Hello Guys !
Summer holiday won't be complete without shopping spree.Whether you're going for a trip or just stay at home this summer,online shopping is always a great option.Because it practical to get what we wanted while lazy -ing around hehehe.

So,Last month i got asked by Dressgal ,which is a cheap online shopping sites to share my honest opinion about their product.If you are wondering,These two items are free gifts from them (thank you once again,Dressgal :)) And although it was free gift,it doesn't mean that i can't choose what I wanted on the sites.It was my choice to get bag as an item to review.Just because I am a bagaholic! So let me,this bagaholic tell you what is like to shop at Dressgal and more about these two gorgeous bag!

Dressgal provides all us ,woman needs from clothes,shoes,bags even home and garden stuffs with low prices and open for worldwide shipping.They accept Paypal,Visa Matser card and Western union for payment and cooperate with EMS ,China Post and DHL for shipping,directly from their exact location,China.

How to shop?
 1.Sign up for account
2.Choose item you like, I choosed these two bag :
 Yes.Both in Pink color.Note that I'm just into pink color these days.don't know why lol.

3.Add to cart

3.Fill in the information 
4.Choose shipping method and payment
5.Submit all,you will receive confirmation like this and you're done!
Please note your order number and tracking number which will be send to your email after completion!

The shopping regulations is soo easy and I received my tracking number afterward via email and my order was sent already the day after submission.I'm really appreciate their quick respond regarding my order assistance.After several days ( I choose china post for shipping so it takes about 25 days for shipping to my country) My package safely arrived,yeahh!

SO here are the bag that i ordered :
First Bag
Price  : $10.06
Material : Synthetic Leather
Size : 37 cm x 14 cm x 25 cm
The color of the bag is so accurate like what displayed  on the website and I fell in love once it came in my hand for real !I know bright colored bag like this ,shocking pink might kind  hard to match with some coordinate but since I'm into monotone / black&white colored outfit these days,this bag may highlight my looks.
I wasn't expect too high at first but the quality really surprised me despite the cheap price.Love how the bag appears sturdy and thick.On some parts like side corner,beneath the bag might a bit bumpy but its okay ,just put some props like wrapped tissue especially to keep them in shape ,especially when you don't carry much things.
one pocket with zipper to put your important stuffs e.g phone or keys and two mini pocket included
The strap included.at first i thought it was broken into two pieces lol but turn out its' not .It's actually works like belt.just join them like you're putting a belt and it's done! It can  pull to 90 cm long
Second Bag
Women Bags Vintage Lace Bag Shoulder Bag Handbag
Price : $11.74
Material : Synthetic Leather with Lace
Size: 31 cm x 14 cm x 24 cm
I was in love with this bag at the first place when i see it online rather the other one but after saw two of them for real,I love the #1st bag more.The color is bit different with the one displayed online.Sure it's still pastel pink but less saturated.But it's okay since I don't really mind the color since it's not too different from what I expected.Also,the lace details has steal my attention the most rather the color.Oh my,look,they are very detailed and neat
It's clearly mentioned at the description box that two of them has same material but why do I feel like they're different? this bag appear to be more light and slightly thin than the other one ,feels like cannot hold many things inside.
Inside the bag.Look how pretty is the inner pattern design is! One pocket with zipper and Two mini pocket without zipper included.Bag Strap is 60 cm long

Just like what i said before I fell in love more with my #1st bag and plan to use more often after i got the real product just bc it's more sturdy can be use of everyday activities. ,even when i don't bring much stuff, unlike the #2nd bag.But yeah since the appearance of the #2nd bag is so pretty that i cannot move on,I'll use it on the special occasion which only need to carry important stuff like phone,wallet,make up pouch
Overall I'm quite satisfied with this shopping experience at Dressgal.Great price and service indeed.
It's just perfect site for you to who love budget shopping and wide varieties of item!

What do you guys things about this bag haul? Have you ever try shopping at Dressgal?Be sure checkout their site here.Hurry up,as they are having promotion of $200 coupon !

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8 komentar

  1. Wow! THeir bags are so affordable yet durable! Lovely :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. Yes! Im amazed too that i can get 2 bags ,spend only approx $25 ★~★

  2. The hot pink bag is nice dammn. I'm just scared to choose a bold colour cause the majority of my closet is light pink, neutrals, white, etc. I think it'd make a fantastic statement piece to any outfit like in kdramas haha. Their style is always on point. The lace one would be the safer choice for me, I think it's cute and would match me more. It seems like your style is versatile, should post OOTDs with these bags!

    Love, Anne ♥
    ✿ http://www.annebee.net ✿

  3. Less the 15$ for a bag?!?! Thats amazing and even in your closeup photos, It really looks like its not made cheaply. Hope you follow me back because I just followed you via GFC. <3

    BCfactor Blog

    1. Ikr,It's pretty nice for such an everyday use bag^^

  4. Wow those bags look so nice!!! The first one looks nice and sturdy and very chic! I actually really love the 2nd bag, but it's too bad the difference in quality is obvious :( Hopefully you can still get some good use out of the 2nd one!

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Yeah..the 2nd bag too pretty i cannot ignore it anyway *_*