k palette japanese make up set fukubukuro new year
Happy last day of 2016 💖  I'd say this year has been a great year for me, for whatever happens, I'm happy that at least I did my very best in all aspect and learn how to forgive past mistakes ,so does regrets. However, 2016 will end like a night to remember, as 2017 will come just like a dawn ,brings many hopes and future. Yep,this post of K- Palette Fukubukuro will be the last, Let's close this year with much joy and gratitude , Shall we ?
k palette make up japan review
 Made in Japan 
 Website : K - Palette
✿ Price :  ¥ 1800
 ---Where to Buy---
In Store : Don Quijote
 Consist of :
1 day magic 3D Palette
1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliner
1 day Tattoo Real Lasting Mascara + Easy Cleansing Oil Set
k palette 1 day magic 3d palette
✿ K - Palette 1 Day Magic 3D Palette
Packed in simple ,mirrored compact design.It comes with 2 shades of blushes ; peach and pink, a highlighter and a shading powder for contour. Plus, a dual mini brushes.
The brush how yet eventually, it's a little too small to apply the shading powder.Yet, the size is perfect to apply both blushes and highlighter. For pigmentation, it's quite shimmery and powdery so that you need to apply more layers or primer before to capture the actual color.
✿ K - Palette 1 Day Tattoo 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner
k palette 24 h real lasting eyeliner
A waterproof based pen eyeliner, it claims to be last up to 24 hrs and in my case for daily usage, it works! To be able fully remove it needs double cleanse.
k  I almost think about repurchase this eyeliner since it works pretty okay for me day yet weeks after, the applicator bristles slowly becoming frayed.I have no idea how to repair since I'm afraid it will be contaminated. Any idea how to fix 😐 ?
✿ K - Palette 1 Day 24H Super Black Real Lasting Mascara
✿ K - Palette Easy Cleansing Oil
A film type mascara that is resistant to any water ,sebum and also sweat
In a glance it bit look alike with Heroine Make Super WP, except it's has a straight wand
The mascara works like what it claimed, lengthen my lashes, hold the curl and easy to removes.The only thing that bother me is it has a strong chemical scent.The Easy Cleansing oil works just fine.It gently removes the mascara easily and doesn't sting on my eyes.With such small size, I bet it will be run out already in less than 10 times usage.

Conclusion: For such price, this fukubukuro is total money saving.With just less than 2000 yen, I can treat myself with 4 different make - over items.The only downside is, I don't think I can find this bag elsewhere at certain times except Don Quijote , so it's kinda hard for you to buy via online.Maybe next year, K-Pallete will release another fukubukuro bag and let's see what they'll be offerring :)
k palette unboxing

See you on 2017 💫



kanebo lunasol intellectual liquid eyeliner review
I've always want to own a good Japanese high end cosmetic brand especially from Kanebo.This year when I went to Tokyo, I finally managed to treat myself with a Lunasol Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner series.The reason why I choose pen type liner rather than the other type of eyeliner is pure because of efficiency.
review lunasol intellectual liquid eyeliner 01 black
no 01 Brownish Black
 made in Japan
Price :  ¥ 3000 
( holder only ¥ 1800 )
( cartridge only ¥ 1200 )
Website : Lunasol Jp
Where to buy :
 Kanebo Official Store
Little did I know,this eyeliner comes with two items ; the holder and cartridge. A set to make it actually works.This 'refill' concept is somewhat new to me and I found it's just a smart way of improving selling points and also fresh idea for us as user.
kanebo lunasol eyeliner japan
japanese eyeliner kanebo

kanebo japan eyeliner
Kanebo Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner works merely like a pen. All you need to do is put the cartridge in, and slowly push the bottom tip .The brush that is originally white will turn to black, that's when you know it's ready to use.
use kanebo lunasol intellectual eyeliner in black
When applied, I love how the brush that is really pointy yet can smoothly glides on my eye crease, it makes delicate fine line too.The color is not as brown as expected, just a fine black with matte result.It's definitely easy to use but to make the color really pop out, you need to cover about 3 or more layers.That's the fun, you can adjust your own preferred pigmentation. About staying power, it can stay for half day without touch up On top of that, it is also easy to removes with warm water or remover in one swipe.
For me, I personally will repurchase just because I love the elegant and sleek design. And when it run out already, i just need to buy the cartridge refill, simply cheaper and thrifty for long time use. Overall, for such high end brand this product is just okay and worth the price. If you are into natural looking make up ,you may give a try. Just remember to buy via real store instead of online. Some shops might sell it too high or even doubled rather than the actual price in Japanese yen.

RATE  4 / 5

[What do you think about Kanebo Intellectual Liquid Eyeliner ?]



review liese prettia jewel pink hair bubble color
Before I start, let me greet all of you : Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 😁
To celebrate this joyful season,  I just re-color my hair with another DIY hair bubble  : Liese Prettia in Jewel Pink. It's the 8th times and 4th year since first time colored my hair.

Read about my hair bubble experience with  different brand : 
 Made in Japan 
 Website : Liese Japan
Liese SG English Site
✿ Price :  ¥ 693
 ---Where to Buy---
Online , Shipped Worldwide :  Yesstyle
In Store : Matsumoto Kiyoshi Japan / SASA ✿

review liese prettia jewel pink
Solution 1 & Solution 2
A pair of Gloves
Instruction Sheet
 A sachet of rinse off treatment
liese prettia jewel pink
liese jewel pink review
Color Chart & All The Description is written in Japanese. However, there's an English version that you can easily read, you just need to buy Liese Prettia product that distributed in SG or Malaysia.
how to color liese prettia jewel pink
I just love how Liese pay attention to details by giving  gloves. It would be even better if they also enclose a plastic cape to cover stains like what etude house did.
japanese hair color diy liese prettia jewel pink review 

How to Do:  - please watch video HERE for detailed step

review liese prettia jewel pink before after
Result on Full Hair :  Before (L) and After (R)
liese jewel pink hair dye result
Result on Black Roots Cover : Before (L) and After (R)
Pretty Packaging
Easy to Apply and Even Result
Strong Ammonia Smell when applying
A bit drying
I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I didn't expect that the color turn out even (colored by myself without help of somebody) cover almost all my black roots , just like the color on box especially under direct sunlight 💕

If you are a first timer to DIY hair color or never bleached your hair like me,I definitely recommend this color rather than Cassis Berry that i tried before. Although on the website  they claimed that Jewel Pink is is brown with touch little hint of pink while Cassis Berry is the actual pink with touch of brown, the real,result on my hair turns opposite. Jewel Pink result is brighter and better. And,although this hair bubble dried my hair a bit, it's still manageable and can be fix with the usage of the rinse off treatment sachet given and adequate amount of hair conditioner.  

Sure I'll try another Liese Prettia hair color in the future.Maybe I'll try their newest color ; red velvet or sweet apricot. Kindly wait for the upcoming review :)

RATE  4 / 5


recommended japanese dramas i've ever watched
I'm happy to know that I've accomplished some of my j-drama bucket list. Now I can declare myself as a proud,devoted fan of Japanese dorama. I've stopped watching K- Dramas since last year and move on with J- Dramas (Don't ask, I'm total outdated with any recent k-drama lol) Particularly because I felt bit bored with their common plot and actor/actress. No offense tho, both has their own charms. It's just my personal opinion , I feel like J-Dramas plot ; idea is less complicated , more relatable in real life and seeing how the actor/actress dressed in such fashionable clothes is like gaining a new knowledge in j-fashion😊

Since it's holiday season , probably some of you are looking something good to watch,
here I present a list of japanese dramas i've ever watched in entire year :

( Ps : If you're fan of romantic-comedy genre , go check THIS post ,too)

j drama sweet my little lover
1. Minami Kun No Koibito
My Little Lover / 南くんの恋人
Main Cast: Maika Yamamoto, Taishi Nakagawa
Number of Episodes : 10
Watch Eng-Sub : Viki
It's a high school teen mixed with fantasy genre drama.A girl named Chiyomi suddenly turn into 15 cm tall.Story focused on the character development like usual teens drama, how she deal with herself, one sided love and future dream. It's a sweet, fluffy drama but not too childish till make me go irritated or in indonesian we said ; alay lol. Fyi the writer of this drama is the same writer of Itakiss 2 love in tokyo, that's why there's slight similarity on how the plot goes.
Rating : 3.5 / 5

flower for algernon good japanese drama
2. Flower For Algernon
Algernon Ni Hanataba Wo / アルジャーノンに花束を
Main Cast: Tomohisa Yamashita , Chiaki Kuriyama
Number of Episodes : 10
Watch Eng-Sub : KissAsian
Based on Novel by Daniel Keyes,focused on the mental story of Sakuto Shiratory (age 28) ,his mental intelligence is just like 6 years old boy. Later, with help of  medical innovation ,  he becomes a genius who can discover what is adulthood feels like and also true meaning of love. I nearly cried watch this drama simply because it touched my heart! Yamapi acting such superb *clapclap* this drama made me reflect to always put love on humanity first and i just wanna hug him whenever he's sad and tell that it's gonna be okay, and reality is just too cruel that's all 😭
 Rating : 5 / 5

funny comedy romance japanese drama the most difficult love review
3.The Most Difficult Romance
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi / 世界一難しい恋
Main Cast: Ohno Satoshi , Haru
Number of Episodes : 10
Watch Eng-Sub : KissAsian
A workaholic ,successor president of famous hotel company, Samejima Reiji never truly fell in love till meet the girl of his dream, Misaki who is a blunt and oblivious lady as one of his employee. Drama focused on how Reiji get Misaki's heart in perfect way,without looking too cheesy
Up until the second episode, you might find this drama bit boring please keep on till you find that  it's hilarious ! Can't hold on Reiji's stupidity , 4D character, tho somehow I hate him the max when he's being too selfish but somehow I can feel symphatetic toward him, The struggle is real ,anyway ( lol boys do you need to struggle to death like that to get the girl you want ? haha!)
Rating : 4.5 / 5

best japanese drama to watch nige haji we married as a job
4. We Married As a Job
Nigeru Wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu / 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ 
Main Cast: Hoshino Gen, Aragaki Yui
Number of Episodes : 11
Watch Eng-Sub : Dramacool
What makes a jobless young woman and a nerdy pro-bachelor who never fall in love meet as a employer and employee then suddenly decided  become married couple ?

This drama is literally became bomb lately in Japan, the koi dance on the closing is now flooding everywhere and Hoshino gen popularity is just like skyrocket as this drama out lol. It's just unique, full of warm feeling, cute scenes that i just cannot with the main leads, shipped them soooo much !
Rating : 4.5 / 5

sumika sumire japanese drama fantasy must watch
5.Sumika Sumire
Main Cast: Mirei Kiritani , Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Number of Episodes : 8
Watch Eng-Sub : KissAsian
Have you watched a popular korean movie 'twenty once again' ? If your'e into that kind of fantasy meet reality drama then you gotta watch Sumika Sumire. An unmarried granny got a chance to got back into her 18 years old self yet living in a modern era. My favorite character in whole story is none other but the mysterious magic cat, Rei San. Why? Simply because I wanna have his power lol.
Rating : 4 / 5

satomi ishihara new drama to watch japan
6.Pretty Proofreader
Jimi Ni Sugoi, Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko / 校閲ガール河野悦
Main Cast: Ishihara Satomi , Masaki Suda
Number of Episodes : --
Watch Eng-Sub : KissAsian
dorama japanese recommendation
Kono Etsuko always have dream to work in fashion magazine company.She is stylish and know all about fashion inside out.Unexpectedly,the company where she got interviewed, hiring her as a proofreader, instead of fashion editor.
My Favourite japanese actress,Ishihara Satomi just prove it again that she's not just pretty but can act. I love love her character in this drama so much,being a smart straightforward yet chic who knows what she want.Somehow ,this drama makes  regain  energy lol
Rating : 4 / 5

please love the useless me japanese dorama
7.Please Love The Useless Me
Dame Na Watashi Ni Kudasai / ダメな私に恋してください
Main Cast : Kyoko Fukada, Dean Fujioka
Number of Episodes : 10
Watch Eng-Sub : KissAsian
A naive ,single, 30 year old Shibata Michio finally found job after she got bankrupt at her shunin / ex boss new cafe, for the sake of living and free to eat.Later did she know, she fall for him already.Watching this whole drama is probably like eating a slice of rainbow cake, good cinematography, famous actor and actress, nice plot but uh-oh there's something missing.It could be great drama but they just didn't get the chemistry :S  Anyway, it's drama to watch when you're on ease.
japanese recommended drama
 Rating : 3 / 5

[ What are most recommended Japanese Drama that you ever watched ? ]


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