Jul 29, 2015


How do you guys spend your time this Summer? I just got back from 8 days Japan trip,celebrating my summer holiday,still can't move on! Such a dream comes true travel experience because Japan is my favorite country and yeah , I fall in love all over again with Japan.I can't wait to share with you guys complete story of my Japan trip on another upcoming post.Please kindly wait for it !
A day before my japan trip,I realized that my black roots hair showed already ,it's been six month since i dyed my hair (check HERE ) I just can't tolerate anymore and don't wanna it screw my holiday photos ,so I bought a pack of bubble hair coloring and recolor my hair.This time I tried Etude House Bubble's ,which is my first time using it and my second time with Korean bubble hair coloring.

Jul 14, 2015


 Hello Guys !
Summer holiday won't be complete without shopping spree.Whether you're going for a trip or just stay at home this summer,online shopping is always a great option.Because it practical to get what we wanted while lazy -ing around hehehe.
So,Last month i got asked by Dressgal ,which is a cheap online shopping sites to share my honest opinion about their product.If you are wondering,These two items are free gifts from them (thank you once again,Dressgal :)) And although it was free gift,it doesn't mean that i can't choose what I wanted on the sites.It was my choice to get bag as an item to review.Just because I am a bagaholic! So let me,this bagaholic tell you what is like to shop at Dressgal and more about these two gorgeous bag!

Jul 9, 2015


Beauty Routine basic is always begin with skincare.Speaking about skin,body lotion is the most essential part that we shouldn't forget.My mum always tell me since i was kid,to moisturize my skin regularly with body lotion but lazy me just ignore it.This happen until teenage year,I always have body lotion but rarely apply it because I don't feel i really need it.But now,as I'm become adult, I fully realize what she tell back then was right.Aging, City pollution,Too much working inside air conditioned room left skin dry and easy to irritate.
That's why,it is really important to keep nourishing our body skin! Here i am gonna share one of my recent favorite body lotion from one of the well known brand that you pretty can find it easily,The FaceShop!

Jul 1, 2015


July is here! Summer Time is here!
Who's excited for this month like me? I am so ready for this July as I am gonna travel to Japan this 14th for summer holiday! Like finally, my dream comes true,visit my dream country *cries* I promise to blog about my japan trip soon,please pray for me to get many photos of kawaii Japanese fashion,foods,shop and many wonders of Japan! woot woot I'm so thrilled already  XD
Before that i'd like to inspire and fuel myself ,and you,kawaii ladies with current fashion happening in Japan this summer 2015 by read some scans of this one of the best selling Japanese Fashion Magazine,Sweet (スウィート) ! Shall we start ?

(warning: pictures heavy)

Jun 29, 2015


Hello Pretty Ladies (☆^ー^☆)
It's nearly the end of June,gotta wrap with a post to be thankful for,My Beauty Haul of the month!
As you can see from the picture,I don't shop beauty haul that much this month, that's why i put 'mini' in front of this post title.Last week for exact,I got chance few days to visit Jakarta due to business trip ,not wanting to go home without buying anything,I vacated my time hunting some of rare beauty products (read:rare brand that haven't available yet in my city) So yeah.please take a look of these mini beauties !