Beauty Routine basic is always begin with skincare.Speaking about skin,body lotion is the most essential part that we shouldn't forget.My mum always tell me since i was kid,to moisturize my skin regularly with body lotion but lazy me just ignore it.This happen until teenage year,I always have body lotion but rarely apply it because I don't feel i really need it.But now,as I'm become adult, I fully realize what she tell back then was right.Aging, City pollution,Too much working inside air conditioned room left skin dry and easy to irritate.
That's why,it is really important to keep nourishing our body skin! Here i am gonna share one of my recent favorite body lotion from one of the well known brand that you pretty can find it easily,The FaceShop!
Size : 260 ml
Made in : Korea
Honestly I'm quite picky when it comes to buy body lotion.Why?because I'm really concern to cure dryness of my skin especially on my arm,and legs area.Moreover,I'm very sensitive when it comes about scent. I don't want a body lotion that is just smell nice but doesn't give effect to my skin at all,and so on the contrary.
I don't have any specific scent of body lotion on demand but i won't go with too sweet scent like candy or fruits that makes me feel like ants will run after me all day long lol,rather i look for scent that can make me feel comfortable with either day and night.At first I thought,just because it named as SAKE,would it smell just like the real one ?  *_* Gladly, It's not.In fact,this body lotion has smooth scent which remind me of fresh feeling, just like after shower!
Unique packaging isn't it?doesn't look like an usual body lotion bottle.It's such a good idea to camouflage the size,makes it look big by the bottle design,instead it's just 260ml. The pump model also make it easier to save up and restrain leakage.I bought this body lotion at end of last April and regularly use it twice a day as suggested.Wondering I always use it very effectively, but still, it's about to run out already XD
  The lotion comes out white and consistency is not too thick nor too runny .It just precisely okay.
 Once applied,it spread easily through skin .I just follow the instruction to pat gently instead of rubs the lotion.It will help the lotion absorbs unto skin faster and nourish well.Also,patting can help reduce stickiness feeling of the lotion.
After patting,you might feel some stickiness left,but don't worry and trust me,it will left your skin magically feeling extra smooth in just second! Seriously I don't really mind the stickiness feel,just because too amaze how my skin remain hydrated. The stickiness tho, will disappear after some hours bit by bit.I can really feel how my skin getting better,less irritated and smooth after 1 week.
Will I repurchase this?
Obviously yes!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
It's a body lotion that is suitable for regular day use for you who want concentrate on dry skin cure like me.However,please keep in mind that the scent is not something that will be last long ,So if you're looking for some healthy body lotion but don't want something that is too medical or unscented. this will be a good choice!
RATE  5/5

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17 komentar

  1. This packaging is absolutely adorable! :) I really want to get it, only because of the packaging lol
    It sounds great and I'm happy that you like it c:

    1. cute right?it doesn't look like a body lotion if you doesn't read the label !

  2. Rawwrr.. Sake!
    At first I thought if it really smell like sake hihi, that sour smell haha
    But gladly you mentioned it out and now it's clear that it doesn't smell like what I'm thinking hihi..

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it, Ann :) Looks like it's one of the good one.

    Have a great day!

    Jhem | JhemSays.com

    1. yass haha really deceiving!such an unique name for a skincare product ^^
      you're welcome , Jhem!

  3. Your blog looks super cute! This sounds like a great body lotion! ^^
    Could definitely use some extra moisturizing for winter season ;P
    In the first place I was thinking it would smell like sake XD


    1. aww thank you sweetheart !
      i know right,even its bottle design really looks like one XD

  4. Ohh this sounds amazing!! Sake is so effective~ thank you for sharing this *u*
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  5. The product sounds so good! Normally I think sake is for drinking but then again, anything good that goes into your body can usually be used ON your body as well haha :) New follower of yours >O< I adore your blog layout <3 I hope you can check out my blog :D

    Petite Cherry Review @ bijou-heart

    1. i think so too! yay for natural products!
      sankyew dear ;3

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    Follow me & I’ll follow you back. x
    I’m wait your answer on my blog!
    Have a nice day.
    Julia x
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  7. Haha I thought this would smell like the alcohol Sake when I read the title but I'm glad it has a fresh scent!
    I may just check out my local face shop to try out this lotion :D

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. yeah,everybody is tricked bc of the title but it's also successfully makes us goes curious lol

  8. I wish I listened to my mom regarding everything about skincare when I was younger rather than learning the hard way now haha. When I'm at work, I always reapply my lotion after 30 minutes, so that means I'm reapplying almost 16 times! This sounds like a wonderful lotion to try out for me :) thanks for the review.

    I just recently started following you. Can't wait to read more!

    1. oh wow *0* you're so keen in skin care routine!great job!
      i wish i can pull myself like you hehehe!

  9. The packaging sure does remind of Sake, I like the flowers in your photos -a bit off topic too. Followed your blog because I thought the layout was nice and the way you blog too, Ann.

    P.S. I'm also an Ann(e)

    Love, Anne ♥
    ✿ http://www.annebee.net ✿

    1. hello Anne who's same name like me,hihihi~^^
      thank you for your kind words,really support me!

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