essential skincare product for quarantine
What day is today ? I lost count already. As days goes by, this quarantine feels like normal. At first, I didn't think much about it yet at some point I thought, never mind.. as long as I stay indoor, stay home all week long.. nothing can go wrong.. Yet, my skin just can't lie. Yes, I got an eczema attack all over my palms ,it just got worsen earlier this month..

Thank God, I found a way out ! Last week as I consult with my doctor via online, He said that Stress is the main cause. Yep, you read it right, Stay At Home can cause Stress too, as it weaken your immune system , your rhythm of life can't get along with 'new normal' just yet.That's why some of you may encounter breakouts or many skin problems like me...  Aside from taking some medications , discipline myself with sunbathing to boost more of vitamin D , and doing some sport daily, I find it important to look after my skincare regime once more. I didn't want to encounter any skin problem again , so I converted into something that is simple but beneficial .Here I'm sharing my only essential skincare routine products that helps me stay sane especially during this time of pandemic
essential skincare vaseline for eczema allergy
Very basic, yet very effective to keep my skin hydrated. People who suffering with eczema really should use this as their 'after-care' skincare. My doctor personally suggested me to use it after I finished with my medications. Right after the day my eczema got healed, I put this everyday on both of my palms especially after wash it. It soothes my skin without any side effects. I can see that it soften my palms , find no more cracked skin. I guess from this day onward, I'll say bye with previous hand cream and stick with vaseline instead.
my simple skincare quarantine routine
I've tried numerous skincare series but my love goes with The Faceshop Yehwadam & Pomegrate Collagen eye cream. Have used them almost a year and I never experience any break out. It helps my face stay away from pimples- soft,supple,and plump all day long even after using make up. I love the fact that both of them are considered as anti-aging treatment , perfect for beginner user  who's hit the age of late 20's like me. 
quarantine face mask recommendation
When it comes to face mask, I'd love to have something that is neutral. My skin is considered as normal-dry type and I didn't want to settle any mask that is too 'heavy' for my skin and thus caused triggered any skin problem. This face mask series is safe for any skin type, the only difference are the extracts.Use it minimal 2 times a month is enough to rejuvenate my tired face. 
quarantine skincare product i love
Before I knew this item, I am always be a loyal user of a popular sunscreen brand. You might guess, it begins with capital *B. Yet, just last year, i found out that it's not as good as i thought ,especially for daily use because of the Oxybenzone inside. Fyi, Oxybenzone is an ingredient that is commonly found inside of any sunscreen products. Thus effective to prevent sunburn,it also one of the causes of the potential hormone disruptor . One of the Watson store sales person offer me this product instead. She claimed,it's been favorite for person with sensitive skin because it made from 100% natural vegetal extract and kids friendly so it's definitely a lot safer for daily use. Already on my third month since then, I kinda like it since it's very lightweight and less sticky than my previous sunscreen.

[ So, What Are Your Favorite Skin Care Routine during quarantine ? Share with me !]

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