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Hii Sweet Ladies !
As you read from the title above, I'm gonna have my second Japan trip in 24 hours on wards ! Oh yeahh can't believe that I can go back to the best shopping heaven of the world , such amazing country of Japan! It's all by grace of God and of course thanks to Cathay Pacific for having a cheap fare round trip promo :'))

I actually planned to go there by the end of March when sakura blooms at it bests but there was no ticket available.So yeah gotta go this late May ,summer time (again) lolol.Fate much? However, I guess it's okay since I already can predict what the weather be like and arrange my ootd rightly.

Speaking of OOTD,i also prepared some essentials on my make up pouch a.k.a important beauty to the rescue products during journey.Note that it's only instant products that i put on my carry on hand bag minus some basic in the suitcase like primer,sunblock ,etc just in case i have to touch up my make up during flight or else.So here's the list,just a few but really powerful to aim flawless make up all day long !
japanese makeup bag canmake
1.Make up Pouch by Canmake
I always love this convenient pouch because of the design and color is very feminine.The front side is transparent so it makes me easier to pick needed product.I bought this last 2014 along with some product as package.So I conclude this actually a freebies from Canmake.Read about when I get this product here 
travel essentials japan
2.Lucido-L Designing Air Hair Spray
I mostly style my hair with curler so this item is the no.1 item formula help me the most to keep the hairstyle stays nicely all without being sticky all day long.
3.The Faceshop Chia Seed Cleansing Foam
 Just bought this mini cleansing last week. I was looking for my regular Tony Moly facial foam in travel size but there's no stocks left so I'll just go with this one.The beauty advisor told me this product is really powerful to maintain dry skin.I reckon it will keep my skin hydrated ..Hope so.
4.The Faceshop Oil Control Water Cushion
 Usually while travel,every single hours is very precious .You woke up tired and want to do you makeup quickly after just because you don't wanna miss the day ,
don't you? Well this item will  help me to hack all those basic routine in minutes,perfectly its oil control capability,especially during hot summer !
japanese eyemake 2016 travel
5.The Faceshop Style My Eyebrow 
6.Kissme Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner
7.Creer Baute Sailor Mercury Miracle Romance
8.Momotani Tinker Wink Eye Bag Color Pen 
9.Majolica Majorca Cream Pencil Liner
All the magical sticks above really practical.I can always depend on them anytime especially the sailor mercury blue liner ,forget about eye shadows powder that need too much effort and time to apply.It's just too good to keep your eyes look awake during the day!
travel friendly makeup
10.Canmake Cream Cheek
 Cheek and Lips check in just minutes, in just one product. Ultra efficient.
11.Anna Sui La Nuit de Boheme Women Black Perfume
Just because bringing full size perfume is too risky,this tiny fragrance will keep my mood happy with its delightful yet mysteriously sensual oriental scent.

That's all about some beauty weapons inside my make up bag.I try very hard to minimize the luggage weight because when i get there , I will shop some make up too and will probably wear them immediately,So i hope there will be no extra baggage charge when i back.Hope this post help you who are planing to travel around soon too especially during summer time like me !

Ah..do you have any favorite  places to eat,shopping and stroll around  around Tokyo? Especially non mainstream places since I like to discover new places where's still not too much people know hehehe
I'm very open to hear about your recommendation and thoughts ,tho :3

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  1. lovely stuff!


  2. Great travel products! Have fun in Tokyo :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you, Lotte, tho it's just some simple beauty routine hehe :3

  3. awww so kawaiii XD
    everything is so cute ^^


    1. Hehehe must be because of the craftholic plushies right ?
      Thankss XD

  4. Ah everything look so pretty! I hope you have an amazing time in Japan, I'm super jealous!

    1. Thankyou lizzie hehe :3
      Sure you can make it to Japan too someday!

  5. some of these brands are familiar :) nice!