asian drama movie to watch during quarantine
Plenty of time during quarantine,and a side of working from home...i know sometimes we get pretty bored and there's not much to do to entertain ourselves unless binge watching dramas/ movie. For  me, I just unwind myself with some Rom-Com J-dorama / Asian Movie or youtube travelling vlogs as if  i'm on virtual tour, haha. So here's the drama list of what I watched so far during self quarantine time. - ( i'll be adding more the list once i got something nice to watch.)

1. I Don't Love You Yet
  Boku Wa Mada Kimi o Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru / 僕はまだ君を愛さないことができる
Cast:  Adachi Rika, Jin Shirasu , Matsumoto Kiyo
Genre: Romance
Number of Episodes : 16

Mitarai Yo is a career woman who works for a shoemaker. She finds her work rewarding and has successfully advanced in her career. But she keeps having her heart broken and her romantic life has not gone well lateIy Ishida Ren works for a developer and is Yo’s best friend. As a former high school and university classmate, REN is the only person she pours her heart out to, and he understands her best.
 Declaring it impossible for them to fall in love with one another, their wager, plus the advances of a junior of Ren’s at his company and Yo’s reunion with her ex-boyfriend, Mizusawa Ryusei, all lead to gradual changes in the relationship of these best friends.cr@dramalist
This drama is all about friendzone .It's is must to watch If you've been a fan of old Taiwanese Drama : In Time with You - starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. At first, I was hesitating to watch it because the original TW version was too good. I don't usually put high expectation on anything remake. But this one got me interested in just an episode. The outcome does not make the Taiwanese version washed away from my heart ,but create a different spark between the chemistry of two main lead.

They tried to keep character the name similar to the original drama. 'Chen You Qing - Yo' & 'Li Da Ren - Ren'. Personality wise imho, the character of female lead is more cheerful, and sanguine in IDLWYY , while in INTWY, she supposed to be more serious looking, fierce, and melancholic. I do like the two version of them but I'm more fond with the Chen You Qing in TW version. For the male lead... I cannot help more about it. Shirasu Jin such a boyfriend material here <3 I like how in this drama they shoot more details about the male lead true feelings. Like how he stole a glance over Yo,etc.
I don't love you yet - Episode 1(English Subs) - YouTube
 I approved. These two is successful enough in creating their own kind of
'In Time With You' moment.

funny japanese drama
2. Like ! Hikaru Genji - Kun
IIne ! Hikaru Genji Kun / いいね!光源氏くん
Main Cast: Yudai Chiba , Sairi Itoh
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Number of Episodes : 8

Saori Fujiwara (Sairi Itoh) comes back home after work. She opens a bamboo blind and burns incense. She purchased the bamboo blind and incense while in Bali. With the relaxed setting, Saori Fujiwara takes a nap, but, suddenly, a man (Yudai Chiba) dressed in clothing from the Heian period appears in front of her. She talks to him. Suddenly Saori Fujiwara thinks of name Genji Hikaru, the protagonist of from classic literature "The Tale of Genji." She blurts out "Genji Hikaru" and the man unexpectedly hugs her.
hikaru genji funny japanese drama to watch
Hikari Kun randomly sings a poem after sipping a glass of matcha 

This is the type of drama when you can burst into laughter on most of every scenes. The idea of putting time travel theme is somehow kind of common , remind me of an old k-drama : Queen Inheyon Man's. Yet, it's way more comedic. I like how Yudai Chiba portrayed the character very well. His acting was really hilarious ! Watching a funny drama like this during quarantine is such a stress relieve !

japanese drama to watch
3. Heaven ? My Restaurant , My Life
Heaven? Gokuraku Resutoran / Heaven?~ご苦楽レストラン~
Main Cast: Satomi Ishihara, Sota Fukushi, Jun Shison
Genre: Food - Restaurant
Number of Episodes : 10

Iga Ken works at a family restaurant. He is sincere, but rigid in his ways. He can't even fake smiles for his customers. Kan doesn't have a good reputation with his co-workers or customers, but Kurosu Kanako recognizes something in him. Kanako is a mysterious woman. She tells Kan that she is going to open a French restaurant soon and that "The staff needs originality. You will be a good serviceman."cr@dramalist
If it's not because of Ishihara Satomi, I wouldn't watch this kind of drama. Personally, the plot is rather simple and more like tv show than to be considered as drama. However ,It's enjoyable to watch when you're simply not want to think too much, feel to much and just kill time while munching your favorite snacks.

good thai movie to watch
4. Happy Old Year
Main Cast:  Chutimon Cheungcharoensukying, Sunny Suwanmethanont
Genre: Romance
Number of Episode : 1

Jean (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying) wants to convert her house into a home office and she needs to majorly declutter and reorganize her entire house. Anything that has been lying around unused, she just simply throws all. However, Jean faces a great challenge when she comes across some items that belonged to Aim, her ex-boyfriend (Sunny Suwanmethanont). Although she has no use for the items, each one reminds her of a story that brings back memories, along with unresolved feelings that cannot be easily discarded by just dumping them into the garbage bag. Jean has to decide what to do with Aim’s stuff. Should she just throw everything, keep everything, or return the items to their rightful owner to clear them completely from her house and her heart? cr@dramalist
thai movie sentimental
thai movie good
Haven't really catch-up with any Thai Drama for a while ,but this one is surely one of the best thai movie I ever watch this year. My first impression from the poster was, I thought it was so emo to the point it only makes feel sad after watch it but I'm glad it's not. Sure ,it portrays some kind of sentimental -how to move on - scenes yet it more likely lead to self reflect. Kinda regret with the ending tho,If I were Jean, I wouldn't do that extreme but that was a personal choice ; everyone should ask themselves.. What are the important things you want to keep in life? 

Ps :I do think this is a satire movie of marie-kondo phenomenon lol and it was brilliant to bring that wave of life style into a "slice of life" movie.

my long awaited love story j movie watch
5. My Long Awaited Love Story
 Watashi Ni Unmei no Koi Nante Arienaitte / わたしに運命の恋なんてありえないって思ってた
Cast:  Mikako Tabe , Issei Takahashi 
Genre: Romance
Number of Episode : 1

Riko Shirono doesn't have any big expectations for a man in her life, but she works as a love simulation game planner. She receives a request for a new love game from app company TIMEIS. Soichiro Kurokawa is the CEO for the company. He is almost perfect, but he can't understand a woman’s mind. One day, Soichiro, who likes his subordinate Momose, asks Riko to teach him about love techniques. Due to Riko’s help, Soichiro and Momose get close, but Riko finds herself becoming attracted to Soichiro. cr@dramalist

Another friendzone drama, (Although I never experienced this myself..*as long as I remember lol)  It was cliche and cheesy ,josei manga kind of movie but it can make me laugh and smile till the end. I guess it's all thanks to of the main lead , He was the same one who played in last year's outstanding drama  : Nagi's Long Vacation. Didn't like his character there tho, here in this movie he can switch into someone who's truly innocent and kind. 

What's your current Favorite Drama to Watch during Quarantine ?


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