Hi Ladies,it's been a while since i post beauty review.Looking back past month,my post is all about Japan lol. I guess I'm head over heels again and again with Japan ,my fave country (>3<) But not to forget the purpose i made this blog ,it is also a place for me to share about my beauty interest! So yeah,here's my beauty review of the month!
First, i want to ask you all a Question ,
What is your beauty primer products you cant leave house without?
For me,it 's always been BB Cream / Foundation + Concealer + Two Way Cake Powder.These three has been essentials beauty basic for me.But sometimes doing this routine tiring me,especially when i have to rush.But now,i have no worries as I found THE FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion, I couldn't agree more that this is just a practical way to sums up that four beauty primers that I mentioned above!
I bet you've seen Kim Soo Hyun all over in every THE FACESHOP  counter right? Well,it's all because beside He's now the new current ambassador,He's also here to promote this one new beauty breakthrough product !
Price : IDR 329.000,-
Origin : South Korea
SPF 50++PA
One sided puff included
I'm truly happy to receive this product from THE FACESHOP Indonesia along with Kawaii Beauty Japan ( Thanks! you guys such generous :D) I've been eyeing this product since I saw their Kim Soo Hyun ads!Yeah,Beauty maniac like me never fail to update with current makeup trend lol.
Description Box
Although some of the description is in Korean,I appreciate they enclosed English translation by the directions and ingredients box. Also as what I have always mention,I'm avoid anything with paraben.So, this paraben free product most likely safe for skin!
Actually there's two shade of THE FACESHOP OCWC, which is V201 apricot beige and V203 Natural Beige but i got mine the last one.
V201 appear to be little pinkish and lighter than V203.I thought that V203 will be too dark for my skin tone but i was total wrong.I'm glad that it doesn't turn out dark as it seen.
I like the way they design the packaging with mirror lining and it appear to be quite thick.Stylishly  elegant with just the simple logo-gram on the top !
Separator included between and seal above the cushion.Keep the product hygiene
So what actually  is THE FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion ?
Formulated with newest technology called LG PATENT MICRO FOAM this cushion is created for you to have a perfect long lasting perfect makeup coverage primer in one product. It's consist foundation inside of microfoam.so the texture it not really powdery although it seems like one.The product aim to gives you :
Zero oil look with sebum control( no more melting/cracked make up )
Full moisture during every season(even on hottest weather!
Absolute matte finish (elegant ladylike,who doesn't want lah?)
microfoam close-up view
Use with puff ,gently pat all over face,just like applying foundation generally
Really surprise that the colour didn't turn as dark as i imagine.It gives kind of yellowish color rather than brown-ish tone.Even in just single swap,not cakey at all.Love how the outcome makes my skin looks very natural.just like doesn't wearing any single primer.Most important,it didn't break out or makes my skin itchy.
At first,i kinda afraid it dint really fit with my skin which is considered as dry skin type.I thought that my dry skin has nothing to do with anything oil matters.But surprisingly after use,it didn't make my skin feels dry and rough bit.Rather, it looks more moist and glowing.

Finally ,I think THE FACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion will be one of on my favorite make up list of the year.Love the way it can turn me my face fresh in just minutes! Here's my final verdict :
1.Perfect as daily wear make up and for those who love light,effortless and 'no makeup- makeup' look
2.Medium coverage,suitable for people with no major skin problems.
3.Save time like 20 % of your usual makeup routine,Great decision to bring along when travel!
4.Quite long lasting.Once I wore it up to 8 hours on working day during hot weather yet i didn't do any touch up.
RATE  5/5
What do you think about THE FACESHOP Oil Control water Cushion?
Have you got yours ? :) Share with me by comment below ! 

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