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What do you want to do the most after quarantine? I'd say, to be able travel around the world again!
I really miss to pack my luggage ,get a ticket, and fly .. just being wanderlust. If this also your answer, then, reading this post probably can help you to cure that feeling.. Even better,when Covid-19 pandemic ends, you can also travel 'around the world' in just ONE DAY for real if you pick this place as your travel destination.

uae global village dubai
Address : Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Open Daily Sat - Wed 4 pm - 12 am , Thu- Fri 4 pm - 1 am
Ticketing Price : 15 AED (adult) ,Free Entry ( children under 3 & senior above 65 )

Global Village is a multicultural theme park,which combines over 90 countries in one place. It is the right place where you can experience the use of Doraemon's 'Anywhere Door'. I mean , country-hopping in real life. That's why to travel around the world for just 1 day makes sense here. At a glance, it kind of similar with Shenzen's Window of the World. Yet ,it's not merely displaying replica's of the world's wonder,  it's beyond that. 
traveling global village
Fun fact : Many famous celebrities such as 
Liam Payne , Jason Derulo, Shahrukh Khan, etc. have visited & performed here.

The park divided into numerous zone. Each zone represent a particular country ;bordered within high walls that decorated in high skilled architecture ,showing their own distinctive culture. 
america global village dubai
For instance, As you got into AMERICAs Zone,  you'll see some of modern America's icons such as Empire State Building, Liberty Statue and so on. Following with a person dressed up as an American Indian tribe. There, he performed on flute ; some kind of poetic indigenous music. I can see they're trying to blend between Native and Modern sides of America so we can experience both  in the same time.
inside global village uae dubai
On top of that, I also find there are shops selling their local pride products along with street food kiosks. My love for churros just can't stop,lol. Grab this gem from the food stall inside of European Zone :)
global village dubai experience
Handcrafted carefully. Recommended for you to get notable souvenirs to bring home with
travel experience global village dubai
I really like the vibes here as the played dance-able song non-stop. The exterior was so vibrant and colorful too! How I wish I'd be able to travel to Africa for real ..one day..
dubali global village
IRAN Zone - such a magnificent entrance !
experience global village dubai
Managed to visit some Asian countries zone such as China, Japan, South Korea too. My favorite goes with Thailand because I simply cannot believe that I can find mango sticky rice and thai seaweed snack right here in the Middle East lol.
global village travel dubai place of interest
such a panoramic view to end the day ..
I do think that Global Village is a right place to learn and get to know more in depth about cultural difference of countries all over the world. And in the realm of difference I found the beauty of unity. Let's not just stop in the name of one theme park . Instead, make it real. Bonding in peace ,hand in hand together we change the world. 
dubai travel global village
Shall we?

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