favorite japanese drama romance comedy 2017
Hello guyss , last time I blogged about Japanese dorama was last year and now I'm back with this Japanese Drama I've ever watched during spring-summer 2017 season . As usual, These top favorites dramas are in romance - comedy as it is my most favorite genre. If you're a fan of mystery / thriller drama, it's okay to skip this post ^__^ but if you are the same like me , be sure to check it out because some of them are really worth to watch and became trending in Japan these few months already !


sweet summer fashion look inspiration ootd
It felt like time went by like a flash and here's Summer already. Living in such tropical country that only has two season;dry and rainy, It felt like I'm experiencing summer almost all year around. That's why when Summer season hit the fashion trends , resulting a lot of new arrivals of summer collection released and Sale , I'm into the mood of update my closet and treat myself more with the warm -happy tone and sweet summery look.

Here's some Sweet Summer Look mood board that I made and find inspiring enough
for me , and hopefully can inspire you too this Season 😉

summer fashion look inspiration ootd zalora
Dress - Dibba Paradisaea Cobra Dress
Bag - Bonia Dark Blue Strasome
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Aviator Flash Lenses
Sandals - Zalora Lucite High Heels
Watch - Daniel Wellington Warwick
summer fashion look inspiration dress
Dress - Esye Ferlyn Dress Beige
Bag - Amante TS JH 9368 Champagne
Heels - Something Borrowed Peep Toe Ankle Strap
Earring - Elli Germany 925 Sterling Silver
Bracelet - La Vedo 18k Gold Plated Opal Flower
Ring - Elli germany 925 Sterling Swarovski Rosegold
summer dress fashion look inspiration
Dress - Calla Atelier Camreigh
Hat - Ballin Laguna Choco
Shoes - Emily Dillen 31951 Yellow
Bag - Bonia Yellow Basic Sonia Bag
Earring - Amante Ant.291 B 17 Gold
Sunglasses - Ray Ban Aviator Mirror Polarized
Watch - Olivia Burton Flower show 3D Daisy Grey
summer coordinate ideas inspiration
Dress - Calla Atelier Eav Overral Tiffany Blue
Bag - Zalia Metallic Round Sling
Watch - Olivia Burton Queen Bee Nude Peach & Gold
Necklace - Elli Germany 925 Rotating Ornament Swarovski
Earring - Elli Germany 925 Diamond Rosegold
Shoes - Velvet Cally Open Top Ankle Strap Heels

All item below along with the amazing dress(es) are available on ZALORA .Hover to their website If you are about to prepare for any Summer occasion and party such as romantic dinner ,bridal shower , cocktail party ,and even wedding ,Or simply just add some sweetness to your style this Summer.

6 Things To Do at The Fujiko F. Fujio Museum ,Kawasaki Japan 藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム

visit fujiko fujio museum kawasaki japan
What is your most favorite , influential character when you were child? For me it's always be the helpful, kind and cute cat robot from 22nd century; Doraemon. Last month ,I have the chance to visit a place that bring me to my childhood era in just couple hours ,and it's one of the experience that I'd like to treasure forever. If you are someone who share the same love and appreciation towards Fujiko F.Fujio's works and Doraemon or just simply wanna regain your sweet childhood memory, I do recommend to visit this place at least once in a lifetime ,

Fujiko F. Fujio museum.
AddressJapan, 〒214-0023 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki,
Tama Ward, Nagao, 2 Chome−8番1号
Entrance Fee :  1000 yen (adult)
500 yen (child)
Book the ticket at Lawson in Japan

travel fujiko fujio museum kawasaki japan
From Central Tokyo , it takes about half and hour to Kawasaki city. There, spend another half an hour to Noborito station ( pls refer to Hyperdia to navigate the station easily ) ,where you'll be greeted by happy- shuttle bus that will take you straight to the museum back and forth.
visit doraemon fujiko fujio museum kawasaki japan
Finally, the museum front !
From here, I will recap and show you glimpse of  6 Things you can do and enjoy while in Fujiko F .Fujio Museum so that you'll know this place is really worth a visit :)


visit doraemon museum kawasaki japan
1. Appreciate Doraemon history in the making & Fujiko F.Fujio Life 
Biography visually & verbally
This is actually the main attraction in the museum; to draw visitor interest in-depth understanding of Fujiko  F. Fujio (Hiroshi Fujimoto) life, His work progress as an artist, popular manga and character including Doraemon,Mojacko,Perman,Esper Mami,etc . We can also look at with our bare eyes his sketches from ages till late year, his work desks, library; where his brilliant inspiration came from,along with  props to make a character. Yet, one thing to be noted, you can not take a picture here as it's the museum's rule. So as expected, i can't give any images spoiler to you guys but I hope I make a clear explanation already.

inside fujiko fujio kawasaki
2.Leisurely Play at Indoor People's Plaza
Indoor People Plaza is located right after the museum exit . Here is where you can just chill up, read manga at the corner or even try your luck for some gachapon  like what I did.
fujiko fujio museum japan
LOL , first attempt and i got Doraemon cursed into rock statue version
 as in Nobita Great Adventure into the Underworld movie
Didn't really like it but I have to coz it's rare anyway 😅

purikura doraemon museum
3.Snap some kawaii purikura with some of Fujiko F.Fujio 's Characters friends
Dreaming about being cute altogether with your favorite  manga characters? Here is your ultimate chance to show off your kawaii capability with them at official Fujiko . Fujio's character purikura machine. 1 play , 2 cute snaps costs about 400 yen.

vfun in fujiko f fujio doraemon museum
4.Take a Selfie and Wefie together with alive in 3D Fujiko F.Fujio's Famous Characters
Not enough with purikura ? Go outside , touch, hug and  take a moment to commemorate your sweet moment with some popular character , props and scene including Anywhere Door, Little Ghost Q-Taro,The Handsome Giant ,Dorami, Piisuke ;Nobita's Dinosaur (from vol 1. Doraemon Adventure),etc.
fun at doraemon museum kawasaki japan
travel inside fujiko fujio museum kawasaki japan
always happy,do do dorami chan 💕
doraemon museum japan
cutest Korosuke of Kiteretsu Daihyakka

cafe doraemon museum kawasaki japan
5.Have Yummy and Cute Meal Set for Lunch at Museum Cafe
If you're feeling hungry strolling around the museum, boost your energy up at this one and only cafe. All the menu set are presented in Fujiko F.Fujio's character theme.Price varies from 570 yen for a cup of doraemon latte art drink to 1850 yen full set hamburg steak lunch. Mine was a set of Doraemon and Dorami soft roll cakes , along with added Doraemon Tonkatsu Snack and Dorami popular melon bread.All tasted good but I love the roll cakes best !
doraemon museum cafe japan
藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム travel
iitadakimasu , spotted  Nobita 's memorization and copy bread lol

shopping at 藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム travel
6.Bring  yourself home and your loved ones some one of a kind gift at Museum Shop
Museum Shop is full of any limited merch where is usually hard to find outside the museum . For instance original Korosuke merchs,varies of Doraemon plushies,Doraemon bamboo chopter,and other you-never-imagine-it-is-becoming-real-now items.
藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム fujiko f. fujio museum
fujiko f. fujio museum
doraemon 藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム japan kawasaki
Takeshi Giant original CD album anyone ? 😁

I guess apart from six main activities that i mention above, still there are more that you can explore and enjoy at this museum , until then do experience yourself and make beautiful memories while here. At the end, this heartwarming place still bring smile to my face whenever i recall every moments there ..
fujiko fujio doraemon kawasaki japan 藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム travel blogger
I hope i can visit here again another time in the future ...
Until then,Thank you Fujiko F. Fujio Museum for giving me an unforgettable and fun memories sayonara ^__^

Be sure tor read my other blog post about Travel in Japan here :


unboxing sociollabox review
Hello everyone, another post for SOCIOLLA box unboxing , JUNE edition :) Bulan ini berasa cepat sekali dan tahu-tahu udah waktunya libur cuti bersama lebaran, untungnya paket sociolla ini datang just in time sebelum aku pergi liburan hehehe, jadi beberapa bisa aku bawa buat travelling. Yuk cek apa aja isinya !


sociollabox review
Always love the monthly quotes card , This month : BEAUTY IS A LIGHT IN THE HEART 
dove moisture facial foam review indonesia
Sabun cuci muka dari pelopor skin & body care ternama . Dove  yang berfungsi untuk mengembalikan nutrisi kulit . Bisa untuk kulit sensitif, normal dan kering. Waktu dipakai, sensasinya lembut di kulit dan ngga bikin break out. Dari keseluruhan,  Aku rasa ini facial foam yang simple aja tapi juga nggak 'wow' atau ngefek gimana cocok buat yang berbudget ria tapi pingin facial foam dengan kualitas cukup oke.
Produk buatan lokal ini terbilang menarik dari segi packaging nya lantaran didominasi warna rose gold yang elegan (sampai pertamanya aku pikir ini lippies import ,lol). Lip Crayon Esqa diperkaya dengan vitamin E dan vegan ,juga ngga mengandung paraben.Teksturnya creamy dan finishingnya lebih ke half matte,Waktu swatch di tangan,ngga mudah menggumpal dan warnanya lebih ke nude peach tapi waktu di pulas ke bibir , warnanya nyatu banget sama warna asli bibir , well 1 tingkat lebih gelap sih. Buat aku yang bukan penggemar lippies nude,aku ngga gitu impress sama warnanya tapi kalau soal quality,dll dari pertimbangan harga sekian akau rasa ini lippies lokal yang oke :)
nuxe excellence review
Rangkaian produk Anti Aging andalan dari Nuxe,France.Lebih seperti krim malam sih tepatnya, Cara pakainya yaitu pada area leher dan wajah waktu malam sebelum pakai pelembab.Krim ini bekerja ke dalam lapisan kulit agar ter regenerasi sempuran, radiant , nampak muda. Waktu kucoba, sensasinya dingin di wajah dan refreshing namun keesokan paginya ada jerawat kecil muncul di pipi. Aku rasa aku ngga terlalu cocok produk ini :( 
maybelline makeup remover sociollabox unboxing
Kalau yang terakhir, aku sudah ngga asing lagi karena sudah pakai sehari-hari. Hitung-hitung re stocking, hehehe.Kenapa aku setia sama maybelline? soalnya eye & make up remover ini ngga pedih di mata dan cepet bersihin eyeliner setebal apapun dalam sekali usap.Selain itu, ukurannya pas buat dibawa kemana-mana / traveling. Aku biasa habis dalam kisaran 20-25 hari kalau make up full day dan 30-40 hari kalau jarang-jarang make up.Love this item, best among all ! 

Have a happy holiday ! 
You still can Shop at Sociolla 
and use my discount code
SBNLAYDT for IDR 50.000 - off 😀


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