what quarantine has taught me
a personal note for me and for everyone who read it, may this post encourage you whenever you need it :)

I am grateful for..
- to be able spend time more with family and know them deeper like never before.
- waking up healthy ,still alive and to be able take fresh air breath.
how i spend my quarantine lockdown

- to dearly embrace myself, both inner and outer self * bare face without any make up on for months and being comfortable in my own skin after a while.
- to realize that being productive is good, but to take rest for your soul is better

self reminder during quarantine

I learned..
- spending time with your loved one and having social life is a luxury.
- the importance of taking daily devotional seriously.
- exploring new skills has no expiration date ,as long as you have the guts, do it whenever you are ready.
- what happened in the past either it's a bad or good ones didn't  correlated with today anymore.Use both only to push you forward.
- to not waste your time wait for better days/ better years..
they can be everyday, begin when you open your eyes in the morning. Depends on your heart attitude and how wisely you spend your day- psalm 65 : 11
what i learned during quarantine

till then, more to come..

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