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Hello Month Of June, Hello Guys !
I just got back from Tokyo ,super tired after unpack baggage and hauls..*phew* But since I'm already online on this blog, let me first talk about recent hair coloring that i tried before my trip,it's a Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Wine Red.You guys who's loyal reader here must know that I mostly stick to red color shades for my hair.Particularly because i think red color suit my skin tone the most.

You can read about my past hair bubble experience with  different brands here : 
Anyway, back to Etude House Hot Style Hair Coloring , tried their  'sweet orange ' last year and am pretty impressed with it so I decided to give it second try !
etude wine red
Price :  around IDR 112.000,-
Place : Etude House official store
Buy Online,Shipped Worldwide : Etude House Global Site
color chart etude
Actually I wanted to try RD05 Cherry Brown which is newest color series(and more vibrant,maybe?) but the Etude shop assistant said it was out of the stock. So I go with plan B,grabbed RD06 Wine Red . Hoping, next time i can try the Cherry Brown color.
etude hair color
The backside of the box. Description all in Korean. Can't understand a thing -__-
etude red wine review
Side Box. English Description like finally :D
how to bubble hair
and even better... Indonesian translation 
korean hair bubble

Here's what inside the box :

korean hair dye
semir etude review
1. Instruction booklet
Not really helping.. simply because it's all in Korean,lol. But I'm saved by reading the English and Indonesian translation that enclosed on the box.
etude rd 06
2. Pair of gloves
3. Plastic to cover your clothes from any stains
etude hot style rd 06
4. Sachet of Solution 1
5. Bottle of Solution 2
6.Silky Perfumed Hair Treatment ( require after shampooing)

How To Do ?
Simply follow the steps in the instrcution box or you can follow  my detailed to-do procedure and tips post here : Etude House Hair Bubble To-do
before after etude red wine
Before - Colored with Blaune Pink Brown for about 5 months already)
After - Etude House RD 06 Wine Red

etude wine red
More Vibrant than i expected.It became reddish brown than wine red i guess?
Instant vibrant red result *clap clap*
Affordable and Easy to get in almost Etude House Store
No strong ammonia smell
Too bad, it fades quickly into brown with a little hint of red in just two weeks
Stains too much ! Happen even after 6 times wash 
Drying !!
Well,Etude Hair Bubble never fails me when it comes with the color result unlike other bubble hair coloring that I tried before. But this time, I get to admit that I like their Sweet Orange edition (that last longer) rather this Wine Red ,better.Scary isn't it,whenever i go shampooing for the first two weeks, the color fades and stains even at my towels...Color also slowly became into brown rather than red but it's tolerable because it's still pretty vibrant and my dark roots is not that visible.

Before coloring, i already predict by  experience that my hair gotta be drying than before so I prepared  pack of hair mask and special coloring shampoo ,treatment and treat my hair with them regularly to minimize the dryness after color effect.After all, it's only this way to keep your own DIY bubble coloring hair healthy.

Noted that the color result may be different on each of you.The color can be slight darker or brighter depends on how much your hair coloring experience, hair condition and hair length. 
RATE  4/5
Will i try Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring again? Maybe..Yes ? But i will look after my hair condition first whether it will be okay to color them or not coz it's just too drying *sigh*

[What do you think Of Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring Wine Red ?]

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6 komentar

  1. Thank you~ I was wondering how does it work like! Their color shades are beautiful ♥ and also wine red suits you very well.

    Have a nice day ^^



    1. Yeah but if youre new to etude hair bubble i suggest to try the sweet orange which is much better than this red wine color :D

  2. sangat praktis ya coloring hair hanya cukup seperti keramas... sudah lama sebenarnya lirik ini cuma masih ragu karna sebelumnya aku pake merk loreal hasilnya di rambutt jadi belang belang hihihi dan malu kalau pas di foto

    1. Hi ravita! Sebelumnya aku juga pernah coba loreal ,menurutku etude ini lebih bagus sih secara pilihan warnanya lebih banyak dan hasilnya masuk banget.untuk problem belang enggaknya aku rasa hampir semua DIY hair dye ada kemungkinannya hehe mungkin di foto ngga terlalu kliatan tapi etude ini juga agak belang lho karena faktor warna rambutku yg emang ngga rata sebelumnya (dark roots udah tumbuh banyak,hihi ) Well, kalau sempat coba aja punya etude house inideh ,goodluck :3

  3. setuju! aku juga pake etude hair bubble,, tapi akhir2 ini belum berani ngecat lagi gegara rambutnya berasa kering banget

    1. aku kalo ngecat setidaknya 6 bulan sekali ..yah kasi waktu buat rambut istirahat meskipun 3 bulan an aja udah fading dan black roots keliatan banget ^_^ hihi