beauty spring clean
Hello guys it's new month already !
In country such Japan ,Spring time officially starts late of March - early April ,marks by the first bloom of sakura ! Such a sad,i can't experience that in my country lol. Anyway, to cure my sadness, I celebrate my own 'spring' here.It's not a real spring XD tho but actually a spring cleaning of my beauty product. Gasp, i found some of it is over than 4 years ,neglected on my vanity table and i won't realize it if i don't decide to do a spring clean!

Some of the products is my favorite and run out already ,got me think to repurchase.The rest just not got my love since the first time use because the matter of quality and so on.Let's say it's just a part to rearrange my make up!
spring cleaning makeup
Here they are,Old Lovable Ones
Not much,but it's quite enough to occupy aka steal some spaces which can be use for my *ehm* new beauty babies . That's definitely problem !
thebodyshop hair cream
1.The Body Shop- Brazil Nut Define and No Frizz Hair Cream
Purchased it 2 years ago but only used for  about 6 months yet still half-full.I pretty much like hair cream product as it help to keep my hair hydrated after using flat iron.Thing is, i can't stand with the scent which is very close to 'vanilla'.Too sweet ! Ants must have gather all over my hair lol.The cream texture is bit sticky too.There's nothing changes when i open it just now,the scent is quite same with the new one.But It says on the box that it will be expired in 12 months after opened so i guess it already did. Bye then!
canmake bbcream
2.Canmake Easy and Fast Make Gel
Bought it last June and pretty like this primer at first few usage.Yet,After few months i discover small pimples(milia) over my face! I conclude it's all because of this product because it's the newest product aside skincare that i tried during that time.My skin is basically not an acne prone type but it respond fast and shows if something is wrong with my make up / skincare .Thing got me confused is, I actually fine with any Canmake base so far but this.Oh should let you go then ,dear and noted,no repurchase!
3.Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream
My love,my everything. It saved me by cover blemishes perfectly during my college years (2 years ago to be exact). Despite the price and size,there's nothing i can complain more of this BB cream.Too bad,emptied it just yesterday . Repurchase? Yes (If i already emptied my other BB cream stocks lol)
la tulipe sunblock
4.La Tulipe  Sunblock Cream SPF 20
The great grandmother among my beauty product. Guess what.It's 7 years-old sunblock! By that means, I used it at the time when i was still in my senior year of high school.I don't know this sunblock was still there at the veryy behind piles of base makeup products so that it couldn't be seen if i didn't dig it.As normal student do,we are encouraged to not wear any make up on during school,I just 'break' the rules by used this for 3 consecutive years straight, not to mention,few times restock. Why i love it so much then? Well,being a school girl doesn't mean i can always hide under the sun , thing such as outdoor sports and national ceremony for example.Whenever I find blemishes,acne or black eye bags because piles of homework and stress,this little beauty weapon really helps maintain skin condition.
By now,I don't think i will repurchase it not just because i don't want to but I have to go with something more concentrated as my skin condition and needs is total different with my teenage years.So for all the high school-er and beauty newbie out there, i really recommend this one.It's such a cheapskate too!
skinfood green nail
5.Skin Food Pedicure La Vita in Lime Green
By the name;Pedicure, it's supposed to be used for toenails but i think all nail polish is same after all.Doesn't matter if  used on hand nails and vice versa. As you can see at the picture,the product already emptied and dried out means  i really love it ! The color is super solid.This product is only  Skinfood nail polish  that i own So far ,Skinfood nail polishes quality is pretty awesome.Continue buy? Yass!
sportsgirl lipgloss orange
6.Sportsgirl Give Some Lip Liquid Lip Color 
This lippie is actually a gift from my Australian aunty. It smell like a mix of fresh fruit and not sticky at all. Just because I'm not into lipgloss ( i prefer matte lippies) ,I forgot till it expired.Dang it! I only used it less than 5 times ! Why don't I sell it , make money instead ?! What a waste *cries*

Well that's all about my beauty spring clean .A bit sad saying goodbye to them.They're more than beauty products for me, part of collection but I must let them go anyway ...
From this month onward ,I will do this routine on every month to sort and keep myself updated with my beauty product's 'lifetime' !

[  What about you guys? Have you check yours and done your spring cleaning ? ]

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3 komentar

  1. make me want to buy all of it! thanks for sharing dear
    have a great weekend

  2. I am sad to admit, but I will have to do spring cleaning as well (I will try to). 7 years old sunblock cream? I think, I have similar stocks at my unused drawers. hahaha

    Have a nice day ~

    1. lol it could be longer if i keep procrastinate to clean my make up drawer XD