H I    LO V E L Y   R E A D E R  !
Red is always correlate with bold and sexy images.When it comes with make up especially lipstick,it mostly creates a bombshell look that boost your confidence instantly just like this one that worth to try; Kose Visee Creamy Lipstick in #RD401 Bold Red.With their 'Rich Glam' brand campaign, Visee target is grown up girl who pursue genuine lady like look without being too conservative. ,just like their current model and spoke person ,Rola. Are you also the one?Check it out ~
visee lipstick japan
ヴィセ クリーミーリップスティック
made in Japan
Color : Bold Red
Price :  ¥ 1500
Where to buy :
On retail store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan
Online Shipped Worldwide : Ichibankao , Yesstyle
visee review lipstick
drugstore japanese lipstick
Bought this Visee Creamy Lipstick lipstick last Summer in Japan,and fell in love with the packaging design at first sight ! It comes in monotone color with touch of Victorian style illustration is never outdated.Classy! Too bad  it's not supported with good material instead just regular plastic container, making it kind of unusual regarding the fact that Visee's popular parent-company name ,Kose printed in such material :x But since Visee is considered as one of the drugstore line from Kose,I'm pretty sure  it's a strategy to minimize the production costs.
As for the tube design, it's just pretty standard. There's black lace ornaments undernath Visee logo surrounding the middle part of the lipstick. Well,it's all in black color it makes the logo less legible and not special enough to stand out.
visee lipstick swatches
visee red lipstick
Visee Creamy Lisptick comes in 10 different colors. Got mine in RD401 which is Bold Red just the color is simply irresistible and absolutely brighten skin tone! Looking at the color chart, RD401 shades is kind of similar with RD402 in a glance, yet the only difference between these two is the color density.RD401 is more bold and slight darker than RD402.
kose beauty blogger review
Visee Creamy Lipstick texture is creamy but not too much until it feels almost like lip balm.Tho,it's not that moisturizing.The color appear to be shiny when applied on hands (see pic below) but when applied on lips ,it's a nice semi-matte finish which is impressive and relieving for me because I 'm a fan of glossy lips and never will be.
 kose visee
The lipstick consistency is so pigmented in just single swipe. It's nice knowing that the color is actually came out same when applied with the color on tube. Thanks to the concealer formula inside for make it happen ! japan lipstick review
Just be sure to apply it carefully and evenly ,not too much until it stains your teeth // Tip : Apply with lip brush instead of swipe it just like that from the tube for sheer and even finish.
Easy to removes with remover
Beautiful semi-matte pigmented finish
Long lasting
Affordable (price in Japan)
✿The packaging ; lipstick tube design is not that visually appealing
Gwyneth Paltrow once said : "Beauty to me is about being comfortbale in your skin. That or a kick ass red lipstick" I agree with this statement as i got this Visee Creamy Lisptick in Bold Red. For such a drugstore lipstick which i didn't expect too much,the outcome surprise me and i actually pretty like it except the boring all black tube packaging.If only they redesigned it they i'm sure i will rate top to five stars ! Repurchase ? Definitely YES ! I also got curious of their another lipstick line; Color Polish and maybe i'll pick some nude /muted  colors of it !

RATE  4.5 / 5
[ Tell me,what do you think about KOSE VISEE CREAMY LIPSTICK ! ]

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