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Everyone has their own definition of miracle. Some say it's a something marvelous that yet to happen .. As for me, a miracle is more than that, it is perhaps something that we already have and exist . we just need to open our eyes , look closely .. See clearly. Just like this place, Dubai Miracle Garden.
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Address : Al Barsha South 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Open Daily Sun- Thu 9 am - 9 pm , Except Fri & Sat 9 am - 11 pm
Ticketing Price : 55 AED (adult) ,40 AED (children under 12)

Miracle Garden is a breathtaking flower park in the heart of Dubai , a must visit  on your travel bucket checklist. And more than that, this place reminded me to love our dearest earth and nature to gently take care of them more as our Creator say so..
dubai miracle garden holiday
Went there after the rain, yet the park still looks super beautiful. Over 72.000 square meters are full of 100 million types of flower. This is the biggest flower park I've ever visited ,following with Shibazakura Garden in  Chichibu,Japan.
visit miracle garden in dubai
oh hello, cattos , y'all look cute today 
trip miracle garden in dubai middle east
Easily spotted bunches of sunflowers. It's always nice to enjoy the real nature like. Let the nature blooms !
We as visitor are allowed to take many selfies / shoot pictures as much as we want yet, be sure not to pick them out even just a single flower or disrupt the garden. They placed some guardians -*police around the park, who's in charge strictly to patrol and keep an eye for that. If you're bringing your kids in ,be sure to tell them to enjoy the park without breaking the rule. 

At first I thought that this was too much ,but the reason why they have to be so strict was because the garden itself was rewarded on Guinness World Records as the biggest  real  flower structure in the world. Besides, the flower only blooms during Winter Season in UAE ; March - November . Sure we want to preserve this kind of beautiful work of nature and love them more , right?
visit miracle garden
dubai trip miracle garden
For once, I forgot where am I... paradise lol?
dubai miracle flower garden beautiful
This plane is a work collaboration between Emirates Airlines & Miracle Garden team,depicts one of the prominent symbols of Dubai ,using sustainable plant resources and some recycled materials. Salute.
dubai must visit place garden
dubai flower garden
At last,If I  have to pick one word to Miracle Garden .it's like an OASIS of the Middle East. Go check out and Experience your own kind miracle in Dubai Miracle Garden !

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