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H E L L O !
Singapore is a multicultural country.Yes it's the fact and we know it that they have many interesting places to go when you're into one culture such Little India,Holland Village till China Town.But how about Japanese culture in Singapore? I was wondering if they also have a 'Little Japan', place to experiencing shopping Japanese product on my last SG trip and I'm glad that I finally found the desired place! Well people, this is my recommendation of Little Japan in Singapore (beside the popular one,Liang Court,ofc) , a perfect place for you to shop anything Japanese. Introducing , Tokyu Hands Creative Life Store
tokyu hands sg
 Address : 
Orchard : 181 Orchard Road #B1-07 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Jurong East  : 3 Gateway Drive #01-36/37 Westgate ,Singapore 608532
Open from 10 am to 10 pm (daily)
Website : Tokyu Hands SG
Tokyu Hands is one stop store ,providing you anything newest, creative lifestyle products from beauty,travel ware, stationery ,household item from Japan.They have more than 30 branches in Japan and now open their first worldwide branch here in Singapore.One of the SG branch is located on Orchard Central which is very accessible for us tourist, to stop by their store. I was pretty excited to know that this store is exist in SG and being there,made me feel like transported to Japan again.
Let's see inside Tokyu Hands Store !
tokyu hands
First on the front section you'll find any Japanese figurines,you name it.also...spotted my favourite one, Funassyi !
japanese anime doll
Oh, and some stuffed toys too. I don't know this character's name but i bet its very popular because I've seen it multiple times in Japan too.

Move to my Favourite section in Tokyu Hands SG ...

sg beauty
You're right..
It's a Beauty section. From hair to toe, made in Japan !
beauty shopping singapore
japanese shopping singapore
I am so crazy over Japanese beauty products and glad to find this rack.They got my favorite Japanese beauty brand line that I tried before like Heroine Make,Decorative,Canmake and the rest are brand that I don't really familiar with but knew the fact that Tokyu Hands always provide the highest quality of Japanese product,I feel no doubt and wanna try them all!
sailormoon eyeliner japan
Sailormoon Eyeliner!!!
I thought that i can only buy this sacred things for real only in Japan's drugstore.Now that I can always restock for this item whenever I fly to SG ,it's a..oh happiness!!
vibrating comb japan
It's a vibrating comb. Lol what it will be easier to style my hair with this but the price is over ridiculous. meehh. It's almost same with my Babyliss curling iron 0__0
eyelashes curler japan
Another newest beauty hip, Eyelash Hot Curler
Imagine there will be days when mascara is gone.. this thing surely help alot !
cheap shopping singapore
Just a vain photos of bunch skincare to foot care..
face massage tools
japanese face massage
lol I might old already coz this rack caught my eyes the most beside the beauty one. 
Massages Tools.
Hair massage,Face massage,neck massage. 
Remember my January Haul  post ? I bought my aromatic KAO Eye Mask here.. full review gonna up soon!
bellybutton lint
What?? a belly button lint remover! I cant believe this thing exist XD
I bet this work for you who are not so ticklish like me lol. plus point,the packaging is ultra cute lah~
unique doorknob
Oh yeah, a Banana Door Step.Soon I'll turn into Spongebob, living in a peaceful fruity house lol
sg schoolbag
Backpack area. Eye candy much because they're all available in cheerful color
 but i'm no longer  a student so I cant wear them,sigh..
singapore shop review
Cutie Kitties here are for letter set. Don''t know how this work but I'm sure it's pretty much related with lettering things..Too cute aren't they?
singaporean shopping
Last but not least, The Cosplay rack !
lol I've seen this Octopus Head in Tokyo ,and i felt nostalgic seeing this thing again
That's all the report and pics that i can snap  inside Tokyu Hands Singapore.Things that I did on this store next is obviously dig in and shopping ! I spend times more than 1 hours there till my sister mad at me because it's dinner time already and we don't wanna be late to our next stop .however, my time well spent at least.I hundred percent will comeback visit this store when i visit SG in the future ! 
Dear Tokyu Hands, can you also please open your branch here in Surabaya, Indonesia ? I'll find heaven in my city if you do ,hahaha !
That's all about my Little Japan version of Singapore !
Be sure you drop by this store if you love Japan while you're in SG 
and let's not stop spread the love of Japan

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  1. omaigaa i'd probably spend lots of time in that beauty section! want to go there x