'chihuahua' because I can't think any and that name just pop out on my head when I see it wagging its tails at the first time meet.It's quite shy but so playful and loves snuggle, move a lot so kinda hard captured it directly looking at my camera, hahaha. 

[ What are your haul and faves this month ? ]

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