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It's time to share about some snacks splurge that I bought from Japan last month ! I cant really remember stores name where I get these.But don't worry, I assure you can find them easily in common local Japan convenience stores or online since some of them are considered as popular Japanese snack.In fact, I've tried some snacks before here in my country and some are really new to me.Be ready to see some mouth watering munchies!
1 pack @ 12 pieces with 2 bars each piece
Place : any local Japan convenience stores
Online : Amazon,E-bay
Of course when you stop by Japan,it's a must to try matcha flavored gourmet and I reckon,this one should be your first option.Why?because,this gives you strong tastes of pure matcha in just one bite following with the sweet tastes.It's like eating a green tea cream in a term of biscuit!
Still,you can feel the crunchiness of Kit Kat's signature.This snack is really addictive,i can dig in for some more in just few minutes lol.Thus,Tte matcha flavour somehow overpowered,I can't really feel the chocolate taste,So it kinda makes me forget that it's actually a chocolate(fattening matter,tho *_*)
Rate : 8/10
in muscat , grape and peach flavour
Place : any local Japan convenience stores
Online : Amazon,E-bay
Cutely heart shaped soft and chewy gummy candy coated with sugar but..tastes SOUR!I don't get why the sugar doesn't play its part.Sour ,sour and sour even in different flavor! I cant even differentiate what's is grape what is peach flavor anymore if i don't see the label.Well,since I'm not a big fan of sour-tasted snacks,then i wont repurchase these.If only they can lessen the sourness level...
Rate : 6.5/10
1 box contain 6 wrapped choco pie
Place: any local Japan convenience stores
Online : Amazon
Chocolate lovers,you all should try this if you haven't!The melty rich chocolate cream outside combined with crispy texture inside is beyond heaven!The pure cacao flavor with  is addictive so limit yourself eating this.Once each a day is enough.kkk!
Rate : 8/10
in original flavour,1 box contain 8 pieces
Place: a shop at Nakamise Shopping Street,Tokyo
Online : ShiokJapan,Amazon
This one is the most popular snack of Japan ever since it's become bomb some years ago.Because of its popularity,I even found fake Tokyo Banana here in my country lol .Driven by curiosity,i decided to buy the real one in original flavor. My reaction? Nah.it doesn't gives me any specific flavor that i could remember for times.The texture is spongy with banana filling inside that is not really felt.Rather ,it gives you a childhood snack memories whereas little vapid but still, sweet..
I don't know what makes people craze so much over this but to be honest, what attract me the most after try this is not the taste but more on its cute shape.It's look like a real mini banana. I'm still curious to try other version of Tokyo Banana,maybe caramel and custard cream flavor?
Rate : 8/10
in cinnamon flavour,1 box contain 9 pieces
Place: local shop near Kiyomizu Temple,Kyoto
Online : Rakuten Global

First time I'm not so attracted with its physical appearance.But when a shop assistant offer me to try, I fell in love instantl!.Yatsuhashi actually made from glutinous rice flour in triangle shapes, textures is like mochi but not too rubbery and sticky.Yatsuhashi now comes in different flavor such as banana,black sesame,matcha ,and even orange (sweet!) I got mine in most general flavor ; cinnamon just because the packaging illustration is the cutest among all.lolol
next time you go to Kyoto,be sure to get this!
Rate : 8/10
in matcha(green tea), shiro azuki(white bean) and ogura (red bean) flavor
Place: local shop in Kyoto
Online : Rakuten Global
Another Japan traditional snack,Yokan commonly use as dessert on meal set.Made from red bean paste,it has jelly like-texture with the red bean filling inside.This snack can cause sticky on your hand but it doesn't feel as you chew them.The taste is rather light sweet each flavor.I don't really like the packaging of this snack because when i unfold the wrapper, it's actually in the shape of jelly bar.If you want to eat just a little.I suggest when you buy it,just unwrap the packaging and slice them all in mini pieces.you just cannot slice one and put it back because of the stickiness
Rate : 7.5/10
Actually I have tried many other Japanese snack which don't get pictured but these are some that i can remember much.There's also too many i want to try more.What i notice is,I love how Japanese snack especially the traditional one has really cute packaging and also,the most common flavor which you can find almost in every product is matcha.Not forget to mention that the flavor on each snack is less strong and sugary.I would love to go back to japan and spend some day just for food and snacks hunting !

How about you guys,any particular recommended Japanese snack in mind?
feel free to share with me!

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  1. I love love Japanese Snack! Thanks for the haul shopping review, it was very useful.


    1. me too darl! ;A; japanese snack is my favourite and makes me forget diet already,kkk!

  2. oh wow, great.
    It all looks good. =)

    1. yass just looking at the pict makes me drooling again

  3. Oh my gosh, everything is so cute<3 The mini bananas are adorable!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

    1. ikr! I heard they released giraffe pattern of tokyo banana..i wonder when i get them some time,i need to force myself to eat them ..too cute!

  4. wow Ann you go so many foodies! I'm absolutely obsessed with greentea kitkats! wished it was easy to stock them up here > <! <3

    Lauren xx | http://laurlauu.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Those Matcha kitkats are good~ And I've always been curious about that banana snack since they're so popular! Sad to hear that they're disappointing though ;( Perhaps a different flavor would be better

  6. Everything looks so delicious, I'm hoping on trying the green tea kitkat somewhere in the future

  7. Amazing!!!
    You know about Japanese snack very much!
    I love LOTTE CHOCO PIE, and I can get near convenience store every time:)