It's November already but i still can't move on with last Halloween because I finally have time,tried my first fashion wig ever ! I always wanted to own one these past few years..Bought this wig at Don Quijote ,Shibuya while I'm on my Summer Japan Trip.Please pardon me as I'm not wig expert nor a cosplay-er but here's my honest review of Japanese fashion wig.

You might think,For such a Japan lover person, cosplay and anime are things that influenced me to get myself a wig.But the fact is..it's not. I developing interest into this fake hair things just because i love gyaru culture too much. Even wonder when you read Japanese magazine,gyaru girls's hair  be like big,bouncy and beautiful colorful hairs.Well,mainly because they're wearing wig!
The other reason is,some years ago I had a very random dream of myself having a super bright red hair just like Ariel,the mermaid
lol this dream actually make me think seriously to have a such hair like that  but it can't be possible.It takes time to grow my hair, need to go salon to bleach my  hair beside.I'm the type who's easily get bored with just one color.Moreover, if i really changed my hair into super bright red just like Ariel,my parents would be the first who strongly opposed me,following by my friends because it is not so common to have such high saturated ,extreme hair color especially daily here in my country,Ouch.
So yeah,a wig would be a perfect to satisfy my inner craving !
The wig carefully packed in a mini bag with silicone gel inside.You can actually see the color on the back side.
The color is actually pretty much alike with the cover model! Wine Red just like what I wanted!
LENGTH : 50 cm
 MATERIAL : 100 % Synthetic Hair
COLOR : Red Wine
PRICE :  ¥ 2500
 PLACE : Don Quijote,Shibuya-ku
Actually there's lotsa type of wigs at Don Quijote but this one captured my eyes the most.I reminded by my dream when I saw it lol.

Here's my result :
It's quite a weird for me wearing fashion wig for the first time.Seeing my reflection in the mirror with new hair that i never had just like "woah" . It felt like I transformed into another me,my alter ego,kk!

Tbh, first time putting this wig actually stressed me out.Because of its wavy texture,it kind of difficult arranging the hair part especially on the bangs.Took me around few minutes to finally get the right arrangement.
Thick Hair
Affordable Price
Doesn't make my head feel hot
Full head coverage
Often get tangled especially on the hair ends
Overly shiny especially under direct sunlight

I think this wig is perfect for special occasion like cosplay or costume party as it titled.However if you're someone who doesn't really mind buying a wig for fun/camwhoring like me ,i think it is worth buy despite the price.By right lighting,it doesn't look really fake in photo.You can still minimize the shine effects with Photoshop or if you're lazy ,you can add some powder onto it (Just know about this trick and I'll try next time :)

Having my first wig makes me addicted to have more.I love the feeling that i can have fun whilst transform into different type of me with different hairstyle and color instantly while young lol.Now I'm in search to buy another wig that I can wear daily preferably natural color like dark brown or black!

RATE  4/5
What do you think this wig?Any experiences with fashion wig or
recommendation where to get good wig ? Share with me by comment below ! 

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17 komentar

  1. the wig is really pretty on u, u look so beautiful. love the red wine color ^^

    Tori Chu

    1. thank you sweetie you make me feel that is not that waste bought the wig despite the quality ☺️

  2. The wig looks so natural on you!!! Normally when some people wear wigs, especially of colors that arent black or brown or blonde, it looks a bit off ^^" But this one fits you so well *O*
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. it does ? I kinda hesitated to wear it outside because of the shininess obviously make it look fake especially during daytime *_*
      Now I'm thinking how about to really bleach and colored my hair like this lol

  3. Very pretty! The color looks gorgeous on you ^_^ I've never really tried wigs before because I'm scared they're gonna accidentally fly off my head haha


    1. that was my first concern too kkk!
      but don't worry once you get the one that fit well with your head size,it wont fell!
      so i guess I'm lucky enough to find wig that fits my size :)

  4. I think the wig (and the color) suits you really well!! I have a lot of wigs as I cosplay a lot. It's always really fun to transform yourself into someone else by just putting on a wig :D

    1. woaah amazing! i'm into cosplay but somehow after having a wig makes me think to become one lol
      maybe someday i'll try cosplay as one of the sailormoon character ;)

  5. That wig is actually really pretty! The color suits you too ><
    I have so many wigs from eBay and other stores haha...
    I've been eyeing some wigs from Lockshop Wigs, I've heard their wigs are pretty good too!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

  6. noted .thanks for the recommendation!
    I found some good wigs on eBay too but since I'm a newbie to wig and not that familiar with the brand
    i prefer to buy via real store..some that really captured me are from TaoBao !

  7. You look amazing with this hair color c; It really suits you!
    I've always wanted to try out a blonde wig xD I think that this is a cool idea, because I don't want to dye my hair lol

    1. Thank you sweetie Jenny♥
      Blondew will be a great idea to transform our asian look.super makeover XD i cant imagine
      Curious to try sometime !

  8. Looks good on you.I've been dreaming of wearing wigs too.I want a blonde wig hahaha

    1. Thanks sheila :D
      Haha so many want to try blonde.
      Maybe its considered as the most 'extreme' color for us as Asian women?lol

  9. Oh very cute wig