christmas ootd lookbook ideas
Festive Season is here ! I can't believe that we're already on the 12th month of the year , time flies so fast lol. Well ..I gues every December my mood is like on lvl 99+😁 idk why, maybe just because I can celebrate Christmas along with year end long holiday.

Usually on December ,I also give myself a little allowance to do shopping spree. Like c'mon it's the time to evaluate  and appreciate every hard-works given for the past months and we deserves to treat our self like that once in a while , right? What I mean by shopping sprees is usually an OOTD hunting. Things such as clothes, shoes, accessories to renew my style are what i needed so that I can be proud and walk in confidence while enjoying this whole month.

So here I listed some Lookbook for you guys, maybe you're in search on ootd ideas like me. Wondering what to wear on special occasions like Christmas dinner , gathering or events. I'm not a pro stylist, I just humbly follow my fashion senses lol .Hope these sets help!

zalora indonesia belanja wanita
SLH Saint White On Grey - Necklace
Inggrid Husodo Quondam - Dress
Karen&Chloe Blue - Handbag
Ted Baker Pink  - Wrist Watch
1901 Jewelry Papaya Clip - Earring
zalora indonesia ootd fashion
Pink Sugar Paulina - Dress
 Lustre Luna Silver  - Bag
Elly Germany Sterling Silver - Ring 
Bocorocco D Magie - Heels
Bonia B994 - Watch
zalora belanja harbolnas
Chanira Dalla - Dress 
 Farish Novita Peep Toe - Heels
 Aldo Mafai - Wallets
Mango Geometric Set - Ring
 Something Borrowed Christmas 
Tree Charm - Bracelet

All Item above are available on ZALORA For you who love online shopping like me, you may try them for best shopping experience especially on this 12.12 HARBOLNAS / Hari Belanja Online Nasional / National Online Shopping Day . Be sure to not missed it  ! Check their website above for complete information on amazing promo πŸ’–



sailormoon creer beaute review face mask white princess serenity
Even since its debut in late 2015, the trend of sailor moon make up keeps evolving. So here's my another post about Sailor Moon miracle romance line by Creer Beaute, which particularly a set of beauty face mask. If you're wondering whether this mask is a character mask just like what's trending these days,I have to say that it is not. Basically, it's just a regular face mask decorated with uber cute ,one and only princess serenity - themed packaging. Hence, that's what make us ,girls go crazy ,right?
sailormoon japan make up miracle romance review
γƒ—γƒͺンセスセレニティ γƒ‘γ‚€γ‚―γ‚’γƒƒγƒ—γƒ›γƒ―γ‚€γƒˆγƒžγ‚Ήγ‚―
 made in Japan
contains 5 mask sheets
Price :  ¥ 980
Where to buy :
On retail store : γ‚±γ‚€γƒγƒΌγƒˆζ΅ζ―”寿東口店 K-Port Mart Ebisu , Tokyo
Online Shipped Worldwide : AlphaBeauty , JPCosme , Ebay
sailormoon creer mask sheet
Each mask sheet contains some essentials such as primrose oil, Vitamin B3 Niacinamide , avocado extract, katsuma flower extract ,kiwi and acerola extract, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Those help maintain skin elasticity,moisturizing, for better ,and clearer skin texture.Good thing to highlight, the mask is free from alcohol and paraben so i guess it's safe for those who have sensitive skin.The mask also has white rose scent ,not too strong but quite relaxing.
sailormoon creer beaute review beauty mask
I am totally in love with this mask, my skin feels so much hydrated in just 10 minutes ! After using it, I don't need to cleanse my face again, yet just pat some remaining essences and let it penetrates down onto skin, just like applying facial moisturizer. My skin feels soft and smooth afterward. Usually ,I apply this face mask before bed at night when my skin is on total reset.The next morning, i found that it is back to better condition.
For such price and quality , i think it's a good bargain.There's just one thing that i dislike for this product.. availability! It's great to get it in hand easily while in Japan,but here i can only get it via online and the price surely doubled. 
After all , it's quite worth to try If you're a sailormoon avid fans like me πŸ˜‰
Ah,I'm also intrigued to try another creer beaute produced face mask , i know they has another sailor moon mask and the Rose of Versailles series in store!

RATE  4 / 5

[What do you think about Creer Beaute Sailor Moon White Face Mask ?]



review cezanne japanese bb cream
You may not be familiar with this brand, but in Japan, Cezanne is one of the Japanese make up brand that sell like hotcakes.The story behind why I bought this BB cream at the first place is honestly unexpected too..At the first day after arriving at Japan, I accidentally spilled my foundation ,resulting me hunting for an emergency foundation to the nearest drugstore to save the day for rest of my holiday. There,this Cezanne BB Cream caught my attention the most because of  none other than one reason ; cheap.  
review cezanne bb cream
SPF 23 PA++
γ‚»γ‚Άγƒ³γƒŒ BBγ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ  made in Japan
 03 - Natural Beige , 40 gr
Price :  ¥ 626
Where to buy :
On retail store : Kokkumin / Any Drugstore in Japan
Online Shipped Worldwide : Takaski , Rakuten Global 
review japanese bb cream
Based on my various experience with many Japanese drugstore BB cream/foundation, I reckon, the quality between one brand to another are rather same.That's why I grab this Cezanne BB Cream without think twice.
Cezanne BB Cream is made from 80% natural compound and has 3 different functions beside actual blemish balm ; milk lotion, essence ,and sunscreen in SPF 23 PA++. It comes in 3 colors : light ochre, ochre and natural beige. Mine is the last and I just love how it brighten my skin tone instantly in medium coverage even without using finishing powder afterward.
before after bb cream japan

 cheap (price in Japan) 
✿ travel friendly 
✿ level up my skin tone 
✿ fragrance & alcohol free 
✿ easy to remove with just facial foam 
✿ turns a bit cakey after some hours 
✿ still contains paraben 
 weird scent 
This BB cream doesn't really has WOW factor.It's just feels like a regular Japanese drugstore BB cream despite the awesome price.Yet, so far after using for more than 3 months, it does not cause any breakout on my skin(normal).It may suit for you who prefer natural dewy finish and  living in not-so-humid weather country (see, it turns okay in chilly japan weather but in ,tropical country with like Indonesia,it turns oily and bit cakey on my face after some hoursAfter all, I know I can't expect too much for such price ,right ?
cezanne japan review foundation
RATE  3.5/5
[What do you think about CEZANNE BB CREAM ?]



be a happy fulltime blogger with samsung galaxy j series j5 j7
Hai Semua ! 
Aku ada pertanyaan nih,  Seberapa penting arti blogging buatmu ?

Kalau aku, Blogging  merupakan aktivitas yang sudah seperti bagian hidupku, bahkan,lebih dari  sekedar hobi. Aku begitu menikmati aktivitas dokumentasi foto, editing, membuat draft tulisan sampai pada akhirnya, postinganku juga menambah penghasilan ekonomi dari adanya sponsored post. Boleh dibilang dari blogging aku dapat title profesi baru yaitu seorang blogger dan aku sangat bersyukur karena nya.Namun,selama ini blogging cuma bisa jadi 'side job' aja lantarannya terbatas sarana dan waktu. Kenapa? Yah..Apa daya, aku cuma bisa blogging sewaktu pulang kerja dan baru bisa menyelesaikan aktivitas nge-blog di laptop rumah dan hal itu yang hadi penghambat utama aku ngga bisa blogging secara berkala dan bebas.

Pernah sih kepikiran kalau enaknya bisa sempetin ngeblog- waktu inspirasi dan mood lagi ON, seperti waktu senggang ataupun kalau liburan ngga bawa laptop. Dan itu membuatku berpikir,kalau aku pun bisa menggunakan smartphone yang dalam satu genggaman aja sudah bisa nge-blog! Yap,jawabannya sesimpel itu !

Nah masalahnya,ponselku ku sendiri sudah cukup tua dan sering hang pula.. Jadinya, gak enak banget kalo ngeblog tapi macet-macet 😡 *hiks*

Nah,untuk wujudin impianku demi kelancaran blogging yang lebih stabil ini, Aku berpikiran buat ganti smartphone baru yaitu Samsung Galaxy J-Series J5 dan J7 yang bisa buat aku jadi the real -FULL TIME BLOGGER instantly!

Dua smartphone jagoan karya raksasa elektronik Korea ; Samsung ini, sangat mumpuni buat melengkapi aktivitas blogger sehari-hari seperti aku dengan segala keunggulan fiturnya. Harganya juga nggak terlalu mahal, cuman sekitar Rp.3.000.000(J5) dan Rp.3.500.000 (J7). Versi Android pada dua smartphone ini juga terupdate yaitu Android 6.01 Marshmallow (untuk J5 masih 5.1 lollipop tapi upgrade able ) Keduanya memang sekilas tampak mirip tapi tak sama dengan keistimewaan nya sendiri.They has their own charm that support all your blogging needs✌

Desain Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7 punya bingkai metal dari full logam solid yang elegan dan kuat, nggak mudah terkelupas.Ketebalan keduanya termasuk tipis ,cuam 7.8 mm untuk Samsung Galaxy J7 dan 8.1 mm untuk Samsung Galaxy J5 .How Stylish isn't it? Cocok buat blogger biar tampil lebih kekinian dan bangga  membawanya kemana-mana.
layar samsung galaxy j series lebar
✿ Layar 
Keduanya punya layar Super Amoled besar 5.2" (J5) 5.5"(J7) resolusi 1280 x 720 High Definition. Tampilan yang clear seperti ini bisa meminimalisir adanya typo(salah ketik) waktu nge-blog.
kamera smartphone samsung galaxy j5 j7
✿ Kamera 
Nah yang satu ini penting banget terutama buat travel dan beauty blogger sepertiku. Apalah arti postingan tanpa foto yang bagus nan tajam lol..
Samsung Galaxy J5 & J7 dilengkapi kamera autofocus CMOS 13MP dan CMOS dan 5MP untuk kamera depan.Foto selfie make up of the day juga semakin mudah soalnya sudah ada Front Flash dan Beauty Mode buat pencahayaan yang kurang. Oh ya, dengan adanya fitur Palm Recognition, ngga perlu repot bawa tongsis dan ring light lagi kemana-mana. Memotret apa pun jadi lebih praktis !
review samsung galxy j series kamera
Lagi, kalo buat rekam video juga ngga kalah asyik ,dengan kualitas 1080 HD 30/fps back illuminted sensor ,kita bisa langsung upload hasil vlogging ke medsos tanpa takut blurry.
smart manager samsung galaxy j5 j7
✿ Battery & Memory 
Rempong banget kalau lagi seru-serunya blogging tapi baterai drop (apalagi no powerbank) atau memory penuh lantaran kebanyakan stok foto ,ya nggak? Tapi itu sih no worries kalau pakai Samsung J series ini karena sudah ada Ultra Saving Mode yang bantuin buat mengurangi konsumsi baterai untuk apps yang ngga perlu secara otomatis,Daya smartphone jadi hemat.

Kapasitas RAM kedua smartphone ini sama di titik 2GB.Multitasking atau loncat dari satu apps ke apps lain nggak mudah terhambat.Jadinya kalo kamu sama kayak aku yang suka edit foto blog, dengan membuka beragam apps berbeda sekaligus ,nggak akan gampang hang atau freeze gitu.

Urusan memori, serahin sama Smart Manager yang mempermudah buat manage file penting ataupun yang perlu dihapus.

Berikut tabel beberapa perbedaan kecil antara 
Samsung Galaxy 5 dan Samsung galaxy J7.
You can choose your own favorite!
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Melihat fitur-fitur nya yang menarik ini jadi sadar kalau banyak banget aktivitas blogging dalam keseharian yang bisa lakukan hanya dengan satu smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 dan J7. Kalau ada Samsung J5 atau J7 series dalam genggaman, aku sudah pasti ngga ragu lagi nyebut profesiku sebagai Fulltime Blogger !

[ Nggak salah deh kalau smartphone ini masuk daftar wishlistku,
Bagaimana dengan kamu?πŸ˜‰]

/all photos belong to SAMSUNG Indonesia, edited dan designed by me/


asian skincare haul korean
Hello hello, happy new month ! October was pretty hectic, resulting me lose my shopping urges especially on beauty items. Instead, I spend for some leisure activities like casual eat out,movies and so on. Maybe's it's because I have set a resolution earlier this year or maybe it's just me being one year older,more meticulous on money management lol.
Yet apparently, some my skincare products emptied at the same time.So this month haul are totally unplanned.
skincare haul korean
Na-ah it's just five items actually (That's why i put 'mini' on title above) and two of them are gifts.Not to mention, one is from Daiso. Therefore, still able to save up lol.
the saem skincare haul
1.The Saem Perfumed Body Moisturizer in Acacia
Named as moisturizer but works same as body lotion.The scent is really like a flower bouquet ! Pretty affordable in just around IDR 135k
2. The Saem Iceland Hydrating Emulsion
I never tried any The Saem skincare except their face mask so this is my actual first skincare series in full size.When I asked the beauty adviser what emulsion will match with my skin condition (normal) ,she suggest me this and Urban Eco Harakeke emulsion. I pick this over  Harakeke one because it's slightly cheaper , so that If I'm not into it, i wont be too sorry with the money.
the faceshop kakao muzi haul skincare
3. The Face Shop Moisturizing Foam Cleanser Kakao Edition Muzi 
Another cute items with my fave character on it from the face shop.Totally can't resist.So far , I have no bad experience like break outs with any the face shop product so why won't give it a try? 
4.The Face Shop Hand Cream Kakao Edition Muzi 
...because there is Muzi, again lol
5.Skin Lotion Aloe - Daiso Japan
I didn't except too much despite the price.Let's just say it's kinda has cooling sensation and pretty hydrating for some moments especially used after showering

Ps :  Looking for some skincare essentials? You can go check Sociolla  
 and use code SBNLAYDT  for IDR 50k OFF Discount !
[ Any Full Review request for products above? Comment below! ]

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